Black Box
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"Black Box" Summary

By Amos Oz

fiction | 259 pages | Published in NaN


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One Sentence Summary

A collection of eight stories exploring the complexities of human relationships and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Black Box FAQ

  1. What is the genre of 'Black Box' by Amos Oz?

    The genre of 'Black Box' is a novel.

  2. What is the book 'Black Box' by Amos Oz about?

    The book 'Black Box' is a story about the struggles and complexities of love and relationships, set against the backdrop of Israel's political and social climate.

  3. Who is the main character in 'Black Box'?

    The main character in 'Black Box' is a young woman named Ilana, who is the narrator of the story.

  4. Is 'Black Box' a part of a series?

    No, 'Black Box' is a standalone novel and is not part of a series.

  5. What is the writing style of Amos Oz in 'Black Box'?

    Amos Oz's writing style in 'Black Box' is known for its lyrical and introspective nature, delving deep into the emotional lives of the characters.