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"Boundless" Characters Analysis

By Cynthia Hand

young adult | 448 pages | Published in 2013

The past few years have held more surprises than part-angel Clara Gardner could ever have anticipated. Yet from the dizzying highs of first love, to the agonizing low of losing someone close to her, the one thing she can no longer deny is that she was never meant to live a normal life. Since discovering the special role she plays among the other angel-bloods, Clara has been determined to protect Tucker Avery from the evil that follows her . . . even if it means breaking both their hearts. Leaving town seems like the best option, so she’s headed back to California - and so is Christian Prescott, the irresistible boy from the vision that started her on this journey in the first place. As Clara makes her way in a world that is frighteningly new, she discovers that the fallen angel who attacked her is watching her every move. And he’s not the only one. . . . With the battle against the Black Wings looming, Clara knows she must finally fulfill her destiny. But it won’t come without sacrifices and betrayal. In the riveting finale of the Unearthly series, Clara must decide her fate once and for all.


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List of Characters

Clara GardnerProtagonist
Tucker AveryLove Interest
Christian PrescottLove Interest
AngelaBest Friend
Clara's BrothersSupporting Characters

Role Identification

In the book "Boundless" by Cynthia Hand, the main character, Clara Gardner, takes on the role of the protagonist. Alongside her, there are several other characters who play significant roles in the story, including love interests, friends, and family members.

Character Descriptions

Clara Gardner

Clara Gardner is a strong-willed and determined young woman who discovers she is part angel. She has fair skin, light brown hair, and striking blue eyes. Clara is described as being athletic and graceful, with a natural beauty that captures the attention of those around her.

Tucker Avery

Tucker Avery is Clara's love interest and childhood friend. He has a rugged and charming appearance, with sun-kissed skin, messy brown hair, and a mischievous smile. Tucker is known for his kind heart, sense of humor, and his love for the outdoors.

Christian Prescott

Christian Prescott is another love interest of Clara's. He is described as having a tall and lean figure, with dark hair and intense green eyes. Christian is intelligent, confident, and mysterious, which adds an air of intrigue to his character.


Angela is Clara's best friend, and they have a deep bond. She has a petite frame, curly blonde hair, and a warm smile. Angela is known for her loyalty, compassion, and supportive nature.


Jeffrey is one of Clara's close friends. He is tall with dark hair and has a calm and collected demeanor. Jeffrey is intelligent, logical, and often provides a rational perspective on situations.


Wendy is another friend of Clara's. She has a bubbly and outgoing personality, with long red hair and freckles. Wendy is known for her energy, enthusiasm, and ability to lighten the mood.


Bill is Clara's father. He is described as being tall and strong, with a protective nature. Bill is a loving and supportive father who cares deeply for Clara and her brothers.


Maggie is Clara's mother. She has a gentle and nurturing presence, with a warm smile and comforting voice. Maggie is a source of wisdom and guidance for Clara, always offering her support and understanding.

Clara's Brothers

Clara has two younger brothers, whose names are not mentioned in the book. They are described as being playful and mischievous, bringing joy and laughter to Clara's life.

Character Traits

Clara Gardner

  • Determined: Clara shows a strong sense of determination throughout the story, as she navigates her newfound angelic abilities and faces various challenges.
  • Brave: Clara displays bravery as she confronts dangerous situations and makes difficult decisions to protect her loved ones and fulfill her destiny.
  • Compassionate: Clara deeply cares for the well-being of others and often puts their needs before her own. She shows compassion towards both humans and angels.

Tucker Avery

  • Loyal: Tucker is fiercely loyal to Clara, always supporting and standing by her side. He is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for her well-being.
  • Adventurous: Tucker's love for the outdoors and his sense of adventure make him a fun and exciting companion for Clara. He brings a sense of spontaneity to her life.
  • Genuine: Tucker is known for his authenticity and genuineness. He is honest, straightforward, and true to himself.

Christian Prescott

  • Mysterious: Christian possesses an air of mystery that intrigues Clara and keeps the readers guessing about his true nature and intentions.
  • Enigmatic: Christian's enigmatic personality adds layers of complexity to his character. He often keeps his thoughts and feelings hidden, leaving others to wonder about his true motives.
  • Intense: Christian's intense green eyes and his strong presence make him an intriguing and captivating character. He exudes an aura of intensity that draws Clara towards him.


  • Supportive: Angela is Clara's pillar of support, always there to listen, offer advice, and provide encouragement. She is a true friend who stands by Clara through thick and thin.
  • Empathetic: Angela has a deep sense of empathy towards others, understanding their emotions and offering comfort when needed. She is sensitive to Clara's struggles and offers a shoulder to lean on.
  • Reliable: Angela is a reliable and trustworthy friend, someone Clara can always count on. She is dependable and loyal, making her an essential part of Clara's support system.


  • Rational: Jeffrey brings a logical and rational perspective to Clara's world. He provides clarity and objective analysis of situations, helping Clara make informed decisions.
  • Calm: Jeffrey's calm and composed demeanor make him a calming presence in Clara's life. He is level-headed and helps Clara stay grounded during challenging times.
  • Intelligent: Jeffrey's intelligence shines through his insightful observations and analytical thinking. He offers intellectual depth to the group dynamic.


  • Energetic: Wendy's vibrant energy and enthusiasm bring a sense of liveliness to Clara's life. She injects positivity and joy into their shared experiences.
  • Optimistic: Wendy has an optimistic outlook on life, always looking for the silver lining in any situation. Her positivity is contagious, inspiring Clara to see the bright side of things.
  • Fun-loving: Wendy's fun-loving nature makes her the life of the party. She brings a sense of adventure and spontaneity to Clara's journey.

Character Background

Clara Gardner

Clara Gardner is a teenager who discovers that she is part angel. She has a unique purpose in life, as she is tasked with fulfilling her angelic destiny and protecting the world from evil forces. Clara's background is that of an ordinary girl, growing up in a loving and supportive family. Her discovery of her angelic heritage sets her on a path of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Tucker Avery

Tucker Avery is Clara's childhood friend and neighbor. He grew up in a small town, surrounded by nature and a close-knit community. Tucker's background is rooted in simplicity and the love for the outdoors. He has a deep connection with Clara, as they have known each other for most of their lives.

Christian Prescott

Christian Prescott comes from a wealthy and influential family. He attends the same school as Clara and is known for his aloof nature and mysterious background. Christian's family history and his own secretive nature add an air of intrigue to his character.


Angela is Clara's best friend, and their friendship has been strong since their early school years. Angela comes from a supportive and loving family, and her background is that of a caring and nurturing environment. She provides stability and understanding to Clara throughout their shared experiences.


Jeffrey is one of Clara's close friends who shares her interest in academics and intellectual pursuits. His background is that of a studious and scholarly upbringing, where education and knowledge are highly valued. Jeffrey's analytical mindset and logical thinking stem from his background in a family that appreciates intellectual endeavors.


Wendy is another friend of Clara's who brings a sense of fun and adventure to their group. Her background is that of a lively and spirited upbringing, where she was encouraged to embrace life's joys. Wendy's vibrant personality is a reflection of her background and the values instilled in her by her family.

Character Arcs

Clara Gardner

Throughout the book, Clara undergoes significant character development. She starts as an ordinary teenager, unaware of her angelic heritage and her purpose in life. As Clara discovers her angelic abilities and learns about her destiny, she faces various challenges and obstacles. Her character arc involves accepting her true identity, embracing her powers, and finding the strength to fulfill her role as a protector.

Tucker Avery

Tucker's character arc revolves around his growing feelings for Clara and his willingness to support her in her angelic journey. He starts off as a carefree and easygoing friend but becomes more involved in Clara's world as their relationship deepens. Tucker's arc involves accepting the supernatural elements of Clara's life and finding his own place in her world.

Christian Prescott

Christian's character arc is centered around his mysterious nature and his connection to Clara. He starts off as an enigma, keeping his true intentions hidden. As the story progresses, Christian's true nature is revealed, and his arc involves reconciling his own past and his feelings for Clara. He must confront his own demons to find redemption and a path forward.

Angela, Jeffrey, and Wendy

While Angela, Jeffrey, and Wendy do not have as prominent character arcs as the main characters, they provide essential support and contribute to the overall development of the story. Their arcs involve deepening their bonds with Clara, growing as individuals, and discovering their own strengths and abilities.


Clara and Tucker

Clara and Tucker share a deep and longstanding friendship that evolves into a romantic relationship. Their bond is built on trust, shared experiences, and a deep understanding of each other. As their feelings grow, they face challenges that test their relationship, but their love and support for one another ultimately prevail.

Clara and Christian

Clara's relationship with Christian is complicated and filled with tension. They are drawn to each other, but their connection is fraught with secrets and conflicting loyalties. Their relationship explores themes of forbidden love and the struggle between duty and desire.

Clara and Angela

Clara and Angela's friendship is a constant source of strength and support for both characters. They share a deep bond, and Angela is always there for Clara, providing comfort and guidance. Their friendship highlights the importance of having someone who understands and accepts you unconditionally.

Clara and Jeffrey

Clara and Jeffrey's friendship is based on mutual respect and shared intellectual pursuits. Jeffrey offers a rational perspective and analytical thinking, which complements Clara's emotional nature. Their friendship demonstrates the value of having diverse perspectives and the power of collaboration.

Clara and Wendy

Clara and Wendy's friendship brings a sense of fun and adventure to the story. They share laughter, create memories, and provide a lighthearted balance to the challenges Clara faces. Wendy's energy and enthusiasm bring out the joy in Clara's journey.


In the book "Boundless" by Cynthia Hand, the characters play vital roles in shaping the story and the development of the protagonist, Clara Gardner. Each character contributes a unique perspective, personality traits, and relationships that add depth and complexity to the narrative. From Clara's determination to Tucker's loyalty, and from Angela's support to Christian's mystery, the characters in "Boundless" create a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences that captivate readers from start to finish.