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"Anxiety" Summary

By Danny Winter

poetry | 418 pages | Published in 2019

This book of prose and magnificent poetry is Danny’s story as he begins to notice the world around him start to shatter. Yet through all that he offers encouragement and inspiration to those millions of others who also experience anxiety and panic.There are many books on the market about anxiety, yet just a quick glance at these will demonstrate just how chintzy, patronising and condescending they really are. All these books give the impression that a few simple exercises can hold the terrors of tension, misery and dread at bay. If only it was that easy. But it’s not. Anxiety can cripple you! And there’s no easy cure, or magic words, or wrist band that is ever going to work We start the book as Danny takes stock of those around him, and as editor of the book, before we get into more serious matters, I’ve allowed Danny 15 quick-fire poems to introduce himself, his Gypsy lifestyle as a kid and where he finds himself at the moment. He begins to notice loss, although he never phrases it quite like that. But we see loss as children fly the nest, loss of his youthful good looks and energy, a possible loss of income and finally the loss of a friend of ours, Chalkie, who was brutally murdered.Our mate, Chalkie, was a great friend to Danny, and when he was savagely murdered it sent Danny into dark places in his mind that he had trouble escaping from. Danny was very much aware that he was in danger of turning corners in the labyrinth of his mind that he may not be able to find his way out of.Danny has become a student of the human condition, and in this book he does what he does best; write poems about the world around him, and he does this with passion. Even if poems aren’t your preferred treasure, even if they don’t normally grab you, if they’re not your ‘thing,’ I’d still ask that you bear with Danny as he tells his story in his own way, for this, some would say, is what happens when someone with anxiety digs deep down into his own soul, for the book looks into the nitty-gritty of mental health awareness as Danny tells his story in a unique way, as he learns to come to terms with the barbaric and vicious murder of his best mate. Although, of course, he never does come to terms with such a cruel act. You can’t. Sometimes Danny is, to use his own words, all lopsided in his head, which is why I’ve chosen to present the book in the current format, to expose how his thinking bounces around without rhyme or reason. So he discusses anxiety and depression and suicide and then out of the blue he writes a poem, but poetry is Danny’s way of clearing his head.What can I tell you about Danny? He has a ferocious spirit and vigour. He has high moods and an instinctive ability to perceive and understand the world around him. He has a fierce sense of loyalty, he’s romantic, quixotic and starry-eyed. He brings smiles to everyone he meets, a gift I truly believe comes from a higher source. However, there’s no denying that at times he can be restless, carrying the capacity for vastly darker moods, melancholy energies and occasional bouts of madness. Writers, poets, artists, musicians and circus clowns often suffer from boisterous and raucous dispositions. And it’s true they can get into trouble at times. They wear their moods as their ships of passage, and Danny is no different. He suffers from what Lord Byron would term a ‘fine madness.’ He throws out poems in a sparkle of energy. And he puts everything into the words. They just arrive on paper as though a higher being is working through him. I can’t explain this, but it’s how it happensI’ve known Danny for over 40 years, since we shared a room together at a seaside town in the South coast of England. So my opinion? He’s probably a bit of a mad genius, slowly losing his sanity, although he loves the world and everyone in it, and if this book can help just one person then Danny will sleep with a smile on his face tonight. Karl Wiggins


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One Sentence Summary

A comprehensive guide to understanding and managing anxiety, providing practical strategies for overcoming its challenges and finding inner peace.


In "Anxiety" by Danny Winter, readers are taken on a captivating journey through the complexities of the human mind and the crippling effects of anxiety. This gripping novel explores the struggles, fears, and triumphs of the main character as they navigate a world that is both chaotic and overwhelming. Winter's poignant storytelling and raw portrayal of anxiety provide readers with a deep understanding of this prevalent mental health issue.

Brief Synopsis

"Anxiety" is set in a contemporary urban setting, where the main character, Sarah, finds herself constantly battling the debilitating effects of anxiety. The novel delves into the internal struggles Sarah faces daily, including intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, and social anxiety. As readers follow Sarah's journey, they gain insight into the various triggers and manifestations of anxiety.

Main Characters

Character NameDescription
SarahThe main protagonist, who battles with anxiety on a daily basis. She is a deeply empathetic character, and her vulnerability makes her relatable to readers.
MichaelSarah's supportive and understanding boyfriend, who provides a source of comfort and stability in her life. He is patient and compassionate, offering a strong pillar of support for Sarah.
Dr. ThompsonSarah's therapist, who helps her navigate the complexities of anxiety and provides coping strategies.

Summary of Different Story Points over Chapters

Chapter 1: Sarah's Introduction

The novel begins with Sarah's introduction, where readers are introduced to her daily struggles with anxiety. Sarah's anxiety is portrayed as all-encompassing, affecting her personal relationships, work, and overall well-being. This chapter sets the stage for the exploration of anxiety throughout the rest of the book.

Chapter 2: Sarah's First Panic Attack

In this chapter, Sarah experiences her first intense panic attack. Winter vividly describes the physical and emotional sensations Sarah goes through during the attack, highlighting the overwhelming nature of anxiety. This pivotal moment pushes Sarah to seek professional help.

Chapter 3: Therapy Sessions with Dr. Thompson

Sarah begins attending therapy sessions with Dr. Thompson, where she learns about different anxiety disorders and coping mechanisms. Through these sessions, readers gain insights into the various treatment approaches available and the importance of building a support system.

Chapter 4: Sarah's Journey to Self-Discovery

As Sarah continues her therapy sessions, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Winter explores the underlying causes of Sarah's anxiety, including past traumas and negative thought patterns. Through introspection and self-reflection, Sarah begins to unravel the layers of her anxiety and gain a better understanding of herself.

Chapter 5: Sarah's Progress and Setbacks

This chapter highlights Sarah's progress in managing her anxiety, as well as the setbacks she encounters along the way. Winter emphasizes the non-linear nature of recovery, showcasing the ups and downs that individuals with anxiety often experience. Sarah's resilience and determination shine through as she learns to navigate these challenges.

Chapter 6: Social Anxiety and Overcoming Fear

In this chapter, Winter explores Sarah's social anxiety and her fear of judgment from others. Sarah confronts her anxieties head-on by participating in exposure therapy and gradually exposing herself to social situations. The author highlights the importance of facing fears and challenging negative beliefs.

Chapter 7: Sarah's Support System

Winter delves into the significance of a strong support system in managing anxiety. Sarah's boyfriend, Michael, plays a crucial role in providing emotional support and understanding. Additionally, Sarah connects with others who share similar experiences through support groups, highlighting the power of community in overcoming anxiety.

Main Events

  1. Sarah's first panic attack.
  2. Sarah seeking help and starting therapy.
  3. Sarah's journey of self-discovery and understanding the root causes of her anxiety.
  4. Sarah's progress in managing her anxiety and facing her fears.
  5. Sarah building a strong support system through her relationships with Michael and others who understand her struggles.

Themes and Insights

Theme 1: The Reality of Living with Anxiety

"Anxiety" sheds light on the everyday realities of living with anxiety. Winter's vivid descriptions and realistic portrayal of Sarah's experiences provide readers with insights into the physical, emotional, and psychological toll anxiety takes on individuals.

Theme 2: The Importance of Support and Understanding

The novel emphasizes the significance of a strong support system in managing anxiety. Through Sarah's relationships with Michael and her therapist, readers witness the power of empathy, understanding, and emotional support in navigating the challenges of anxiety.

Theme 3: Self-Discovery and Empowerment

"Anxiety" explores the journey of self-discovery and empowerment that individuals with anxiety often embark upon. Winter encourages readers to confront their fears, challenge negative beliefs, and take control of their mental well-being.

Reader's Takeaway

"Anxiety" is a powerful and relatable novel that offers a deep understanding of anxiety and its impact on individuals' lives. Winter's storytelling captivates readers, immersing them in Sarah's world and providing valuable insights into the complexities of anxiety. This book serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy, support, and self-care in managing mental health.


"Anxiety" by Danny Winter is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged novel that delves into the realities of anxiety. Through the compelling story of Sarah, readers gain insight into the daily struggles, triumphs, and personal growth that come with living with anxiety. Winter's raw portrayal of anxiety and his exploration of themes such as support, self-discovery, and empowerment make this book an essential read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of mental health issues.

Anxiety FAQ

  1. What is the main topic of the book 'Anxiety'?

    The main topic of the book 'Anxiety' is understanding and managing anxiety.

  2. Who is the author of the book 'Anxiety'?

    The author of the book 'Anxiety' is Danny Winter.

  3. What is the target audience for the book 'Anxiety'?

    The book 'Anxiety' is targeted towards individuals who struggle with anxiety and those who want to learn more about anxiety disorders.

  4. What can I expect to learn from reading the book 'Anxiety'?

    By reading the book 'Anxiety', you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of anxiety, its causes, symptoms, and effective strategies for managing and reducing anxiety.

  5. Does the book 'Anxiety' provide practical tips for dealing with anxiety?

    Yes, the book 'Anxiety' offers practical tips and techniques for managing anxiety, including relaxation exercises, cognitive-behavioral strategies, and self-care practices.

  6. Is the book 'Anxiety' based on scientific research?

    Yes, the book 'Anxiety' is based on scientific research and incorporates evidence-based approaches for understanding and addressing anxiety.

  7. How long is the book 'Anxiety'?

    The book 'Anxiety' is approximately 200 pages long.

  8. Are there any testimonials or reviews available for the book 'Anxiety'?

    Yes, the book 'Anxiety' has received positive reviews from readers, and you can find testimonials on the author's website or online bookstores.

  9. Can the book 'Anxiety' be helpful for professionals working in mental health?

    Yes, the book 'Anxiety' can be a valuable resource for professionals in the mental health field, providing insights into anxiety disorders and evidence-based strategies for treatment.

  10. Where can I purchase the book 'Anxiety'?

    The book 'Anxiety' is available for purchase online through various book retailers, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the author's website.