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Table of Contents

  1. List of Characters

List of Characters

Character NameRole
Rose HathawayProtagonist
Dimitri BelikovAntagonist
Lissa DragomirSupporting Character
Adrian IvashkovSupporting Character
Christian OzeraSupporting Character
Sydney SageSupporting Character
Queen TatianaSupporting Character
Abe MazurSupporting Character

Role Identification

In "Blood Promise" by Richelle Mead, the main character Rose Hathaway takes on the role of the protagonist. She embarks on a dangerous journey to find and rescue her love interest, Dimitri Belikov, who has been turned into a Strigoi, a deadly vampire. The other characters, such as Lissa Dragomir, Adrian Ivashkov, Christian Ozera, Sydney Sage, Queen Tatiana, and Abe Mazur, play supporting roles that contribute to the development of the story and the protagonist's character.

Character Descriptions

  1. Rose Hathaway: Rose is a strong and determined young dhampir, half-human and half-vampire, with long dark hair and fierce green eyes. She is known for her exceptional combat skills and rebellious nature. Rose is fiercely loyal to her friends and will stop at nothing to protect them.
  2. Dimitri Belikov: Dimitri is a tall and handsome dhampir with a muscular build and brown hair. He is Rose's mentor and love interest. After being turned into a Strigoi, Dimitri becomes a formidable enemy, known for his strength and ruthlessness.
  3. Lissa Dragomir: Lissa is a Moroi vampire and Rose's best friend. She has long blonde hair and a delicate appearance. Lissa possesses rare spirit magic and becomes an influential figure in the Moroi community.
  4. Adrian Ivashkov: Adrian is a Moroi vampire with messy brown hair and a laid-back demeanor. He is initially attracted to Rose but later develops a deeper connection with her friend, Sydney Sage. Adrian is known for his party-boy reputation and his ability to use spirit magic for psychic abilities.
  5. Christian Ozera: Christian is a Moroi vampire with dark hair and brooding eyes. He comes from a troubled family and struggles with his dark side. Christian is Lissa's love interest and a skilled fire user.
  6. Sydney Sage: Sydney is an Alchemist, a human tasked with keeping the existence of vampires a secret from the world. She has blonde hair and a serious demeanor. Sydney initially clashes with Rose but later becomes an ally in her mission to save Dimitri.
  7. Queen Tatiana: Queen Tatiana is the ruler of the Moroi society. She is described as elegant and regal, with silver hair and piercing blue eyes. Queen Tatiana holds significant power and influence over the Moroi and plays a pivotal role in the political landscape of the story.
  8. Abe Mazur: Abe is Rose's father, a renowned and mysterious dhampir with a rugged appearance. He is a skilled fighter and often involved in dangerous missions. Abe's true motives and loyalties are questioned throughout the story.

Character Traits

  1. Rose Hathaway: Strong-willed, courageous, impulsive, fiercely loyal, skilled fighter.
  2. Dimitri Belikov: Disciplined, skilled warrior, conflicted, haunted, strategic.
  3. Lissa Dragomir: Compassionate, sensitive, naive, determined, powerful.
  4. Adrian Ivashkov: Charming, charismatic, troubled, artistic, intuitive.
  5. Christian Ozera: Brooding, protective, passionate, conflicted, fiery.
  6. Sydney Sage: Intelligent, logical, cautious, resourceful, loyal.
  7. Queen Tatiana: Authoritative, manipulative, ambitious, influential, secretive.
  8. Abe Mazur: Mysterious, cunning, experienced, unpredictable, protective.

Character Background

  1. Rose Hathaway: Rose grew up in a prominent dhampir family and attended St. Vladimir's Academy, where she trained to become a guardian for the Moroi. She is fiercely independent and has a troubled past with her mother. Rose's strong bond with Lissa is a significant aspect of her background.
  2. Dimitri Belikov: Dimitri also grew up in a dhampir family and excelled at St. Vladimir's Academy. He became Rose's mentor and the two developed a forbidden love. Dimitri's background is shrouded in mystery, and his transformation into a Strigoi adds complexity to his character.
  3. Lissa Dragomir: Lissa is a member of the royal Moroi family, and her background is marked by tragedy. She survived a car accident that killed her family, leaving her emotionally vulnerable. Lissa's unique spirit magic and her connection with Rose shape her character arc.
  4. Adrian Ivashkov: Adrian comes from a wealthy Moroi family but struggles with his responsibilities and his use of spirit magic. His background is scarred by his parents' rocky relationship and his mother's mental health issues.
  5. Christian Ozera: Christian comes from a once-prestigious Moroi family that fell into disgrace after his parents turned Strigoi. He carries the burden of his family's dark past and battles with his own inner demons.
  6. Sydney Sage: Sydney is an Alchemist who adheres to strict rules and beliefs. Her background is rooted in her family's commitment to the Alchemist cause. Sydney's evolving perspective on vampires and her growing connection with the supernatural world shape her character development.
  7. Queen Tatiana: Queen Tatiana's background is steeped in Moroi politics and power struggles. She is known for her manipulation and desire to maintain control over the Moroi society. Her actions and decisions have far-reaching consequences for the characters.
  8. Abe Mazur: Abe's background is shrouded in mystery, and his true motivations are often questioned. He has a reputation as a skilled and dangerous dhampir, and his involvement in various missions hints at a complex past.

Character Arcs

  1. Rose Hathaway: Throughout the book, Rose's character arc revolves around her journey to save Dimitri and reconcile her love for him with the danger he now poses. She grapples with her inner turmoil, haunted by the choices she must make along the way.
  2. Dimitri Belikov: Dimitri's character arc is centered on his transformation into a Strigoi and the moral struggle he faces as he battles against his own vampiric nature. His interactions with Rose and the choices he makes shape his path towards redemption or destruction.
  3. Lissa Dragomir: Lissa's character arc focuses on her growth as a leader within the Moroi community. She learns to harness her spirit magic and navigates the political landscape while dealing with personal loss and emotional challenges.
  4. Adrian Ivashkov: Adrian's character arc revolves around his personal growth and acceptance of his responsibilities as a Moroi vampire. He learns to channel his spirit magic and finds solace in his relationship with Sydney Sage.
  5. Christian Ozera: Christian's character arc explores his struggle with his dark past and his efforts to find redemption. He confronts his family history and learns to accept his own identity, finding strength in his love for Lissa.
  6. Sydney Sage: Sydney's character arc revolves around her changing perspective on vampires and her gradual acceptance of the supernatural world. She challenges her ingrained beliefs and forms genuine connections with the characters, evolving from a rigid Alchemist to a more open-minded individual.


  1. Rose and Dimitri: Rose and Dimitri's relationship is at the heart of the story. Their love is tested by Dimitri's transformation into a Strigoi, and Rose's determination to save him drives her actions. Their complex bond shapes their character arcs and influences the choices they make.
  2. Rose and Lissa: Rose and Lissa share a deep bond as best friends and "spirit sisters." Their connection is a driving force for both characters, and they rely on each other for support and guidance throughout their journeys.
  3. Lissa and Christian: Lissa and Christian's relationship is marked by their shared experiences of loss and their connection through spirit magic. They find solace and understanding in each other, forming a powerful romantic bond.
  4. Adrian and Sydney: Adrian's initial attraction to Rose evolves into a deeper connection with Sydney Sage. They bond over their shared struggles and their ability to use spirit magic. Adrian's love for Sydney influences his character development.
  5. Rose and Queen Tatiana: Rose's interactions with Queen Tatiana are fraught with tension and manipulation. The Queen's actions and influence impact Rose's journey and shape her character arc.
  6. Rose and Abe: Rose's relationship with her father, Abe, is complicated. Their interactions reveal hidden truths and impact Rose's understanding of her own background. Abe's motivations and loyalty are questioned throughout the story.

In conclusion, "Blood Promise" by Richelle Mead introduces a diverse cast of characters with complex backgrounds and relationships. The protagonist, Rose Hathaway, drives the narrative with her determined quest to save her love interest, Dimitri Belikov. Through their character arcs and relationships, the book explores themes of love, sacrifice, redemption, and personal growth in the face of adversity.