Bound by Honor
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"Bound by Honor" Characters Analysis

By Cora Reilly

romance | 273 pages | Published in NaN

A modern mafia fairytale.Born into one of the leading mob families in Chicago, Aria Scuderi is a mafia princess known for her beauty. What many consider a gift means her doom when she’s forced to marry Luca Vitiello to bring peace between two mafia dynasties. Luca is the future Capo of the New York Famiglia, a man known for his brutality—and for crushing his cousin’s throat with his bare hands.Aria is terrified of marrying a monster like him. He may be one of the most sought-after bachelors in New York, thanks to his good looks, wealth and predator-like charisma. But Aria knows the bad boy aura isn’t just a game; blood and death lurk beneath Luca’s striking gray eyes and arrogant smile.In her world a handsome exterior often hides the monster within; a monster who can just as easily kill as kiss you.Yet, there’s no escaping the arranged bond, much less a man like Luca. He’d follow her to the end of the world.Her only chance to survive in a marriage with Luca is to gain his affection and work her way into his heart—even when rumor has it that Luca doesn’t have a heart to begin with.A mafia princess known for her beauty given to a monstrous man. Even monsters have a heart.She has every intention of working her way into his.


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List of Characters

Character NameRole
Aria ScuderiProtagonist
Luca VitielloProtagonist
Dante CavallaroAntagonist
Adriano MorettiSupporting Character
Valentina MarianiSupporting Character
Matteo RossiSupporting Character

Role Identification

In the book "Bound by Honor" by Cora Reilly, the story revolves around two main characters, Aria Scuderi and Luca Vitiello. Aria is the daughter of a mafia boss, while Luca is the heir to the Vitiello family, a powerful and ruthless mafia clan. The book primarily focuses on their relationship and the challenges they face as they navigate the dangerous world of organized crime.

Character Descriptions

  1. Aria Scuderi: Aria is a strong-willed and independent woman who finds herself caught up in the violent world of the mafia due to her family's connections. She is described as beautiful with long dark hair and captivating green eyes. Aria is known for her courage and determination to protect her loved ones.
  2. Luca Vitiello: Luca is a powerful and dominant mafia boss who is feared and respected by many. He is tall with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. Luca is portrayed as cold and emotionless, but deep down, he has a strong sense of loyalty and a protective nature.
  3. Dante Cavallaro: Dante is an antagonist in the story, a rival mafia boss who constantly clashes with Luca. He is described as cunning and ruthless, always looking for opportunities to undermine Luca's power. Dante is a dangerous adversary who is willing to go to great lengths to eliminate his enemies.
  4. Adriano Moretti: Adriano is a supporting character in the book, a loyal friend and right-hand man to Luca. He is known for his intelligence and strategic thinking. Adriano provides guidance and support to Luca throughout the story, acting as a trusted advisor.
  5. Valentina Mariani: Valentina is another supporting character, Aria's best friend, and the daughter of a rival mafia family. She is a strong and resilient woman who stands by Aria's side and supports her in the difficult situations they both face. Valentina is often the voice of reason and provides a different perspective to Aria's decisions.
  6. Matteo Rossi: Matteo is a trusted member of Luca's inner circle and a close friend. He is described as charming and charismatic, often lightening the tense atmosphere with his wit and humor. Matteo is fiercely loyal to Luca and is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Character Traits

  1. Aria Scuderi: Determined, courageous, independent, loyal, protective.
  2. Luca Vitiello: Powerful, dominant, cold, loyal, protective.
  3. Dante Cavallaro: Cunning, ruthless, ambitious, vengeful.
  4. Adriano Moretti: Intelligent, strategic, loyal, trustworthy.
  5. Valentina Mariani: Strong, resilient, supportive, wise.
  6. Matteo Rossi: Charming, charismatic, loyal, humorous.

Character Background

Aria Scuderi grew up in a mafia family, surrounded by violence and crime. Despite her upbringing, she maintains a strong moral compass and desires a life outside the mafia's reach. Luca Vitiello, on the other hand, was born into the world of organized crime and has been groomed to become the next leader of the Vitiello family. Both characters have experienced loss and tragedy, shaping their perspectives on life and their roles within the mafia.

Dante Cavallaro comes from a rival mafia family with a long-standing feud against Luca's clan. His desire for power and control drives him to constantly undermine Luca and seek revenge. Adriano Moretti has been by Luca's side for years, supporting him in all his decisions and acting as a trusted advisor. Valentina Mariani, being Aria's best friend, has her own struggles within her family's mafia history, but she remains a loyal and unwavering friend to Aria. Matteo Rossi is a trusted member of Luca's inner circle, bringing a lighter and more humorous side to the otherwise tense mafia environment.

Character Arcs

Throughout the book, Aria's character arc revolves around her journey of self-discovery and finding her own identity outside the confines of her mafia family. She goes from being sheltered and protected to becoming a strong and independent woman, willing to fight for what she believes in. Luca's arc focuses on his transformation from a cold and emotionless leader to a more compassionate and vulnerable person, as his love for Aria breaks down his barriers.

Dante's character arc centers around his pursuit of power and revenge, leading him down a dark path where he becomes more ruthless and dangerous. Adriano's arc showcases his unwavering loyalty to Luca, as he supports him through various challenges and difficult decisions. Valentina's arc highlights her growth as she navigates the complexities of the mafia world while remaining true to her friendship with Aria. Matteo's arc is more subtle, but it emphasizes his unwavering loyalty to Luca and his ability to bring a sense of humor and lightness to difficult situations.


The relationship between Aria and Luca is central to the story. Their initial interactions are filled with tension and mistrust, but as they spend more time together, their connection deepens. Their love is tested by the dangers and secrets of the mafia world, but they remain devoted to each other.

Dante's relationship with Luca is one of rivalry and animosity. Their constant clashes create a tense atmosphere between the two characters, as they both strive for power and control over the mafia world. Adriano's relationship with Luca is one of unwavering loyalty and trust. He serves as Luca's confidant and advisor, always ready to support him.

Valentina's relationship with Aria is one of friendship and support. They rely on each other in difficult times and provide emotional strength. Matteo's relationship with Luca is one of friendship and humor. He brings a lighter side to the often serious and dangerous world they inhabit.

In conclusion, "Bound by Honor" by Cora Reilly presents a compelling array of characters in the brutal and captivating world of organized crime. Aria, Luca, Dante, Adriano, Valentina, and Matteo each contribute to the complex web of relationships and character arcs, drawing readers into their struggles, sacrifices, and growth.