A Collapse of Horses
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4.03 / 5

"A Collapse of Horses" Quiz

By Brian Evenson

horror | 220 pages | Published in NaN

ISBN_13: 9781566894135

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  1. How does the theme of identity play out throughout the stories in 'A Collapse of Horses'?
  2. Discuss the role of ambiguity in the stories. How does it contribute to the overall reading experience?
  3. Analyze the use of surrealism in 'A Collapse of Horses.' How does it enhance the narrative and themes?
  4. Explore the significance of the horse as a recurring symbol in the stories. What does it represent?
  5. Discuss the author's choice of narrative structure in 'A Collapse of Horses.' How does it impact the reader's understanding of the stories?
  6. Examine the theme of fear in the book. How does the author create and convey a sense of unease?
  7. Compare and contrast the different protagonists in the stories. How do they navigate the strange and unsettling situations they find themselves in?
  8. Discuss the role of violence and gore in 'A Collapse of Horses.' How does it contribute to the overall tone and themes of the book?
  9. Analyze the author's writing style in the collection. How does it affect the reader's engagement with the stories?
  10. Examine the theme of isolation in 'A Collapse of Horses.' How do the characters grapple with loneliness and disconnection?