Beating the Street
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"Beating the Street" Characters Analysis

By Peter Lynch

finance | 332 pages | Published in NaN

The terrific new guide to investing in stocks that goes beyond Peter Lynch's previous runaway bestseller, One Up on Wall Street. Lynch explains how he researched and selected the companies he recommended in the 1992 Barron's Roundtable, giving information that readers can use in any market environment to find successful companies and winning stocks.


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List of Characters

Character Name
Peter Lynch
John Rothchild
Various Stock Market Figures

Role Identification

In the book "Beating the Street" by Peter Lynch, the main character is Peter Lynch himself. He is a renowned investor and former fund manager of the Magellan Fund. John Rothchild, a financial writer, also plays a significant role in the book as the co-author.

Character Descriptions

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is a legendary investor and the protagonist of "Beating the Street." He gained fame for his successful management of the Fidelity Magellan Fund, during which he achieved remarkable returns. Lynch is known for his down-to-earth and relatable investing strategies, which he shares in the book. He is portrayed as a passionate and dedicated investor who believes in the power of individual investors to outperform the professionals.

John Rothchild

John Rothchild is a financial writer and co-author of "Beating the Street." He collaborates with Peter Lynch to present the insights and experiences of Lynch's successful investing career. Rothchild provides a complementary perspective by asking questions and offering additional analysis throughout the book.

Various Stock Market Figures

Throughout "Beating the Street," Peter Lynch references and provides insights into various stock market figures. These include companies, industries, and individual stocks that Lynch analyzes and discusses in detail, showcasing his expertise and knowledge of the market.

Character Traits

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is portrayed as a knowledgeable and experienced investor who possesses a deep understanding of the stock market. He is known for his ability to identify investment opportunities in everyday life and for his long-term investment approach. Lynch emphasizes the importance of doing thorough research and understanding the fundamentals of a company before investing in it. He also highlights the significance of patience and avoiding unnecessary speculation.

John Rothchild

John Rothchild is characterized as an inquisitive and insightful financial writer. He engages in conversations with Peter Lynch, asking thought-provoking questions and providing additional analysis. Rothchild's role is to help readers understand Lynch's investment strategies and principles by presenting them in a clear and relatable manner.

Various Stock Market Figures

The various stock market figures mentioned in the book possess diverse traits depending on their respective companies and industries. Lynch discusses the importance of considering factors such as a company's financial health, growth potential, competitive advantage, and management team. He looks for companies with solid fundamentals, sustainable growth, and favorable valuations.

Character Background

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch's character background revolves around his successful career as a fund manager. Before managing the Magellan Fund, Lynch worked as a research analyst at Fidelity Investments. He gained valuable experience analyzing companies and industries, which later contributed to his investment success. Lynch's background also includes his passion for investing, his ability to analyze companies in various sectors, and his commitment to helping individual investors achieve financial success.

John Rothchild

John Rothchild's character background centers around his role as a financial writer and his collaboration with Peter Lynch. As a writer, Rothchild has a deep understanding of financial markets and investment strategies. He uses his expertise to ask pertinent questions and provide additional insights throughout the book.

Character Arcs

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch's character arc in "Beating the Street" focuses on his journey from being a successful fund manager to becoming a mentor and teacher for individual investors. Lynch shares his investment philosophy, experiences, and lessons learned to empower readers to take control of their own investments. His character arc highlights the transformation of a seasoned investor into an advocate for individual investors.


Peter Lynch and John Rothchild

The relationship between Peter Lynch and John Rothchild is one of collaboration and mutual respect. Rothchild acts as a facilitator, helping Lynch articulate his investment strategies and principles. Their relationship is characterized by meaningful conversations, where Rothchild challenges Lynch's ideas and provides a platform for Lynch to share his insights with readers.

Peter Lynch and Various Stock Market Figures

Peter Lynch's relationship with various stock market figures is one of analysis and evaluation. Lynch examines companies, industries, and stocks to identify investment opportunities. He shares his assessments and perspectives on these figures, helping readers gain a deeper understanding of his investment approach.

In conclusion, "Beating the Street" by Peter Lynch offers valuable insights into the world of investing through the character of Peter Lynch himself. Lynch's character traits, background, and relationships provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of his investment philosophy and strategies. The book serves as a guide for individual investors, empowering them to make informed investment decisions and potentially beat the market.