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  1. Discuss the theme of survival in 'Armageddon' by James Patterson.
  2. Analyze the character development of the protagonist in 'Armageddon'. How does the character change throughout the story?
  3. Examine the role of technology in 'Armageddon'. How does it impact the characters and the overall plot?
  4. Discuss the portrayal of the post-apocalyptic world in 'Armageddon'. How does the author create a sense of despair and chaos?
  5. Explore the motifs of hope and redemption in 'Armageddon'. How do these themes contribute to the narrative?
  6. Analyze the relationship between the protagonist and the antagonist in 'Armageddon'. How does their conflict drive the story forward?
  7. Discuss the significance of the title 'Armageddon' in relation to the events and themes of the book.
  8. Examine the role of secondary characters in 'Armageddon'. How do they contribute to the overall story and the development of the protagonist?
  9. Compare and contrast the different settings in 'Armageddon'. How do they reflect the changing circumstances and atmosphere of the story?
  10. Analyze the use of suspense and tension in 'Armageddon'. How does the author keep the reader engaged throughout the book?