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"Cake" Summary

By Nicole Reed

romance | 249 pages | Published in 2013

Would you be willing to make a mess of your life to get exactly what you want? Kylie Lord has known Trent Moss and Dray Savage since college. Trent, the smart and kind-hearted humanitarian has had her heart from the moment they met, but someone else always has his. Dray is an arrogant professional football player who happens to be Trent’s best friend and Kylie’s nemesis “with benefits.”Five years after graduation, Kylie is commanding the world with a new image and a successful business; however, she lacks the one thing she wants and the one thing she can never have. That is, until one fateful night when Kylie decides to go after all of her forbidden fantasies and risk everything. Two men, completely different and poles apart, but together they are her idea of perfection. One can only offer her tonight and the other forever, but can Kylie settle for just one man, or can she have her cake and eat it too?


Estimated read time: 5 min read

One Sentence Summary

A young woman struggles with the bitter sweetness of life as she navigates love, loss, and her growing passion for baking.


In the gripping novel "Cake" by Nicole Reed, readers are transported into a world of love, loss, and second chances. This emotionally charged story follows the journey of Lila Callan, a young woman trying to rebuild her life after a tragic event. With its captivating narrative and complex characters, "Cake" explores themes of healing, forgiveness, and the power of human connection.

Brief Synopsis

The story is set in the fictional town of Willow Heights, where Lila Callan has been living a reclusive life since the death of her husband, Ethan. Lila's days are filled with grief and guilt, as she blames herself for the accident that took Ethan away. However, everything changes when Lila meets the enigmatic and brooding musician, Mick, who has his own troubled past.

As Lila and Mick grow closer, they both discover solace and understanding in each other's company. But their budding relationship is tested when secrets from their pasts come to light. Lila must confront her own demons and learn to let go of the guilt that has consumed her for years. Will she find the strength to embrace a new chance at love, or will her past continue to define her future?

Main Characters

Character NameDescription
Lila CallanA grieving widow trying to overcome her guilt and rebuild her life.
MickA mysterious and troubled musician who becomes Lila's love interest.
Ethan CallanLila's late husband who tragically passed away, leaving her consumed by grief.
SarahLila's best friend, a supportive presence in her life, and a source of comfort.
MaxMick's loyal friend and bandmate, who is always there for him through thick and thin.

Summary of Different Story Points over Chapters

Chapter 1: A Broken Heart

In the opening chapter, readers are introduced to Lila Callan, a woman living in seclusion after the death of her husband. The pain and guilt she feels are palpable as she struggles to navigate her shattered world.

Chapter 2: A Chance Encounter

Lila's life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Mick, a talented musician who captivates her with his music and brooding demeanor. The connection between them is instant, but both carry their own emotional baggage.

Chapter 3: Uncovering Secrets

As Lila and Mick grow closer, they begin to reveal their hidden pasts. Lila shares her guilt and trauma, while Mick opens up about his troubled childhood and the demons that haunt him.

Chapter 4: Healing Hearts

Lila and Mick find solace in each other's company, forging a deep and meaningful connection. Together, they embark on a journey of healing, supporting one another through their respective struggles.

Chapter 5: Facing the Past

The past comes knocking on Lila's door when she receives a letter that threatens to unravel the progress she has made in moving forward. She must confront her guilt head-on and decide whether to let it define her or find the strength to let go.

Chapter 6: A Second Chance

As Lila and Mick's relationship deepens, they face obstacles and challenges that put their love to the test. They must learn to trust each other and themselves to overcome the barriers that stand in their way.

Main Events

  1. Lila meets Mick, the mysterious musician who becomes a significant presence in her life.
  2. Lila and Mick share their past traumas and begin to heal together.
  3. Lila receives a letter that threatens to derail her progress in moving forward.
  4. Lila and Mick face challenges and obstacles that test their love and commitment.
  5. Lila confronts her guilt and learns to let go, embracing a new chance at love and happiness.

Themes and Insights

  1. Healing and Forgiveness: The novel explores the power of healing and forgiveness in overcoming past traumas and finding happiness.
  2. Self-Discovery: Lila's journey towards healing allows her to discover her own strength and resilience, ultimately leading to self-acceptance.
  3. Second Chances: "Cake" highlights the transformative power of second chances, both in love and in life.
  4. Connection and Support: The importance of human connection and support is emphasized through the relationships between Lila, Mick, and their friends.

Reader's Takeaway

"Cake" is a poignant and emotionally charged novel that delves deep into the complexities of grief, guilt, and the healing power of love. Readers will be captivated by the well-developed characters, immersive storytelling, and the themes of self-discovery and second chances. Nicole Reed's compelling narrative reminds us that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope for a brighter future.


In "Cake," Nicole Reed weaves a captivating tale of love, loss, and redemption. Through the journey of Lila Callan and Mick, readers are reminded of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of forgiveness. With its richly developed characters and compelling storyline, "Cake" is a book that will resonate with readers long after they turn the final page.

Cake FAQ

  1. What is the genre of the book 'Cake'?

    The genre of the book 'Cake' is contemporary romance.

  2. Who is the author of 'Cake'?

    The author of 'Cake' is Nicole Reed.

  3. What is the main storyline of 'Cake'?

    The main storyline of 'Cake' revolves around the complicated relationship between Jake McKallister and McKenna Thorne.

  4. Is 'Cake' part of a series?

    'Cake' is the first book in the 'Cake Series' by Nicole Reed.

  5. What is the target audience of 'Cake'?

    'Cake' is targeted towards adult readers who enjoy contemporary romance novels.

  6. Is 'Cake' a standalone novel or does it end on a cliffhanger?

    'Cake' is a standalone novel with a complete story arc. It does not end on a cliffhanger.

  7. Where can I purchase a copy of 'Cake'?

    You can purchase a copy of 'Cake' from various online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository.

  8. Does 'Cake' contain explicit content?

    Yes, 'Cake' contains explicit content and is recommended for mature readers.

  9. What are some other books by Nicole Reed?

    Some other books by Nicole Reed include 'Wrecked', 'Stone', and 'Savage'.

  10. Is 'Cake' available in ebook format?

    Yes, 'Cake' is available in ebook format for Kindle, Nook, and other ebook platforms.