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"Bob" Summary

By Wendy Mass

fantasy | 201 pages | Published in 2018

A classic middle-grade tale of magic and friendship, about a girl who helps an old friend find home, by two New York Times–bestselling authors Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead.It’s been five years since Livy and her family have visited Livy’s grandmother in Australia. Now that she’s back, Livy has the feeling she’s forgotten something really, really important about Gran’s house.It turns out she’s right.Bob, a short, greenish creature dressed in a chicken suit, didn’t forget Livy, or her promise. He’s been waiting five years for her to come back, hiding in a closet like she told him to. He can’t remember who—or what—he is, where he came from, or if he even has a family. But five years ago Livy promised she would help him find his way back home. Now it’s time to keep that promise.Clue by clue, Livy and Bob will unravel the mystery of where Bob comes from, and discover the kind of magic that lasts forever. Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead, two masterminds of classic, middle-grade fiction come together to craft this magical story about the enduring power of friendship.


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One Sentence Summary

Livy rediscovers her childhood friend, Bob, who hasn't aged a day, and together they embark on a magical adventure.


"Wendy Mass" is a heartwarming and delightful novel that follows the story of a young girl named Livy who rediscovers her imaginary friend, Bob, during a visit to her grandmother's house. The book takes readers on a journey through friendship, self-discovery, and the magic of childhood imagination.

Brief Synopsis

Plot Overview

The story begins with Livy's return to her grandmother's house in Australia after five years. Livy finds a red book in her room, and as she flips through its pages, she stumbles upon a list of rules written by her younger self. These rules are meant for her imaginary friend, Bob, whom she had completely forgotten about. Livy's memories of Bob slowly start to resurface, and she is determined to find him.

Livy soon discovers Bob, a small green creature dressed in a chicken suit, hiding in the closet. With no recollection of the past five years, Bob is confused and eager to reconnect with Livy. As the two friends spend time together, Livy learns about Bob's purpose and the reason he had been waiting for her return.


The story primarily takes place in Livy's grandmother's house in Australia. The quaint and charming setting adds to the nostalgic and whimsical atmosphere of the novel. The house itself holds many secrets and memories, becoming a central part of the story.

Main Characters

The main characters in "Bob" include:

LivyA young girl who rediscovers her imaginary friend, Bob, during a visit to her grandmother's house.
BobLivy's imaginary friend, a small green creature dressed in a chicken suit, who has been waiting for her return.

Summary of Different Story Points Over Chapters

Chapter 1-5

Livy returns to her grandmother's house in Australia after five years and rediscovers her forgotten imaginary friend, Bob, in her room. She finds a list of rules she had written for Bob and is determined to find him.

Chapter 6-10

Livy reunites with Bob, who has been waiting for her return. As they spend time together, Livy slowly starts to remember the adventures they had shared and the reasons for Bob's existence.

Chapter 11-15

Livy learns about the significance of Bob's purpose and the role he played in her life. Together, they embark on new adventures and confront challenges that strengthen their bond.

Chapter 16-20

As Livy's visit comes to an end, she and Bob face the bittersweet reality of parting ways. Livy helps Bob fulfill his purpose, and they both come to terms with the changes that lie ahead.

Main Events

  • Livy rediscovers the red book and her forgotten imaginary friend, Bob.
  • Livy reunites with Bob, who has been waiting for her return.
  • Livy and Bob embark on new adventures and confront challenges together.
  • Livy helps Bob fulfill his purpose before her visit comes to an end.

Themes and Insights

Friendship and Imagination

The novel explores the enduring power of friendship and the boundless nature of childhood imagination. Through Livy's reconnection with Bob, readers are reminded of the magic and innocence of childhood friendships.


Livy's journey to rediscover her imaginary friend leads to a deeper understanding of herself and the impact of her childhood experiences. The novel emphasizes the importance of self-discovery and reflection.

Reader's Takeaway

Readers of "Bob" will be captivated by the heartwarming narrative that celebrates the enduring bond of friendship and the enchanting world of childhood imagination. The novel serves as a gentle reminder of the value of cherishing memories and the joy of reconnecting with one's inner child.


"Wendy Mass" delivers a touching and poignant story that resonates with readers of all ages. Through the rediscovery of an imaginary friend, the novel beautifully captures the essence of friendship, self-discovery, and the enduring magic of childhood. With its nostalgic charm and heartfelt moments, "Bob" is a delightful read that leaves a lasting impression on its audience.


  1. What is the genre of 'Bob'?

    Bob is a children's science fiction novel.

  2. Who is the author of 'Bob'?

    Wendy Mass is the author of 'Bob'.

  3. What is the main theme of 'Bob'?

    The main theme of 'Bob' revolves around friendship, identity, and the power of imagination.

  4. What age group is 'Bob' suitable for?

    'Bob' is recommended for readers aged 8-12, but can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

  5. Is 'Bob' part of a series?

    'Bob' is a standalone novel and is not part of a series.