A Curious Beginning
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"A Curious Beginning" Characters Analysis

By Deanna Raybourn

mystery | 339 pages | Published in NaN

ISBN_13: 9780451476029

Estimated read time: 6 min read

Table of Contents

  1. List of Characters

List of Characters

Character NameRole
Veronica SpeedwellProtagonist
StokerMain Character
Sir Hugo MontgomerieAntagonist
Lady Cordelia AbernathySupporting Character
Miles RamsforthSupporting Character
Aunt NellSupporting Character
Lord RosemorranSupporting Character

Role Identification

In "A Curious Beginning" by Deanna Raybourn, the characters play various roles that contribute to the development of the plot. Veronica Speedwell, the protagonist, is a strong-willed and independent woman who becomes entangled in a mysterious murder investigation. Stoker, the main character, is Veronica's enigmatic companion and a skilled naturalist. Sir Hugo Montgomerie serves as the primary antagonist, while Lady Cordelia Abernathy, Miles Ramsforth, Aunt Nell, and Lord Rosemorran are supporting characters who provide essential insights and connections throughout the story.

Character Descriptions

Veronica Speedwell

Veronica Speedwell, a 26-year-old lepidopterist, is a fiercely independent woman with a passion for butterflies. With her striking appearance, including her fiery red hair, Veronica stands out in society. She possesses a sharp intellect and an insatiable curiosity, which often lead her into dangerous situations. Veronica embodies a modern and unconventional approach to life, challenging societal norms and expectations.


Stoker, whose full name is Revelstoke Templeton-Vane, is a brooding and complex character. He is a ruggedly handsome naturalist and taxidermist with a mysterious past. Stoker's strong physique and dark features contrast with his gentle and caring nature. He is fiercely loyal to Veronica and acts as her protector throughout their adventures.

Sir Hugo Montgomerie

Sir Hugo Montgomerie is the primary antagonist in the novel. He is a wealthy and influential collector of rare artifacts, and his actions drive much of the conflict in the story. Sir Hugo is cunning and manipulative, using his power and connections to control those around him. He becomes determined to possess an item of great importance to Veronica, leading to a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Lady Cordelia Abernathy

Lady Cordelia Abernathy is a supporting character who becomes a confidante and ally to Veronica. She is an outspoken and independent woman who challenges societal expectations. Lady Cordelia's wit and intelligence make her a valuable companion to Veronica, and her connections prove essential in unraveling the mysteries they encounter.

Miles Ramsforth

Miles Ramsforth is a well-mannered and charming gentleman who becomes romantically involved with Veronica. Despite his polished exterior, he is more complex than he initially appears. Miles's connection to a secret society adds intrigue to his character, and his involvement in the investigation becomes significant as the story progresses.

Aunt Nell

Aunt Nell is Veronica's guardian and a source of wisdom and guidance. She is a strong-willed woman who raised Veronica to be independent and self-reliant. Aunt Nell's support and advice prove invaluable to Veronica throughout her adventures.

Lord Rosemorran

Lord Rosemorran is a wealthy and influential man who becomes entangled in the mystery surrounding Veronica. He is an enigmatic character with hidden motives, and his involvement adds an additional layer of complexity to the story.

Character Traits

Veronica Speedwell is intelligent, independent, curious, and adventurous. Stoker is loyal, protective, enigmatic, and skilled in natural sciences. Sir Hugo Montgomerie is cunning, manipulative, powerful, and wealthy. Lady Cordelia Abernathy is outspoken, witty, intelligent, and resourceful. Miles Ramsforth is charming, mysterious, and involved in a secret society. Aunt Nell is wise, supportive, and influential. Lord Rosemorran is enigmatic, wealthy, and influential.

Character Background

Veronica Speedwell was raised by her Aunt Nell, who instilled in her a love for knowledge and independence. Stoker, with his troubled past, found solace in the natural sciences and taxidermy. Sir Hugo Montgomerie's background as a collector of rare artifacts gives him connections and power. Lady Cordelia Abernathy's unconventional upbringing shaped her into a strong and resourceful woman. Miles Ramsforth's involvement in a secret society adds depth to his character. Aunt Nell's background as Veronica's guardian and mentor influences her role as a guiding figure. Lord Rosemorran's mysterious background and wealth contribute to his enigmatic presence.

Character Arcs

Veronica Speedwell's character arc involves her transformation from a solitary lepidopterist to an investigator entangled in dangerous mysteries. Throughout the story, Veronica's independence and curiosity drive her to uncover the truth and challenge societal expectations.

Stoker's character arc revolves around his growth from a guarded and secretive individual to a loyal and supportive companion. As the story progresses, Stoker's trust in Veronica deepens, and he becomes more open about his past.

Sir Hugo Montgomerie's character arc centers around his relentless pursuit of power and rare artifacts. His actions escalate as he becomes increasingly desperate to possess the item Veronica holds.

Lady Cordelia Abernathy's character arc involves her evolution from a rebellious and independent woman to a trusted ally and friend. Her wit and resourcefulness contribute to the unraveling of the mysteries they face.

Miles Ramsforth's character arc reveals his hidden depths and motivations as his involvement with Veronica and the secret society becomes more apparent.

Aunt Nell's character arc showcases her role as a mentor and guiding figure for Veronica, providing support and advice throughout her adventures.

Lord Rosemorran's character arc unfolds as his true intentions and connections are gradually revealed, adding complexity and intrigue to the story.


Veronica and Stoker share a deep bond and develop a strong, platonic relationship built on trust and mutual respect. Their camaraderie and shared adventures shape the heart of the story.

Veronica's relationship with Sir Hugo Montgomerie is one of conflict and danger. As the primary antagonist, Sir Hugo's actions continually put Veronica's life at risk.

Lady Cordelia Abernathy becomes Veronica's confidante and ally, offering her support and connections that prove invaluable in their investigations.

Miles Ramsforth's romantic involvement with Veronica adds a layer of complexity to their relationship. His connection to a secret society brings danger and intrigue into their lives.

Aunt Nell's relationship with Veronica is one of guidance and support. Her wisdom and influence play a significant role in Veronica's growth and development.

Lord Rosemorran's relationship with Veronica is one of mystery and intrigue. His enigmatic presence and hidden motives add tension to the unfolding story.

In "A Curious Beginning," Deanna Raybourn skillfully crafts multidimensional characters with distinct roles, traits, backgrounds, and relationships. Through their character arcs and interactions, the story unfolds, captivating readers with its mystery and adventure.