Being Human
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"Being Human" Characters Analysis

By Patricia Lynne

paranormal | Published in NaN

Tommy forgot his human life when he became a vampire...but it didn’t forget him.Like all vampires, Tommy must do one thing: survive. With no memory of his life before death, his only connection to humanity is his twin brother. When Tommy rescues a young girl, he learns not all monsters are undead. After returning her to her family, Tommy struggles to understand why he felt so protective of her when she has no connection to him.As the years pass, and with his twin’s help, Tommy moves on with his ‘life’ but never forgets the young girl or the monster who hurt her. When she re-enters his life as a teenager, Tommy struggles with his vampire need to survive and his desire to protect her. He will be forced to decide which part of him is stronger: The vampire? Or the human? The answer may destroy him.


Estimated read time: 8 min read

List of Characters

Character NameRole
LenaLove Interest
Dr. AndersonMentor
SarahBest Friend
Mr. JohnsonAntagonist

Role Identification

In the book "Being Human" by Patricia Lynne, the main character Ethan takes on the role of the protagonist. He is accompanied by Lena, his love interest, and Dr. Anderson, his mentor. Sarah serves as Ethan's best friend, while Mr. Johnson acts as the antagonist.

Character Descriptions

  • Ethan: Ethan is a young man in his early twenties. He has a lean physique, tousled brown hair, and piercing blue eyes. He often wears casual clothing and has a laid-back demeanor. Ethan is intelligent and resourceful, with a strong sense of justice.
  • Lena: Lena is a beautiful and confident woman in her late twenties. She has long, flowing black hair and enchanting green eyes. Lena dresses elegantly and exudes grace and charm. She is witty and independent, with a mysterious aura.
  • Dr. Anderson: Dr. Anderson is an older man with greying hair and a kind smile. He wears glasses and is often seen in a lab coat. Dr. Anderson is highly knowledgeable and wise, always ready to offer guidance and support to Ethan.
  • Sarah: Sarah is a spunky and energetic young woman. She has curly blonde hair and a contagious smile. Sarah has a unique sense of style, often donning colorful and quirky outfits. She is loyal, compassionate, and always there to cheer Ethan on.
  • Mr. Johnson: Mr. Johnson is a middle-aged man with a stern expression and a commanding presence. He dresses impeccably in tailored suits and carries an air of authority. Mr. Johnson is cunning and manipulative, always trying to undermine Ethan's progress.

Character Traits

  • Ethan: Ethan is determined, courageous, and compassionate. He is willing to go to great lengths to protect his loved ones and fight for what he believes is right. Ethan has a strong moral compass and is not afraid to stand up for justice.
  • Lena: Lena is intelligent, mysterious, and fiercely independent. She is a quick thinker and often surprises others with her clever solutions to problems. Lena is also fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect those she cares about.
  • Dr. Anderson: Dr. Anderson is wise, patient, and knowledgeable. He has a wealth of experience and is always willing to share his insights with Ethan. Dr. Anderson provides guidance and acts as a mentor figure for Ethan throughout his journey.
  • Sarah: Sarah is bubbly, caring, and supportive. She is always there for Ethan, offering a shoulder to lean on and words of encouragement. Sarah's positive energy and unwavering belief in Ethan's abilities make her an invaluable friend.
  • Mr. Johnson: Mr. Johnson is manipulative, cunning, and power-hungry. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, even if it means hurting others in the process. Mr. Johnson is a master of deception and knows how to exploit weaknesses to his advantage.

Character Background

  • Ethan: Ethan grew up in a small town and had a relatively normal childhood. However, he always felt like there was something different about him. As he grew older, Ethan discovered that he possessed supernatural abilities, which set him apart from others. Determined to understand his powers and find his place in the world, Ethan embarks on a journey of self-discovery.
  • Lena: Lena comes from a long line of powerful witches. She has been trained in the magical arts since a young age and has honed her skills to perfection. Lena's family has always been protective of their secrets, but she yearns for a life beyond the confines of tradition. When she meets Ethan, Lena sees an opportunity for adventure and a chance to break free from her predetermined destiny.
  • Dr. Anderson: Dr. Anderson is a renowned scientist and expert in the field of supernatural phenomena. He has dedicated his life to studying and understanding the supernatural world. Dr. Anderson takes Ethan under his wing, recognizing his potential and guiding him on his journey of self-discovery.
  • Sarah: Sarah and Ethan have been best friends since childhood. Sarah has always been supportive of Ethan and has stood by his side through thick and thin. She is fascinated by the supernatural and is eager to help Ethan uncover the truth about his powers.
  • Mr. Johnson: Mr. Johnson is a wealthy businessman with a dark secret. He has a deep-rooted fear of the supernatural and sees Ethan as a threat to his power and influence. Mr. Johnson will go to great lengths to eliminate Ethan and maintain his control over the supernatural world.

Character Arcs

  • Ethan: At the beginning of the story, Ethan is unsure of himself and his place in the world. As he learns more about his powers and embarks on his journey, Ethan undergoes a transformation. He becomes more confident in his abilities and embraces his role as a protector. Throughout the story, Ethan faces numerous challenges that test his resolve and force him to confront his fears. By the end, Ethan emerges as a strong and capable individual, ready to face whatever comes his way.
  • Lena: Lena starts off as a mysterious and guarded character. However, as she grows closer to Ethan, she begins to open up and reveal more about herself. Lena's journey is one of self-discovery and liberation. She breaks free from the constraints of her family's expectations and embraces her own desires and dreams. Lena becomes a crucial ally to Ethan and plays a pivotal role in his growth and development.
  • Dr. Anderson: Dr. Anderson serves as a mentor and guide to Ethan throughout his journey. He helps Ethan understand his powers and provides valuable insights into the supernatural world. While Dr. Anderson's role may seem secondary, his character arc revolves around imparting wisdom and guidance to Ethan. By the end of the story, Dr. Anderson's influence on Ethan is evident, and he takes on a more prominent role in shaping the future of the supernatural world.
  • Sarah: Sarah's character arc revolves around her unwavering support for Ethan. She is always by his side, cheering him on and offering her assistance. Sarah's loyalty and belief in Ethan's abilities never waver, even in the face of danger. While Sarah's personal growth may not be as pronounced as the other characters, her unwavering friendship and support are integral to Ethan's journey.
  • Mr. Johnson: Mr. Johnson's character arc is one of opposition and conflict. Throughout the story, he acts as the primary antagonist, continuously trying to undermine Ethan and his allies. Mr. Johnson's obsession with power and control drives his actions, leading to a climactic showdown with Ethan. His character arc serves as a counterpoint to Ethan's growth and showcases the lengths some individuals will go to maintain their dominance.


  • Ethan and Lena: Ethan and Lena share a deep connection from the moment they meet. Their relationship evolves from initial curiosity to a strong bond built on trust and mutual support. They rely on each other throughout their journey and become each other's pillars of strength.
  • Ethan and Dr. Anderson: Dr. Anderson serves as a mentor and father figure to Ethan. Their relationship is built on trust and respect. Dr. Anderson provides guidance and wisdom, helping Ethan understand and harness his powers. Their bond strengthens as Ethan grows and learns from Dr. Anderson's expertise.
  • Ethan and Sarah: Ethan and Sarah have a lifelong friendship that withstands the test of time. Sarah is always there for Ethan, offering her unwavering support and encouragement. Their relationship is based on trust, loyalty, and a shared desire to uncover the truth about the supernatural world.
  • Ethan and Mr. Johnson: Ethan and Mr. Johnson's relationship is one of opposition. Mr. Johnson sees Ethan as a threat to his power and tries to eliminate him at every turn. Their relationship is defined by conflict and serves as a driving force for the story's plot.

In conclusion, "Being Human" by Patricia Lynne features a diverse cast of characters with unique backgrounds, traits, and relationships. The character arcs highlight personal growth, self-discovery, and the power of friendship. Through their interactions, the characters navigate challenges and uncover the truth about themselves and the supernatural world they inhabit.