A Natural History of Dragons
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"A Natural History of Dragons" Characters Analysis

By Marie Brennan

fantasy | 334 pages | Published in 2013

ISBN_13: 9780765331960

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A Natural History of Dragons: Character Analysis

List of Characters

Character NameRole
Isabella CamherstProtagonist, Naturalist
Jacob CamherstIsabella's husband, Companion
Natalie OscottIsabella's friend, Fellow Naturalist
SuhailIsabella's assistant

Role Identification

In "A Natural History of Dragons," the primary protagonist is Isabella Camherst, a determined and passionate naturalist. Isabella's husband, Jacob Camherst, serves as her loyal companion throughout her adventures. Natalie Oscott, Isabella's friend, is also a fellow naturalist who shares Isabella's enthusiasm for the study of dragons. Suhail, a skilled assistant, supports Isabella in her research and expeditions.

Character Descriptions

Isabella Camherst

Isabella Camherst is a strong-willed and intelligent woman who possesses an insatiable curiosity about dragons. She is described as having a slender frame with fiery red hair and a determined gaze. Isabella is known for her sharp intellect and her unwavering dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.

Jacob Camherst

Jacob Camherst, Isabella's husband, is a kind-hearted and supportive companion. He is depicted as a tall man with a rugged appearance, known for his strength and loyalty. Jacob often assists Isabella during their expeditions, providing practical support and ensuring her safety.

Natalie Oscott

Natalie Oscott is a close friend of Isabella and shares her passion for dragons and natural history. She is described as having a gentle demeanor, with brown hair and a warm smile. Natalie possesses a keen eye for detail and is well-versed in the scientific study of dragons.


Suhail is Isabella's trusted assistant, skilled in various aspects of expedition planning and support. He is depicted as a young man with a calm and composed demeanor. Suhail's resourcefulness and dedication make him an invaluable asset to Isabella's research team.

Character Traits

Isabella Camherst

Isabella possesses several notable character traits. Her determination and persistence are evident throughout the book, as she overcomes societal barriers and challenges to pursue her passion for dragons. Isabella's intelligence and analytical thinking enable her to make significant discoveries in her research. She is also shown to be curious, adventurous, and unafraid to take risks.

Jacob Camherst

Jacob is characterized by his unwavering support for Isabella. He is portrayed as a patient and considerate individual, always placing Isabella's well-being and happiness above his own. Jacob's physical strength and practical skills make him an asset during their expeditions, providing the necessary support and protection.

Natalie Oscott

Natalie is known for her meticulous attention to detail and her extensive knowledge of natural history. She possesses a calm and gentle nature and often serves as a voice of reason within the group. Natalie's patience and empathy make her an excellent companion and friend to Isabella.


Suhail's character traits include loyalty, resourcefulness, and a strong work ethic. He is dedicated to supporting Isabella in her research, taking care of logistics and ensuring the smooth operation of their expeditions. Suhail's calm demeanor and problem-solving skills make him a valuable member of Isabella's team.

Character Background

Isabella Camherst

Isabella Camherst grew up in a society where the study of dragons was considered a male-dominated field. However, her fascination with these creatures led her to defy societal expectations and pursue her passion. Isabella's childhood experiences with dragons and her love for exploration shaped her determination to become a respected naturalist.

Jacob Camherst

Jacob Camherst comes from a background of adventure and exploration. He has always supported Isabella and shares her love for discovery and learning. Jacob's knowledge of survival skills and his understanding of the natural world make him an ideal partner for Isabella's expeditions.

Natalie Oscott

Natalie Oscott's upbringing in a scholarly family fostered her interest in natural history. Her extensive knowledge and passion for dragons led her to form a close friendship with Isabella. Natalie's background in scientific research and her commitment to the study of dragons contribute to the success of their collaborative efforts.


Suhail's background is less explored in the book. However, it is implied that he has previous experience in assisting explorers and researchers. His skills and knowledge of expedition logistics make him an invaluable asset to Isabella's team.

Character Arcs

Isabella Camherst

Isabella's character arc in "A Natural History of Dragons" revolves around her growth as a naturalist and her journey towards acceptance in a male-dominated field. As the story progresses, Isabella becomes more confident in her abilities and gains recognition for her groundbreaking research. She learns to navigate the challenges posed by societal expectations and discrimination, ultimately becoming a respected authority on dragons.

Jacob Camherst

Jacob's character arc is centered around his unwavering support for Isabella and his growth as a partner. Throughout the book, he evolves from being primarily concerned with Isabella's safety to actively contributing to their expeditions. Jacob learns to appreciate the scientific importance of their work and becomes an integral part of Isabella's research team.

Natalie Oscott

Natalie's character arc is subtle but significant. Initially portrayed as a close friend and ally to Isabella, Natalie gradually gains more confidence in her own abilities and contributions. She becomes more assertive in expressing her opinions and ideas, establishing herself as an equal partner in their shared pursuit of knowledge.


Suhail's character arc is not as prominent as the others. However, his dedication and loyalty to Isabella remain consistent throughout the story. He grows in his role as Isabella's assistant, becoming more proficient in expedition planning and adapting to the challenges they face.


Isabella's relationships with Jacob, Natalie, and Suhail play a crucial role in her journey as a naturalist.

Isabella and Jacob's relationship is built on love, trust, and mutual respect. Jacob's unwavering support allows Isabella to pursue her passion wholeheartedly, and their shared adventures strengthen their bond as husband and wife.

Isabella and Natalie's friendship is characterized by their shared love for dragons and natural history. They provide each other with intellectual stimulation, emotional support, and encouragement in their respective pursuits. Their collaboration enhances their research and enriches their experiences.

Isabella and Suhail's relationship is professional yet marked by mutual respect and trust. Suhail's reliable assistance and dedication contribute to the success of Isabella's expeditions. Their partnership exemplifies the importance of teamwork and the value of diverse skills and perspectives.

In "A Natural History of Dragons," the characters' relationships with one another are vital in driving the narrative forward and showcasing the power of collaboration and support in the pursuit of knowledge.

Overall, the characters in "A Natural History of Dragons" are well-developed, each contributing their unique skills and perspectives to the story. Isabella's determination, Jacob's support, Natalie's knowledge, and Suhail's assistance create a dynamic ensemble that engages readers in their fascinating journey of discovery and exploration.