Black Swan
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4.07 / 5

"Black Swan" Summary

By Mark Heyman

media tie in | 135 pages | Published in 2010


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One Sentence Summary

A ballerina's pursuit of perfection takes a dark turn when she is consumed by the role of the Black Swan in Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake."

Table of Contents

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Black Swan FAQ

  1. What is the genre of 'Black Swan' by Mark Heyman?

    Black Swan is a psychological thriller novel.

  2. Who is the author of 'Black Swan'?

    The author of 'Black Swan' is Mark Heyman.

  3. What is the main plot of 'Black Swan'?

    The main plot of 'Black Swan' revolves around a ballet dancer who becomes increasingly unstable as she prepares for a major performance.

  4. Is 'Black Swan' based on a true story?

    No, 'Black Swan' is a work of fiction and is not based on a true story.

  5. What are some major themes in 'Black Swan'?

    Some major themes in 'Black Swan' include obsession, paranoia, and the pursuit of perfection in the competitive world of ballet.