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One Sentence Summary

A girl with a magical gift for seeing words must break a family curse in a town full of secrets.


"A Snicker of Magic" by Natalie Lloyd is a heartwarming and enchanting tale that takes readers on a magical journey filled with friendship, family, and the power of words. Set in the small town of Midnight Gulch, this middle-grade novel weaves together themes of belonging, courage, and the beauty of storytelling. With its whimsical charm and relatable characters, "A Snicker of Magic" captures the imaginations of readers of all ages.

Brief Synopsis

Plot Overview

The story unfolds in Midnight Gulch, a town where magic used to linger in the air, and the residents were blessed with an extraordinary gift for words. However, a curse befalls the town, causing the magic to fade away, leaving behind only a "snicker of magic." Felicity Pickle, the protagonist, possesses the unique ability to see words shimmering around people, revealing their emotions and stories. When Felicity and her family move back to Midnight Gulch, she is determined to break the curse and bring back the town's magic.


Midnight Gulch is a quaint and colorful town filled with eccentric characters and a rich history of magic. The town's vibrant atmosphere and sense of community play a significant role in the story's development, setting the stage for Felicity's journey of self-discovery and the restoration of magic.

Main Characters

Felicity PickleThe protagonist with the gift of seeing words and the determination to bring back the town's magic.
JonahFelicity's supportive and artistic younger sister who encourages her on her quest.
Mama PickleFelicity and Jonah's caring and resilient mother, who wants to build a stable life for her daughters.

Summary of Different Story Points Over Chapters

Chapter 1-5: Felicity's Return to Midnight Gulch

Felicity and her family return to Midnight Gulch, and she discovers the town's magical past.

Chapter 6-10: Meeting the Town's Quirky Residents

Felicity befriends various eccentric townspeople and learns about their unique stories.

Chapter 11-15: Uncovering the History of the Curse

Felicity delves into the history of the curse that befell Midnight Gulch and seeks a way to break it.

Chapter 16-20: The Power of Words and Friendship

Felicity realizes the significance of words, friendship, and believing in magic as she works to restore Midnight Gulch's enchantment.

Chapter 21-25: Confronting the Curse

Felicity confronts the source of the curse and discovers the key to reviving the town's magic.

Chapter 26-30: Embracing the Magic Within

Felicity, with the support of her friends and family, embraces her own magic and helps Midnight Gulch rediscover its enchanting legacy.

Main Events

  1. Felicity's return to Midnight Gulch and her discovery of the town's magical past.
  2. Felicity befriends the quirky residents of Midnight Gulch and learns about their unique stories.
  3. Uncovering the history of the curse that befell the town.
  4. Felicity's journey to confront the curse and restore Midnight Gulch's magic.
  5. The revelation of the key to reviving the town's enchantment and embracing Felicity's own magic.

Themes and Insights


  1. Belonging: The novel explores the theme of belonging as Felicity seeks a place where she can truly call home and be accepted for her unique gift.
  2. The Power of Words: The story emphasizes the impact of words and storytelling, highlighting how they can heal, inspire, and bring magic to life.
  3. Friendship: Friendship plays a central role as Felicity forms deep connections with the townspeople, illustrating the importance of support and camaraderie.


The novel offers insights into the resilience of the human spirit, the beauty of embracing one's unique gifts, and the transformative nature of storytelling and community.

Reader's Takeaway

Readers will be captivated by the whimsical charm of "A Snicker of Magic" and the endearing characters who navigate themes of belonging, friendship, and the enchanting power of words. The novel's uplifting message and imaginative storytelling will leave readers with a renewed appreciation for the magic found in everyday life.


In "A Snicker of Magic," Natalie Lloyd creates a captivating world filled with warmth, wonder, and the enduring magic of storytelling. Through Felicity's journey, readers are reminded of the extraordinary in the ordinary and the power of connection, making this enchanting tale a delightful and inspiring read for audiences of all ages.

A Snicker of Magic FAQ

  1. What is 'A Snicker of Magic' about?

    A Snicker of Magic is a heartwarming story about Felicity, a girl who can see words floating in the air. She moves to Midnight Gulch, a town famous for its magic, and sets out to break the curse that has plagued the town for generations.

  2. Who is the author of 'A Snicker of Magic'?

    The author of 'A Snicker of Magic' is Natalie Lloyd.

  3. Is 'A Snicker of Magic' suitable for children?

    Yes, 'A Snicker of Magic' is a middle-grade novel and is suitable for children.

  4. What is the main theme of 'A Snicker of Magic'?

    The main themes of 'A Snicker of Magic' include family, friendship, and the power of words and storytelling.

  5. Is 'A Snicker of Magic' part of a series?

    No, 'A Snicker of Magic' is a standalone novel and is not part of a series.