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  1. Discuss the role of social class in 'Barry Lyndon'. How does the protagonist's social status influence his actions and relationships?
  2. Analyze the character of Barry Lyndon. How does Thackeray portray him as a flawed and complex individual?
  3. Examine the themes of ambition and greed in the novel. How do these traits drive the plot and shape the characters' lives?
  4. Discuss the role of women in 'Barry Lyndon'. How are they portrayed and how do they impact the protagonist's journey?
  5. Explore the theme of deception in the book. How do the characters use deception and how does it affect their relationships?
  6. Analyze the narrative structure of 'Barry Lyndon'. How does Thackeray's use of first-person narration enhance the reader's understanding of the story?
  7. Discuss the significance of historical context in the novel. How does Thackeray incorporate elements of the 18th century into the narrative?
  8. Examine the theme of fate and destiny in 'Barry Lyndon'. How does the protagonist's belief in his own destiny shape his actions and outcomes?
  9. Analyze the relationship between Barry Lyndon and his son Bryan. How does their dynamic reflect the broader themes of the novel?
  10. Discuss the role of morality in the book. How do the characters' moral choices impact their lives and relationships?