172 Hours on the Moon
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"172 Hours on the Moon" Characters Analysis

By Johan Harstad

horror | 368 pages | Published in NaN


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List of Characters

Character NameRole
MiaTeenager selected for the space mission
MidoriJapanese teenager selected for the space mission
AntoineFrench teenager selected for the space mission
Captain Henrik DahlLeader of the space mission
Dr. James LawrenceNASA scientist
Dr. Lilian ViklundPsychiatrist
Dr. Leif EriksonNASA administrator
Mira HirschGerman teenager selected for the space mission
Beatrix "Becky" LangleyBritish teenager selected for the space mission
Oliver HansenNorwegian teenager selected for the space mission

Role Identification

The characters in "172 Hours on the Moon" play different roles in the story. Mia, Midori, Antoine, Mira, Becky, and Oliver are teenagers selected for a highly secretive mission to the moon. Captain Henrik Dahl leads the mission, while Dr. James Lawrence and Dr. Lilian Viklund are the NASA scientists involved. Dr. Leif Erikson serves as the NASA administrator.

Character Descriptions

  • Mia: Mia is a Norwegian teenager who loves photography and dreams of becoming an astronaut. She is determined and adventurous, with a strong desire to explore the unknown.
  • Midori: Midori is a Japanese teenager with a passion for music. She is introverted and often finds solace in playing her violin. She is observant and has a calm demeanor.
  • Antoine: Antoine is a French teenager who is charismatic and outgoing. He has a charming personality and is known for his sense of humor.
  • Captain Henrik Dahl: Captain Dahl is an experienced astronaut and the leader of the mission. He is disciplined, competent, and has strong leadership skills.
  • Dr. James Lawrence: Dr. Lawrence is a dedicated NASA scientist who is passionate about space exploration. He is knowledgeable and analytical.
  • Dr. Lilian Viklund: Dr. Viklund is a psychiatrist assigned to assess the mental well-being of the selected teenagers. She is empathetic and perceptive.
  • Dr. Leif Erikson: Dr. Erikson is the NASA administrator responsible for overseeing the mission. He is authoritative and driven by the success of the project.
  • Mira Hirsch: Mira is a German teenager with a love for technology and robotics. She is intelligent, resourceful, and innovative.
  • Becky Langley: Becky is a British teenager who is outgoing and adventurous. She is known for her positive attitude and willingness to take risks.
  • Oliver Hansen: Oliver is a Norwegian teenager who is quiet and reserved. He is introspective and often keeps to himself.

Character Traits

  • Mia: Determined, adventurous, curious, brave
  • Midori: Introverted, observant, calm, talented
  • Antoine: Charismatic, outgoing, funny, sociable
  • Captain Henrik Dahl: Disciplined, competent, focused, authoritative
  • Dr. James Lawrence: Knowledgeable, analytical, dedicated, scientific
  • Dr. Lilian Viklund: Empathetic, perceptive, supportive, understanding
  • Dr. Leif Erikson: Authoritative, driven, ambitious, goal-oriented
  • Mira Hirsch: Intelligent, resourceful, innovative, tech-savvy
  • Becky Langley: Outgoing, adventurous, positive, risk-taker
  • Oliver Hansen: Quiet, reserved, introspective, thoughtful

Character Background

  • Mia: Mia grew up in Norway and developed a fascination with space exploration from a young age. She has always dreamed of becoming an astronaut and sees the mission to the moon as an opportunity to fulfill her lifelong ambition.
  • Midori: Midori comes from a musical family in Japan. She has been playing the violin since a young age and finds solace in music. Her quiet nature and love for the arts make her a unique addition to the mission.
  • Antoine: Antoine hails from France and has a natural charm that draws people towards him. He has always been interested in science fiction and considers the moon mission as a chance to experience something extraordinary.
  • Captain Henrik Dahl: Captain Dahl has a long history as an astronaut and has led numerous successful missions. He is highly respected within the space community and is known for his professionalism and dedication.
  • Dr. James Lawrence: Dr. Lawrence has dedicated his career to the study of space and is widely regarded as an expert in the field. His knowledge and experience make him an invaluable member of the mission.
  • Dr. Lilian Viklund: Dr. Viklund specializes in the psychological well-being of astronauts and has been assigned to assess the mental health of the selected teenagers. Her background in psychiatry provides a unique perspective on the mission.
  • Dr. Leif Erikson: Dr. Erikson is a high-ranking NASA administrator with a strong belief in the importance of space exploration. He has been instrumental in the planning and execution of the moon mission.
  • Mira Hirsch: Mira grew up in Germany and has always been fascinated by technology and robotics. She sees the mission to the moon as an opportunity to showcase her skills and contribute to scientific advancement.
  • Becky Langley: Becky is an adventurous teenager from the UK who enjoys exploring the outdoors. She sees the moon mission as a chance to embark on an exciting and daring adventure.
  • Oliver Hansen: Oliver is a quiet and reserved teenager from Norway. He has always been introspective and enjoys spending time alone. The mission to the moon provides him with an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth.

Character Arcs

  • Mia: Mia starts the story as a determined and ambitious teenager. Throughout the mission, she faces various challenges and becomes more resilient and courageous. Her character arc revolves around her transformation from a dreamer to a true explorer.
  • Midori: Midori begins the story as an introverted and observant teenager. As the mission progresses, she learns to trust her instincts and discovers her inner strength. Her character arc highlights her journey towards self-discovery and confidence.
  • Antoine: Antoine starts the story as a charismatic and outgoing teenager. During the mission, he realizes the seriousness of their situation and evolves into a more responsible and mature individual. His character arc focuses on his growth from a carefree teenager to a responsible team member.
  • Captain Henrik Dahl: Captain Dahl begins the story as a seasoned and competent leader. As the mission faces unexpected challenges, he must navigate the complexities of the situation and make tough decisions. His character arc showcases his ability to adapt and lead under pressure.
  • Dr. James Lawrence: Dr. Lawrence's character arc revolves around his scientific curiosity and dedication to the mission. As the events on the moon unfold, he becomes more determined to understand the mysteries they encounter. His arc highlights his passion for exploration and discovery.
  • Dr. Lilian Viklund: Dr. Viklund's character arc focuses on her role as a supportive figure for the teenagers. As the mission faces unforeseen psychological challenges, she must provide guidance and support. Her arc highlights her ability to empathize and understand the emotional needs of the team.
  • Dr. Leif Erikson: Dr. Erikson's character arc centers around his commitment to the success of the mission. He faces pressure from external forces and must navigate the politics surrounding the project. His arc highlights his determination and strategic thinking.
  • Mira Hirsch: Mira's character arc revolves around her technical skills and problem-solving abilities. As the mission encounters unexpected obstacles, she must utilize her knowledge to overcome them. Her arc showcases her growth as a valuable member of the team.
  • Becky Langley: Becky's character arc focuses on her adventurous spirit and willingness to take risks. As the mission becomes increasingly dangerous, she must face her fears and make difficult choices. Her arc highlights her bravery and resilience.
  • Oliver Hansen: Oliver's character arc centers around his introspective nature and personal growth. As the mission progresses, he learns to open up and connect with his fellow team members. His arc highlights his journey towards self-acceptance and friendship.


  • Mia and Midori: Mia and Midori develop a close friendship during the mission. They provide support and understanding to each other, sharing their fears and dreams.
  • Mia and Antoine: Mia and Antoine form a strong bond as they navigate the challenges of the mission together. They rely on each other for emotional support and encouragement.
  • Captain Henrik Dahl and the Teenagers: Captain Dahl establishes a respectful and authoritative relationship with the teenagers. He guides them and ensures their safety throughout the mission.
  • Dr. James Lawrence and Dr. Lilian Viklund: Dr. Lawrence and Dr. Viklund work closely together to assess the mental well-being of the teenagers. They collaborate to provide the necessary support and guidance.
  • Dr. Leif Erikson and the Mission Team: Dr. Erikson maintains a professional relationship with the mission team, ensuring the project's success and addressing any concerns that arise.
  • Mira Hirsch and Becky Langley: Mira and Becky share a friendship based on their adventurous spirits and love for exploration. They often collaborate on technical challenges and support each other.
  • Oliver Hansen and the Teenagers: Oliver slowly develops friendships with the other teenagers, gradually opening up and forming connections. He finds comfort and support within the group.

In conclusion, "172 Hours on the Moon" features a diverse cast of characters with distinct personalities, backgrounds, and relationships. Each character undergoes a unique character arc, contributing to the overall suspense and intrigue of the story.