Blue Jasmine
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"Blue Jasmine" Characters Analysis

By Kashmira Sheth

young adult | 192 pages | Published in NaN

When twelve-year-old Seema Trivedi learns that she and her family must move from their small Indian town to Iowa City, she realizes she'll have to say good-bye to the purple-jeweled mango trees and sweet-smelling jasmine, to the monsoon rains and the bustling market. More important, she must leave behind her best friend and cousin, Raju. Everything is different in Iowa City, where Seema feels like an outsider to the language and traditions. As she begins to plant roots in the foreign soil, however, her confidence starts to bloom, and she learns she can build a bridge between two homes. With lyrical language and poignant scenes, Kashmira Sheth unearths the meaning of "home" and "family" in this tender debut novel. Kashmira Sheth's own experiences as a teenager who moved by herself from India to America inspired her to write this novel. She is a microbiologist and lives with her family in Madison, Wisconsin.


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List of Characters

Character NameRole
PrakashJasmine's husband
RinaJasmine's daughter
AnjuJasmine's daughter-in-law
AmitJasmine's son
MeeraJasmine's sister
DevJasmine's brother
BhanuJasmine's brother-in-law
JayaJasmine's friend
Mrs. PatelNeighbor

Role Identification

Jasmine is the protagonist and central character of the book "Blue Jasmine" by Kashmira Sheth. The story revolves around her life and the challenges she faces as an immigrant in the United States.

Character Descriptions


Jasmine is a middle-aged Indian woman who immigrated to the United States with her husband, Prakash. She is described as a resilient and determined individual who is constantly adapting to her new surroundings. Jasmine is portrayed as someone who prioritizes her family and their well-being above all else.


Prakash is Jasmine's husband. He is depicted as a hardworking and ambitious man who is dedicated to providing for his family. Prakash struggles with the cultural differences between India and the United States, but he remains supportive of Jasmine throughout their journey.


Rina is Jasmine and Prakash's daughter. She is portrayed as a smart and independent young woman who excels academically. Rina often serves as a source of inspiration for Jasmine and encourages her to pursue her own dreams.


Anju is Jasmine's daughter-in-law and Amit's wife. She is depicted as a caring and supportive individual who helps Jasmine navigate the challenges of living in a new country. Anju and Jasmine develop a close bond over time.


Amit is Jasmine and Prakash's son. He is described as a compassionate and responsible young man who values his family's traditions. Amit's relationship with Jasmine is complicated, as he struggles to balance his Indian heritage with his desire to assimilate into American culture.


Meera is Jasmine's sister. She is portrayed as a wise and nurturing figure who provides guidance and support to Jasmine. Meera often acts as a mediator between Jasmine and the other family members, helping to maintain harmony within the family.


Dev is Jasmine's brother. He is depicted as a jovial and light-hearted character who brings a sense of humor to the story. Dev serves as a source of comic relief and provides emotional support to Jasmine during difficult times.


Bhanu is Meera's husband and Jasmine's brother-in-law. He is described as a traditional and conservative individual who has a strained relationship with Jasmine. Bhanu often challenges Jasmine's decisions and beliefs, causing tension within the family.


Jaya is Jasmine's close friend. She is portrayed as a confident and independent woman who encourages Jasmine to pursue her dreams. Jaya serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for Jasmine throughout the story.

Mrs. Patel

Mrs. Patel is Jasmine's neighbor. She is depicted as a kind and friendly individual who offers support and guidance to Jasmine. Mrs. Patel serves as a motherly figure for Jasmine, providing comfort and a sense of belonging.

Character Traits

Jasmine is resilient, determined, and adaptable. Prakash is hardworking and ambitious. Rina is smart and independent. Anju is caring and supportive. Amit is compassionate and responsible. Meera is wise and nurturing. Dev is jovial and light-hearted. Bhanu is traditional and conservative. Jaya is confident and independent. Mrs. Patel is kind and friendly.

Character Background

Jasmine and her family immigrated to the United States from India in search of better opportunities. They face numerous challenges, including cultural differences, language barriers, and the pressure to assimilate into American society. Jasmine, in particular, struggles with adjusting to her new life while also preserving her Indian identity. She longs for a sense of belonging and must navigate the complexities of being an immigrant in a foreign land.

Character Arcs

Jasmine undergoes a significant character arc throughout the book. Initially, she is overwhelmed by her new surroundings and feels disconnected from her Indian roots. However, as the story progresses, Jasmine learns to embrace her cultural heritage while also adapting to her new environment. She discovers her passion for cooking and starts a successful catering business, which not only provides financial stability but also helps her reconnect with her Indian identity. Jasmine's character arc is one of self-discovery and empowerment.


Jasmine shares a loving and supportive relationship with her husband, Prakash. They rely on each other for emotional support and work together to overcome the challenges they face as immigrants. Jasmine's relationship with her daughter, Rina, is one of mutual admiration and inspiration. Rina serves as a source of motivation for Jasmine to pursue her dreams. Similarly, Jasmine develops a close bond with her daughter-in-law, Anju, as they navigate the complexities of living in a new country together.

Jasmine's relationship with her son, Amit, is more complex. While they share a deep love for each other, Amit's desire to assimilate into American culture often puts a strain on their relationship. However, as the story progresses, they learn to understand and appreciate each other's perspectives.

Jasmine's sister, Meera, and her friend, Jaya, provide unwavering support and guidance throughout the book. They serve as pillars of strength for Jasmine and help her navigate the challenges of her new life. Additionally, Jasmine finds solace and a sense of community in her neighbor, Mrs. Patel, who becomes a motherly figure for her.

Overall, the relationships in "Blue Jasmine" highlight the importance of love, support, and friendship in overcoming adversity and finding one's place in a new world.