And the Shofar Blew
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"And the Shofar Blew" Characters Analysis

By Francine Rivers

christian fiction | 440 pages | Published in NaN

In the Old Testament, God called His people to action with the blast of the shofar, a ram’s horn. He still calls His people today.In this relevant and timely novel, dynamic young preacher Paul Hudson is committed to building his church—but at what cost? When Paul accepted the call to pastor the struggling church, he had no idea what to expect. But it didn’t take long for Paul to turn Centerville Christian Church around. Attendance is up, way up, and everything is going so well. If only his wife, Eunice, could see it that way. Still, he tries not to let her quiet presence distract him. But Eunice knows that something isn’t right . . . and it hasn’t been for a long time.The more Paul’s zeal and ambition builds, the more he loses sight of the One who called him. As Paul and those around him struggle to discern what it truly means to live out their faith, they must ultimately choose between their own will and God’s plan.


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List of Characters

Paul HudsonProtagonist, Pastor
Eunice HudsonPaul's wife
Zeke HudsonPaul's father
Abigail HudsonPaul's mother
Joshua HudsonPaul's brother
Reuben StylesChurch elder, antagonist
Francine StylesReuben's wife
Ruthie StylesReuben and Francine's daughter
JennyChurch secretary
ElizabethPaul's mentor
Pastor BillPaul's predecessor
KarenPaul's assistant

Role Identification

In "And the Shofar Blew," Paul Hudson serves as the protagonist and pastor of a small church. His wife, Eunice, supports him in his ministry. Other key characters include Paul's family members, church members, and individuals who influence Paul's journey.

Character Descriptions

  1. Paul Hudson: Paul is a passionate and ambitious young man who becomes a pastor. He is described as charismatic, driven, and dedicated to his calling. Paul struggles with balancing his desire for success with the needs of his congregation and family.
  2. Eunice Hudson: Eunice is Paul's wife and a loving, supportive partner. She is portrayed as kind, gentle, and deeply committed to her faith. Eunice often serves as a voice of reason and stability in Paul's life.
  3. Zeke Hudson: Zeke is Paul's father and a retired pastor. He is depicted as wise, compassionate, and deeply rooted in his faith. Zeke serves as a source of guidance and mentorship for Paul throughout the story.
  4. Abigail Hudson: Abigail is Paul's mother and a strong, resilient woman. She is portrayed as a pillar of strength and support for her family. Abigail's faith and wisdom provide solace during challenging times.
  5. Joshua Hudson: Joshua is Paul's older brother and a successful businessman. He is depicted as level-headed, practical, and skeptical of Paul's decisions. Joshua serves as a contrasting character, representing a different approach to life and success.
  6. Reuben Styles: Reuben is an influential church elder and antagonist in the story. He is portrayed as manipulative, power-hungry, and focused on the growth and reputation of the church. Reuben's actions create tension and conflict within the congregation.
  7. Francine Styles: Francine is Reuben's wife and a loyal supporter of her husband. She is depicted as a submissive and traditional woman who upholds the church's hierarchy. Francine's character highlights the gender dynamics and expectations within the church community.
  8. Ruthie Styles: Ruthie is Reuben and Francine's daughter. She is portrayed as rebellious, seeking attention and validation. Ruthie's actions and choices challenge the church's conservative values and impact Paul's journey.
  9. Jenny: Jenny is the church secretary. She is depicted as kind-hearted, reliable, and supportive of Paul. Jenny serves as a confidante and source of encouragement for Paul during difficult times.
  10. Elizabeth: Elizabeth is an older woman in the church and a mentor figure for Paul. She is portrayed as wise, patient, and spiritually mature. Elizabeth's character provides guidance and perspective to Paul as he navigates the challenges of his ministry.
  11. Pastor Bill: Pastor Bill is Paul's predecessor at the church. He is described as a respected and beloved figure in the community. Pastor Bill's legacy and reputation cast a shadow over Paul's leadership.
  12. Karen: Karen is Paul's assistant at the church. She is portrayed as efficient, organized, and committed to her role. Karen's character represents the practical aspects of running a church and supports Paul in his administrative duties.

Character Traits

  1. Paul Hudson: charismatic, driven, dedicated, ambitious, conflicted
  2. Eunice Hudson: kind, gentle, supportive, faithful
  3. Zeke Hudson: wise, compassionate, rooted in faith
  4. Abigail Hudson: strong, resilient, faithful
  5. Joshua Hudson: level-headed, practical, skeptical
  6. Reuben Styles: manipulative, power-hungry, ambitious
  7. Francine Styles: submissive, traditional, loyal
  8. Ruthie Styles: rebellious, attention-seeking
  9. Jenny: kind-hearted, reliable, supportive
  10. Elizabeth: wise, patient, spiritually mature
  11. Pastor Bill: respected, beloved
  12. Karen: efficient, organized, committed

Character Background

Paul Hudson grew up in a family deeply rooted in the Christian faith. His father, Zeke, was a respected pastor, and his mother, Abigail, provided a strong foundation of love and support. Paul's older brother, Joshua, pursued a successful career in business, which influenced Paul's desire for worldly success.

After completing seminary, Paul becomes the pastor of a struggling church in a small town. He aims to bring growth and prosperity to the congregation, following in his father's footsteps. Eunice, his wife, stands by his side, ready to support him in his ministry.

Character Arcs

Paul's character arc revolves around his journey from idealism and ambition to self-reflection and finding true purpose in ministry. Initially, Paul is driven by the desire for success and recognition, leading him to make decisions that compromise his integrity. As the story progresses, he faces challenges and setbacks that force him to question his motives and priorities.

Throughout the narrative, Paul's character arc highlights the importance of humility, authenticity, and the true meaning of success. He learns valuable lessons about the significance of relationships, faith, and the well-being of his congregation. Paul's character arc ultimately leads him to a transformative realization and a renewed commitment to his calling.


  1. Paul and Eunice: Paul's relationship with his wife, Eunice, is characterized by love, support, and shared faith. Eunice provides emotional stability and serves as a grounding force in Paul's life.
  2. Paul and Zeke: Paul's relationship with his father, Zeke, is marked by mentorship and guidance. Zeke's wisdom and experience shape Paul's understanding of ministry and help him navigate challenges.
  3. Paul and Reuben: Paul's relationship with Reuben Styles, the church elder, is fraught with tension and conflict. Reuben's power-hungry nature challenges Paul's leadership and forces him to confront his own values.
  4. Paul and Ruthie: Paul's relationship with Ruthie Styles, Reuben's daughter, is complex. Ruthie's rebellious nature and actions challenge Paul's beliefs and test his ability to extend grace and love.
  5. Paul and Elizabeth: Paul's relationship with Elizabeth, an older woman in the church, serves as a mentorship bond. Elizabeth's wisdom and spiritual maturity provide guidance and support to Paul during difficult times.
  6. Paul and Jenny: Paul's relationship with Jenny, the church secretary, is characterized by friendship and encouragement. Jenny serves as a confidante and sounding board for Paul, offering him a listening ear and practical advice.

Through these various relationships, the book explores the dynamics of power, loyalty, and the impact of personal choices on individuals and communities. The characters' interactions shape Paul's journey and contribute to the overall themes of the story.