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One Sentence Summary

A young boy and his dog must brave the dangers of World War II as they search for a place to call home.

Table of Contents

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Born to Run FAQ

  1. What is 'Born to Run' about?

    Born to Run is a novel by Michael Morpurgo that tells the story of a boy named Patrick and his special connection with a young wild horse named Joey. Set during World War I, the book explores themes of friendship, bravery, and the bond between humans and animals.

  2. Is 'Born to Run' based on a true story?

    While 'Born to Run' is a work of fiction, it is inspired by real events and experiences. The author, Michael Morpurgo, often draws from historical events and personal encounters to create compelling narratives.

  3. What age group is 'Born to Run' suitable for?

    The book 'Born to Run' is suitable for readers in the middle grade and young adult age groups, typically ranging from 8 to 14 years old. However, its engaging story and themes make it a compelling read for older audiences as well.

  4. Is 'Born to Run' a good book for animal lovers?

    Yes, 'Born to Run' is a wonderful choice for animal lovers, as it beautifully portrays the bond between humans and animals, particularly the special connection between Patrick and the wild horse, Joey. The book captures the essence of understanding and respecting animals.

  5. Are there any film adaptations of 'Born to Run'?

    Yes, 'Born to Run' was adapted into a stage play and a feature film titled 'War Horse,' directed by Steven Spielberg. The story's adaptation has reached a wide audience on both stage and screen.