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  1. List of Characters

List of Characters

Character NameRole
Keiji KiriyaProtagonist, soldier
Rita VrataskiSergeant, elite soldier
Shasta RayelleSquad member, soldier
Ferrell BartolomeSquad member, soldier
YonabaruSquad member, soldier
General BrighamHigh-ranking officer
MimicsAlien invaders

Role Identification

The characters in "All You Need Is Kill" play various roles within the context of the story. Keiji Kiriya is the protagonist, serving as a soldier fighting against the invading Mimics. Rita Vrataski is an elite soldier and sergeant who becomes a mentor figure for Keiji. Shasta Rayelle, Ferrell Bartolome, and Yonabaru are fellow squad members who fight alongside Keiji. General Brigham acts as a high-ranking officer in charge of the military operations against the Mimics.

Character Descriptions

Keiji Kiriya: Keiji is a young soldier who initially lacks combat experience but is determined to fight against the Mimic invasion. He is described as having an average build with short black hair. Throughout the novel, Keiji evolves from a naive recruit to a skilled and resourceful fighter.

Rita Vrataski: Rita is an experienced soldier known as the "Full Metal Bitch." She is recognized for her exceptional combat skills and tactical prowess. Rita is described as a tall and muscular woman with short blonde hair. Her intimidating presence and no-nonsense attitude make her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Shasta Rayelle: Shasta is a squad member who fights alongside Keiji and Rita. He is portrayed as a reliable and level-headed soldier. Shasta is described as having a stocky build with a shaved head. Despite his more reserved nature, he proves his loyalty and bravery throughout the story.

Ferrell Bartolome: Ferrell is another member of Keiji's squad, known for his technical expertise. He is responsible for maintaining the soldiers' equipment and ensuring their weapons are in optimal condition. Ferrell is described as having a wiry frame and thick glasses, giving him a nerdy appearance.

Yonabaru: Yonabaru is the final member of Keiji's squad, known for his agility and stealth. He excels at reconnaissance and gathering vital information about the enemy. Yonabaru is described as a wiry and nimble soldier with short brown hair.

General Brigham: General Brigham is a high-ranking officer who oversees the military operations against the Mimics. He is described as having a stern and authoritative demeanor. General Brigham is driven by a strong desire to defeat the enemy and save humanity.

Mimics: The Mimics are the extraterrestrial invaders that humanity is battling against. They are described as highly intelligent and capable of mimicking human forms. The Mimics possess advanced technology and are formidable adversaries for the human soldiers.

Character Traits

Keiji Kiriya: Keiji starts as an inexperienced and somewhat naive soldier but develops courage, resilience, and adaptability throughout the story. He exhibits determination, loyalty, and a strong sense of duty. Keiji also shows a capacity for empathy and compassion towards his comrades.

Rita Vrataski: Rita is characterized by her exceptional combat skills, strategic thinking, and unwavering determination. She possesses a no-nonsense attitude and a fierce dedication to defeating the Mimics. Rita's leadership qualities, discipline, and ability to make tough decisions make her a respected figure among the soldiers.

Shasta Rayelle: Shasta is known for his reliability, level-headedness, and loyalty to his comrades. He demonstrates competence in combat and a willingness to follow orders. Shasta's calm and composed nature make him a stabilizing presence within the squad.

Ferrell Bartolome: Ferrell is characterized by his technical expertise and intelligence. He is resourceful and meticulous in his work, ensuring that the squad's equipment is in optimal condition. Ferrell's nerdy appearance contrasts with his bravery and dedication to the mission.

Yonabaru: Yonabaru is agile, stealthy, and skilled at gathering intelligence. He possesses a sharp intellect and a knack for identifying the enemy's weaknesses. Yonabaru's nimbleness and quick thinking make him an invaluable asset to the squad.

General Brigham: General Brigham is portrayed as a strict and determined leader. He prioritizes the mission's success above all else and expects unwavering loyalty from his soldiers. General Brigham's strong belief in the cause drives his decision-making and his interactions with the other characters.

Mimics: The Mimics are portrayed as relentless and highly intelligent adversaries. They possess advanced technology, including the ability to mimic human forms, making them difficult to detect and defeat. The Mimics' ruthless nature and strategic capabilities pose a constant threat to humanity.

Character Background

Keiji Kiriya: Keiji comes from a civilian background and was forced into military service due to the Mimic invasion. He lacks combat experience but is determined to fight and protect humanity. Keiji's initial innocence and inexperience provide a relatable perspective for readers as they witness his growth throughout the novel.

Rita Vrataski: Rita has a long history of fighting against the Mimics and has gained fame for her exceptional combat skills. She has experienced loss and hardship in her journey, which has shaped her into the formidable soldier and leader she becomes. Rita's background adds depth to her character and showcases her resilience.

Shasta Rayelle, Ferrell Bartolome, Yonabaru: Less is known about the backgrounds of these characters, as the focus of the story primarily revolves around Keiji and Rita. However, their dedication to the cause suggests that they, too, have personal motivations for fighting against the Mimics.

General Brigham: General Brigham's background is not extensively explored in the novel. However, his position as a high-ranking officer implies a long military career and experience in leading troops. His commitment to defeating the Mimics suggests a personal stake in the war.

Character Arcs

Keiji Kiriya: Keiji's character arc in "All You Need Is Kill" is one of transformation and growth. Initially, he is a novice soldier filled with fear and uncertainty. However, through his experiences and the guidance of Rita, Keiji gradually becomes a skilled and confident fighter. He learns to adapt to the challenges presented by the Mimics and discovers his own inner strength.

Rita Vrataski: Rita's character arc showcases her evolution from a battle-hardened soldier to a mentor figure for Keiji. While initially distant and focused solely on the mission, she gradually opens up to Keiji and shares her knowledge and experiences. Rita's arc also highlights her vulnerability and the emotional toll that war has taken on her.

Shasta Rayelle, Ferrell Bartolome, Yonabaru: These characters' arcs are not as prominently featured as Keiji and Rita's. However, they demonstrate growth in their skills and camaraderie throughout the story. Their development contributes to the overall dynamic within the squad and their effectiveness in combat.

General Brigham: General Brigham's character arc is less pronounced, as he serves primarily as a driving force behind the military operations. However, his unwavering determination and commitment to defeating the Mimics remain consistent throughout the novel.


Keiji and Rita: The relationship between Keiji and Rita is central to the story. Initially, they have a mentor-student dynamic, with Rita instructing Keiji in combat and survival. Over time, their relationship deepens, and they develop a bond based on trust and shared experiences. Their connection serves as a source of strength and motivation for both characters.

Keiji and his squad members: Keiji forms close bonds with Shasta, Ferrell, and Yonabaru as they fight together against the Mimics. Their camaraderie and shared experiences create a sense of unity within the squad, enhancing their effectiveness in combat. Keiji's relationships with his squad members highlight the importance of teamwork and reliance on one another in the face of adversity.

Keiji and General Brigham: Keiji's relationship with General Brigham is characterized by the power dynamics within the military hierarchy. While Keiji respects and follows Brigham's orders, he also questions his decisions at times. Their relationship serves to illustrate the tension between individual agency and following orders in a military setting.

Mimics and humanity: The relationship between the Mimics and humanity is one of conflict and survival. The Mimics' invasion threatens the existence of humanity, driving the soldiers' determination to defeat them. The Mimics' ability to mimic human forms adds an element of psychological warfare and blurs the lines between friend and foe.

In conclusion, "All You Need Is Kill" by Hiroshi Sakurazaka presents a diverse cast of characters with distinct roles, traits, backgrounds, and relationships. Through their individual arcs and interactions, the characters contribute to the overall narrative and explore themes of growth, resilience, and the human spirit in the face of adversity.