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List of Characters

Character NameRole

Role Identification

In the book "Alex and Eliza" by Melissa de la Cruz, the main characters are Alex and Eliza. They are the protagonists of the story and their love story serves as the central plot. Other characters, such as Angelica, John, Peggy, George, Martha, and Hamilton, play supporting roles and contribute to the development of the main characters and the overall storyline.

Character Descriptions

  • Alex: Alex is a young, ambitious, and intelligent man. He is known for his quick thinking and strong leadership skills. Alex is driven by his desire to make a difference in the world and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals.
  • Eliza: Eliza is a strong, independent, and compassionate woman. She is admired for her intelligence and her unwavering support for her family. Eliza is determined to find her own path in life and is not afraid to challenge societal norms.

Character Traits

  • Alex: Determined, intelligent, ambitious, quick-thinking, leader
  • Eliza: Strong, independent, compassionate, intelligent, courageous

Character Background

  • Alex: Alex comes from humble beginnings and had to overcome many obstacles to pursue his education. He is passionate about politics and believes in the power of change. Alex's background influences his drive to succeed and make a difference in the world.
  • Eliza: Eliza is from a wealthy and influential family. Despite her privileged background, she is empathetic and genuinely cares about the well-being of others. Eliza's upbringing has instilled in her a sense of responsibility and a desire to use her privileges for the greater good.

Character Arcs

  • Alex: Throughout the story, Alex undergoes a significant character arc. Initially focused solely on his political aspirations, he gradually learns the importance of balancing his ambitions with personal relationships. He realizes that love and family are equally important and reevaluates his priorities.
  • Eliza: Eliza's character arc revolves around finding her voice and asserting her independence. Initially overshadowed by her family's expectations and societal restrictions, she discovers her own strengths and learns to stand up for herself. Eliza becomes a confident and influential woman, shaping her own destiny.


  • Alex and Eliza: The relationship between Alex and Eliza is the central focus of the story. They start off with a mutual attraction and gradually fall in love. Their relationship faces obstacles, but they overcome them together, showcasing their strong bond and commitment to each other.
  • Alex and Angelica: Alex and Angelica share a close friendship. They have a deep understanding of each other and provide support and guidance throughout the story. Their relationship is characterized by trust and intellectual compatibility.
  • Alex and John: Alex and John are close friends and allies. They share a common passion for politics and support each other's ambitions. Their friendship is built on mutual respect and a shared vision for the future.
  • Eliza and Peggy: Eliza and Peggy are sisters and have a loving and supportive relationship. They confide in each other and offer emotional support during challenging times. Peggy serves as a source of strength and encouragement for Eliza.
  • George and Martha: George and Martha are Eliza's parents. They are caring and protective, and their relationship with Eliza highlights the importance of family bonds and unconditional love.
  • Hamilton and the supporting characters: Hamilton interacts with various supporting characters throughout the story, each contributing to his development and growth as a character.

Overall, "Alex and Eliza" by Melissa de la Cruz explores the journey of two individuals, Alex and Eliza, as they navigate love, personal growth, and the challenges of their time. The book highlights their individual strengths and showcases the importance of relationships and the impact they have on shaping one's character.