Blood Song
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3.75 / 5

"Blood Song" Characters Analysis

By Cat Adams

urban fantasy | 591 pages | Published in NaN


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List of Characters

Celia GravesProtagonist
Bruno DeLucaLove Interest
DawnaBest Friend

Role Identification

In "Blood Song" by Cat Adams, the protagonist, Celia Graves, is a bodyguard and private investigator with a unique ability. She is tasked with protecting clients from supernatural threats while navigating her own complicated personal life. Other important characters include Bruno DeLuca, Celia's love interest; Misha, her mentor; Dawna, her best friend; and Maricruz, the main antagonist.

Character Descriptions

  • Celia Graves: Celia is a strong and independent woman who is dedicated to her job as a bodyguard. She has a slender build, short brown hair, and piercing green eyes. Celia is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and has a sharp intellect. She often wears practical clothing and carries a variety of protective weapons.
  • Bruno DeLuca: Bruno is a charming and mysterious vampire who becomes romantically involved with Celia. He is tall with dark hair and captivating blue eyes. Bruno has an air of danger about him but also shows deep affection and loyalty towards Celia.
  • Misha: Misha is an experienced vampire hunter who becomes Celia's mentor. He is tall and muscular with silver hair and intense silver eyes. Misha has a stoic demeanor and is highly skilled in combat. He serves as a source of guidance and wisdom for Celia.
  • Dawna: Dawna is Celia's best friend and a fellow bodyguard. She has a curvy figure, long red hair, and a mischievous smile. Dawna is fiercely loyal and has a sharp sense of humor. She provides emotional support for Celia and often brings levity to tense situations.
  • Maricruz: Maricruz is the main antagonist of the story. She is a powerful sorceress with a slender frame, long black hair, and piercing violet eyes. Maricruz is manipulative and ambitious, using her dark magic to control and harm others. She poses a significant threat to Celia and her loved ones.

Character Traits

  • Celia Graves: Determined, resourceful, compassionate, intelligent, courageous.
  • Bruno DeLuca: Charming, mysterious, protective, loyal, conflicted.
  • Misha: Stoic, wise, skilled, disciplined, mentor.
  • Dawna: Loyal, humorous, supportive, adventurous, resilient.
  • Maricruz: Manipulative, ambitious, powerful, ruthless, cunning.

Character Background

  • Celia Graves: Celia comes from a family of bodyguards and has trained in martial arts and self-defense from a young age. She discovered her unique ability to see auras and read emotions after surviving a vampire attack. Celia's father was also a bodyguard, and she followed in his footsteps to protect others.
  • Bruno DeLuca: Bruno is a centuries-old vampire who has lived through various historical periods. He was turned into a vampire against his will and has struggled with his darker nature ever since. Bruno has a complicated past and has encountered many challenges as a vampire.
  • Misha: Misha comes from a long line of vampire hunters and has dedicated his life to protecting humanity from supernatural threats. He lost his family to vampires at a young age and has since dedicated himself to his mission. Misha is highly skilled in combat and has extensive knowledge of the supernatural world.
  • Dawna: Dawna grew up in a rough neighborhood and has had to fight to survive. She joined the bodyguard profession to escape her troubled past and make a better life for herself. Dawna is fiercely loyal to her friends and values their friendship above all else.
  • Maricruz: Maricruz comes from a family of powerful sorcerers and has always been hungry for more power. She has delved into dark magic and made numerous sacrifices to gain more control and influence. Maricruz harbors a deep resentment towards Celia and seeks to take everything away from her.

Character Arcs

  • Celia Graves: Throughout the story, Celia's character arc involves discovering the full extent of her powers and learning to trust herself and her instincts. She faces numerous challenges and confronts her fears head-on, growing stronger and more confident along the way. Celia also navigates her complicated romantic relationship with Bruno and learns to balance her personal and professional life.
  • Bruno DeLuca: Bruno's character arc revolves around reconciling his vampire nature with his love for Celia. He struggles with his desire for blood and the potential harm it can cause to those around him. Bruno must confront his past and make choices that will ultimately determine his future.
  • Misha: Misha's character arc centers around mentoring Celia and guiding her on her journey. He initially maintains a stoic and distant demeanor but gradually opens up to Celia, forming a deep bond with her. Misha also confronts his own past traumas and learns to trust others.
  • Dawna: Dawna's character arc involves embracing her own strength and resilience. She confronts her past demons and learns to let go of the pain that has held her back. Dawna becomes an even more valuable ally to Celia and faces her fears with courage and determination.
  • Maricruz: Maricruz's character arc focuses on her descent into darkness and obsession with power. She becomes increasingly ruthless and dangerous as she seeks to destroy Celia and gain ultimate control. Maricruz's actions have far-reaching consequences and ultimately lead to a climactic confrontation with Celia.


  • Celia and Bruno: Celia and Bruno's relationship is complicated by their differing natures and the dangers they face. They share a deep love for each other but also must navigate the challenges that come with being a vampire and a human. Their bond is tested repeatedly throughout the story, but they ultimately find strength in each other.
  • Celia and Misha: Celia and Misha develop a mentor-student relationship that evolves into a deep friendship. Misha serves as a guide and confidant for Celia, offering support and advice. Their relationship is built on trust and mutual respect, and they rely on each other during their most perilous moments.
  • Celia and Dawna: Celia and Dawna have a strong bond forged through shared experiences and a deep understanding of each other's pasts. They provide emotional support and comic relief for one another, offering a sense of normalcy in their often tumultuous lives. Dawna's loyalty is unwavering, and she is always there for Celia when she needs her.
  • Celia and Maricruz: Celia and Maricruz share a complex and adversarial relationship. Maricruz harbors deep resentment towards Celia and seeks to destroy her. Celia, in turn, is determined to stop Maricruz and protect those she cares about. Their relationship is characterized by intense conflict and a battle of wills.

In conclusion, "Blood Song" by Cat Adams features a diverse cast of characters with distinct roles, traits, and relationships. Celia Graves, the protagonist, undergoes significant character development as she navigates her supernatural world and confronts powerful enemies. The relationships she forms with Bruno, Misha, Dawna, and Maricruz add depth and complexity to the story, shaping her journey and the overall narrative.