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One Sentence Summary

A talented painter finds herself entangled in a dangerous romance with a captivating, dangerous fae lord.


In Margaret Rogerson's captivating novel, "An Enchantment of Ravens," readers are transported to a world where faeries and humans coexist, but their interactions are governed by strict rules. This enthralling fantasy tale follows the journey of Isobel, a talented portrait artist, and Rook, the powerful faerie prince. As their paths intertwine, they embark on a perilous adventure that challenges their beliefs and forces them to confront their deepest desires.

Brief Synopsis

"An Enchantment of Ravens" is set in a land called Whimsy, a magical realm hidden from the mortal world. Whimsy is inhabited by faeries, who possess a range of extraordinary abilities and are bound by a strict code of conduct. Faeries, incapable of creating art themselves, yearn for the talents of the human world.

The story revolves around Isobel, a gifted portrait artist who lives in a village near the border of Whimsy. Faeries frequently visit Isobel's studio, seeking her remarkable skills in capturing human emotion on canvas. Isobel is careful to depict the faeries without any human emotions, as any hint of vulnerability could expose them to their enemies.

One day, Rook, the prince of the Autumn Court, arrives at Isobel's studio for a portrait. Struck by his astonishing beauty, Isobel cannot resist the temptation to paint a faint human emotion in his eyes. This act sets off a chain of events that threatens not only their lives but also the delicate balance between the mortal and faerie realms.

Main Characters

IsobelA talented portrait artist who lives near the border of Whimsy. She possesses a deep understanding of the faerie world and its enchantments.
RookThe prince of the Autumn Court, known for his captivating appearance and enigmatic personality. Rook seeks Isobel's talents to capture his likeness.
GadflyIsobel's loyal and mischievous friend, a human who accompanies her on her journey into the faerie realm.
LarkRook's younger sister, who plays a significant role in the unfolding events.

Summary of Story Points Over Chapters

Chapter 1-3: Isobel and the Faeries

Isobel is introduced as a talented portrait artist living near the border of Whimsy. She is sought after by faeries who desire her ability to capture human emotions on canvas. Rook, the prince of the Autumn Court, arrives at Isobel's studio for a portrait. Isobel subtly paints human emotion in his eyes, which breaks a sacred faerie law.

Chapter 4-6: The Journey Begins

Rook, furious at Isobel's portrayal, forcefully takes her to the faerie realm. Isobel's friend, Gadfly, follows them, worried for her safety. Isobel discovers that Rook's true intention is to take her to the Autumn Court to stand trial for her forbidden artistry.

Chapter 7-10: The Trials

Isobel faces trials and tribulations in the Autumn Court, where she encounters powerful faeries and witnesses dark secrets. Rook, despite his initial anger, begins to develop feelings for Isobel, and she finds herself drawn to him as well.

Chapter 11-13: The Unraveling

Isobel uncovers a plot to overthrow the faerie courts and realizes her artistry holds a key to their survival. She must use her skills and wit to navigate the dangerous faerie politics and save both the mortal and faerie realms from impending chaos.

Chapter 14-16: The Final Battle

Isobel and Rook join forces to confront the true enemy threatening both worlds. Their determination and sacrifice lead to an intense battle, where they must tap into their strengths and trust each other to emerge victorious.

Main Events

  1. Isobel breaks a sacred faerie law by painting human emotion in Rook's portrait.
  2. Rook forcefully takes Isobel to the faerie realm.
  3. Isobel faces trials in the Autumn Court and uncovers a plot to overthrow the faerie courts.
  4. Isobel and Rook join forces to confront the true enemy and engage in a final battle.

Themes and Insights

The Power of Art

"An Enchantment of Ravens" explores the theme of the transformative power of art. Isobel's ability to capture human emotions on canvas becomes a catalyst for change, unlocking hidden truths and challenging the established order. The novel highlights how art has the potential to disrupt and challenge even the most powerful forces.

Forbidden Love and Sacrifice

The story delves into the theme of forbidden love and the sacrifices individuals are willing to make for the ones they care about. Isobel and Rook's growing affection for each other forces them to confront societal expectations and risk everything for their relationship.

Balance and Harmony

The delicate balance between the mortal and faerie realms serves as a backdrop for the novel. "An Enchantment of Ravens" explores the importance of maintaining harmony and the consequences of disrupting that equilibrium. It emphasizes the need for understanding and cooperation between different worlds and the dangers of unchecked power.

Reader's Takeaway

"An Enchantment of Ravens" is a captivating fantasy novel that combines adventure, romance, and intricate world-building. It explores themes of art, forbidden love, and the importance of balance. Margaret Rogerson's vivid storytelling brings the enchanting world of Whimsy to life, leaving readers enthralled until the very last page.


Margaret Rogerson's "An Enchantment of Ravens" takes readers on a thrilling journey through a magical realm where faeries and humans coexist. The story follows Isobel, a talented portrait artist, and Rook, the prince of the Autumn Court, as they navigate a perilous adventure filled with forbidden love and dangerous secrets. With its richly imagined world and compelling characters, this novel is sure to captivate fantasy enthusiasts and leave them longing for more.

An Enchantment of Ravens FAQ

  1. What is 'An Enchantment of Ravens' about?

    An Enchantment of Ravens is a fantasy novel that follows the story of Isobel, a talented portrait artist, who is swept into the dangerous world of the fae after painting the portrait of the autumn prince, Rook.

  2. Who is the author of 'An Enchantment of Ravens'?

    The author of 'An Enchantment of Ravens' is Margaret Rogerson.

  3. Is 'An Enchantment of Ravens' a standalone book or part of a series?

    'An Enchantment of Ravens' is a standalone book and does not have any sequels or prequels.

  4. What genre does 'An Enchantment of Ravens' belong to?

    'An Enchantment of Ravens' is a young adult fantasy novel.

  5. Is there romance in 'An Enchantment of Ravens'?

    Yes, 'An Enchantment of Ravens' features a romantic subplot between the protagonist, Isobel, and the autumn prince, Rook.

  6. Are there any magical elements in 'An Enchantment of Ravens'?

    Yes, 'An Enchantment of Ravens' is set in a world where magic and the fae exist, and the story revolves around the magical encounters and adventures of the characters.

  7. What age group is 'An Enchantment of Ravens' suitable for?

    'An Enchantment of Ravens' is suitable for young adult readers, generally recommended for ages 14 and above.

  8. Are there any sequels planned for 'An Enchantment of Ravens'?

    As of now, there are no announced plans for any sequels to 'An Enchantment of Ravens'.

  9. Is 'An Enchantment of Ravens' available in e-book format?

    Yes, 'An Enchantment of Ravens' is available in e-book format and can be purchased from various online platforms.

  10. Where can I buy 'An Enchantment of Ravens'?

    You can buy 'An Enchantment of Ravens' from major book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent local bookstores.