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"Bolt" Characters Analysis

By Dick Francis

mystery | 288 pages | Published in NaN

ISBN_13: 9780425202883

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Table of Contents

  1. List of Characters

In Dick Francis's thrilling novel, "Bolt," a cast of compelling characters drives the narrative forward. Each character plays a unique role in the story, with their own distinct traits, backgrounds, and relationships. This character analysis delves into the key players of "Bolt" and explores their significance in the overall plot.

List of Characters

Character NameRole
Kit FieldingProtagonist
Henry ForbesAntagonist
Laura FieldingSupporting Character
Oliver RathboneSupporting Character
James NaylorSupporting Character
Sir Richard StewartSupporting Character

Role Identification

  1. Kit Fielding: As the protagonist, Kit Fielding is the driving force behind the story. He is a talented jockey who becomes embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy when he tries to help a fellow jockey and uncovers a dark secret.
  2. Henry Forbes: Acting as the primary antagonist, Henry Forbes is a wealthy and influential businessman. He is known for his ruthless nature and is determined to maintain control over his illicit activities at any cost.
  3. Laura Fielding: Laura Fielding is Kit's sister and a supportive character throughout the novel. She provides emotional support and acts as a sounding board for Kit, offering guidance and encouragement.
  4. Oliver Rathbone: Oliver Rathbone is a friend of Kit's and a former jockey. He provides valuable assistance to Kit during his investigation, using his connections and knowledge of the racing world to aid in their pursuit of the truth.
  5. James Naylor: James Naylor is a skilled trainer and a trusted ally of Kit's. He helps Kit in his quest for justice and plays a crucial role in uncovering key information about the conspiracy.
  6. Sir Richard Stewart: Sir Richard Stewart is a respected figure in the horse racing world and provides valuable insights and guidance to Kit. His extensive knowledge and experience make him an important supporting character.

Character Descriptions

  1. Kit Fielding: Kit Fielding is a brave and determined protagonist. He is a talented jockey, known for his exceptional riding skills and deep understanding of horses. Kit is described as having a strong physique, with a rugged charm that captivates those around him.
  2. Henry Forbes: Henry Forbes is portrayed as a powerful and intimidating figure. He exudes an aura of authority and control, with a cold and calculating demeanor. Forbes is described as having a commanding presence, with sharp features and a piercing gaze.
  3. Laura Fielding: Laura Fielding is depicted as a caring and supportive sister. She is described as having a nurturing nature, with a warm smile and a gentle disposition. Laura's appearance is characterized by her kind eyes and auburn hair.
  4. Oliver Rathbone: Oliver Rathbone is described as a loyal and resourceful friend. He is portrayed as a seasoned jockey, with a wiry frame and a shrewd expression. Rathbone's appearance is marked by his weathered features and a perpetual twinkle in his eye.
  5. James Naylor: James Naylor is depicted as a knowledgeable and trustworthy trainer. He is described as having a calm and patient demeanor, with a tall and lean physique. Naylor's appearance is characterized by his salt-and-pepper hair and a perpetually focused expression.
  6. Sir Richard Stewart: Sir Richard Stewart is portrayed as a wise and experienced figure. He is described as having a dignified presence, with silver hair and a distinguished air. Stewart's appearance is marked by his impeccable grooming and a keen intellect reflected in his eyes.

Character Traits

  1. Kit Fielding: Determined, courageous, skilled, intuitive, resilient.
  2. Henry Forbes: Ruthless, manipulative, influential, cunning, powerful.
  3. Laura Fielding: Supportive, caring, empathetic, wise, resilient.
  4. Oliver Rathbone: Loyal, resourceful, knowledgeable, witty, street-smart.
  5. James Naylor: Patient, observant, dedicated, reliable, experienced.
  6. Sir Richard Stewart: Wise, respected, knowledgeable, discerning, influential.

Character Background

  1. Kit Fielding: Kit grew up in a racing family, following in his father's footsteps as a jockey. He has a deep love for horses and a natural affinity for riding. Kit's passion for justice and his determination to protect his fellow jockeys drive him to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy.
  2. Henry Forbes: Henry Forbes is a self-made millionaire who made his fortune through questionable means. He maintains control over the racing world through his wealth and connections. Forbes's background is shrouded in mystery, and his rise to power is marked by a trail of deceit and corruption.
  3. Laura Fielding: Laura Fielding grew up alongside Kit and shares his love for horses. She has always been a source of support for her brother and acts as his confidante throughout the story. Laura's background is intertwined with Kit's, and her role is primarily defined by her relationship with him.
  4. Oliver Rathbone: Oliver Rathbone was once a successful jockey but retired after a career-ending injury. He remains deeply connected to the racing world and uses his knowledge and contacts to assist Kit in his investigation. Rathbone's background is marked by his years of experience in the racing industry.
  5. James Naylor: James Naylor is a respected trainer with a deep understanding of horses and racing. He is well-versed in the inner workings of the industry and provides valuable insights to Kit. Naylor's background is rooted in his years of training and working with horses.
  6. Sir Richard Stewart: Sir Richard Stewart is a prominent figure in the racing world, known for his expertise and influence. He has a long history with the sport and offers guidance and support to Kit based on his wealth of experience. Stewart's background is marked by his extensive involvement in horse racing.

Character Arcs

  1. Kit Fielding: Kit's character arc revolves around his transformation from a talented jockey to a relentless seeker of truth. As he unravels the conspiracy, Kit becomes more determined and resolute, facing numerous challenges and dangers along the way. His arc culminates in his confrontation with Henry Forbes, where he proves his resilience and commitment to justice.
  2. Henry Forbes: Although not the central focus of the story, Forbes experiences a gradual deterioration of his control and power. As Kit's investigation unfolds, Forbes's carefully constructed empire begins to crumble, leading to his eventual downfall.


  1. Kit and Laura Fielding: Kit and Laura share a deep bond as siblings. They support and rely on each other throughout the novel, with Laura providing emotional support and acting as Kit's sounding board.
  2. Kit and Oliver Rathbone: Kit and Oliver have a strong friendship built on trust and shared experiences in the racing world. Oliver's assistance and guidance are invaluable to Kit's investigation, and their camaraderie adds depth to the story.
  3. Kit and James Naylor: Kit's relationship with James Naylor is marked by their mutual respect and shared love for horses. Naylor's expertise and assistance play a crucial role in Kit's pursuit of justice.
  4. Kit and Sir Richard Stewart: Sir Richard Stewart acts as a mentor to Kit, providing guidance and wisdom based on his extensive experience in the racing world. Their relationship adds depth and insight to Kit's journey.

In "Bolt" by Dick Francis, the characters are intricately woven into the fabric of the story, driving the plot forward and adding depth to the narrative. Each character plays a significant role, with their own unique traits, backgrounds, and relationships, ultimately contributing to the novel's thrilling and suspenseful atmosphere.