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List of Characters

Character NameRole
TakatsukiSupporting Character
SayokoSupporting Character
SatsukiSupporting Character
FrogSupporting Character
ReikoSupporting Character
YoshiyaSupporting Character
TamiyaSupporting Character
KeisukeSupporting Character

Role Identification

In Haruki Murakami's "After the Quake," the characters play various roles that contribute to the overall narrative. The two main protagonists, Katagiri and Junpei, take center stage as they navigate their personal journeys. The supporting characters, such as Takatsuki, Sayoko, Satsuki, Frog, Reiko, Yoshiya, Tamiya, and Keisuke, provide depth and context to the story.

Character Descriptions


Katagiri is a middle-aged man who works as a bank employee. He is described as introverted and reserved, preferring solitude over social interactions. He possesses a deep sense of empathy and is deeply affected by the earthquake and its aftermath.


Junpei is a struggling writer who is haunted by the memory of his sister's death in the 1995 Kobe earthquake. He is introspective and often lost in his thoughts. Junpei's creative mind becomes a catalyst for introspection and self-discovery in the wake of the earthquake.


Takatsuki is a former lover of Junpei and a successful businesswoman. She is portrayed as strong-willed and independent, contrasting with Junpei's introspective nature. Takatsuki's presence in the story highlights themes of connection and loss.


Sayoko is Junpei's neighbor and a single mother. She is portrayed as kind-hearted and caring, always looking out for others. Sayoko's character represents the resilience and strength of ordinary people in the face of tragedy.


Satsuki is a young girl who has a unique ability to communicate with frogs. She is depicted as innocent and curious, offering a fresh perspective on life and the world around her. Satsuki's character adds an element of magic and wonder to the narrative.


The frog is a recurring character throughout the book, appearing in various stories. It symbolizes transformation, rebirth, and the potential for change. The frog's presence serves as a metaphor for the characters' personal journeys and the possibility of finding hope amidst devastation.


Reiko is a psychic who claims to have the ability to communicate with the dead. She is enigmatic and mysterious, providing a sense of mysticism to the narrative. Reiko's character challenges the boundaries between reality and the supernatural.


Yoshiya is an elderly man who becomes friends with Katagiri. He is portrayed as wise and philosophical, offering guidance and perspective to Katagiri. Yoshiya's character represents the wisdom and experience of older generations.


Tamiya is a man who develops an obsession with Takatsuki. He is depicted as possessive and unstable, reflecting the darker aspects of human nature. Tamiya's character adds a sense of tension and unpredictability to the story.


Keisuke is Junpei's childhood friend and a jazz musician. He is carefree and adventurous, contrasting with Junpei's introspective nature. Keisuke's character represents the pursuit of freedom and self-expression.

Character Traits

  • Katagiri: Introverted, empathetic, introspective
  • Junpei: Struggling, introspective, haunted
  • Takatsuki: Strong-willed, independent, successful
  • Sayoko: Kind-hearted, caring, resilient
  • Satsuki: Innocent, curious, magical
  • Frog: Symbolic, transformative, hopeful
  • Reiko: Enigmatic, mystical, supernatural
  • Yoshiya: Wise, philosophical, experienced
  • Tamiya: Possessive, unstable, unpredictable
  • Keisuke: Carefree, adventurous, free-spirited

Character Background

Katagiri, a bank employee, lives a solitary life. Junpei, a struggling writer, is haunted by his sister's death in the Kobe earthquake. Takatsuki is a successful businesswoman and Junpei's former lover. Sayoko is a single mother and Junpei's neighbor. Satsuki is a young girl with a unique ability to communicate with frogs. The frog symbolizes transformation. Reiko is a psychic who claims to communicate with the dead. Yoshiya is an elderly man who becomes friends with Katagiri. Tamiya develops an obsession with Takatsuki. Keisuke is Junpei's childhood friend and a jazz musician.

Character Arcs

Katagiri's character arc revolves around his journey from introversion to embracing human connection. He starts as a reserved individual but gradually opens up to friendship and emotional vulnerability through his interactions with Yoshiya.

Junpei's character arc centers on his struggle to find meaning and redemption in the aftermath of his sister's death. Through encounters with various characters, he confronts his guilt and learns to accept loss, leading to a sense of personal growth.

Takatsuki's character arc explores her search for independence and self-discovery. She moves beyond her past relationship with Junpei and finds strength in her own success as a businesswoman.

Sayoko's character arc showcases her resilience and ability to rebuild her life as a single mother. She becomes a source of support and inspiration for Junpei, demonstrating the power of perseverance.

Satsuki's character arc emphasizes her journey of self-discovery and embracing her unique abilities. She learns to trust herself and finds a sense of purpose in her connection with the natural world.

The frog's character arc symbolizes transformation and the potential for change. It serves as a catalyst for the characters' personal growth and represents the possibility of finding hope amidst devastation.


Katagiri's friendship with Yoshiya provides him with guidance and emotional support, allowing him to overcome his introversion and form meaningful connections with others.

Junpei's relationship with Takatsuki represents a past love that he struggles to let go of. Their interactions lead to introspection and self-reflection for both characters.

Sayoko's friendship with Junpei offers him a sense of stability and support. Her role as a single mother highlights the importance of nurturing relationships and finding strength in difficult times.

Satsuki's connection with the frog symbolizes her innocence and curiosity. It serves as a reminder of the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

Reiko's role as a psychic adds an element of mystery and supernatural to the relationships in the book. Her interactions with the characters challenge their perceptions of reality and provide a sense of uncertainty.

Overall, the relationships between the characters in "After the Quake" highlight themes of connection, resilience, and personal growth in the face of adversity.