All We Ever Wanted
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3.85 / 5

"All We Ever Wanted" Quiz

By Emily Giffin

fiction | 334 pages | Published in 2018

ISBN_13: B07639D2G9

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  1. Discuss the theme of privilege in 'All We Ever Wanted' and how it affects the characters' actions and relationships.
  2. Analyze the character of Nina Browning. How does she evolve throughout the story? What factors contribute to her growth?
  3. Examine the role of social media in the novel. How does it impact the lives of the characters and influence the plot?
  4. Compare and contrast the parenting styles of Tom, Lyla, and Nina. How do their approaches to parenting shape the narrative?
  5. Explore the concept of forgiveness in 'All We Ever Wanted.' How do the characters grapple with forgiveness, and what are the consequences of their choices?
  6. Analyze the significance of the title 'All We Ever Wanted' in relation to the characters' desires and aspirations. How does it reflect their motivations?
  7. Discuss the theme of consent and the portrayal of sexual assault in the novel. How does the author handle these sensitive topics?
  8. Examine the importance of friendship in the story. How do the characters' friendships influence their actions and decisions?
  9. Explore the role of setting in 'All We Ever Wanted.' How does the setting contribute to the overall mood and atmosphere of the story?
  10. Analyze the character of Finch Browning. What challenges does he face, and how does he navigate them?