Calling Me Home
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"Calling Me Home" Characters Analysis

By Julie Kibler

historical fiction | 336 pages | Published in NaN

ISBN_13: 9781250014528

Estimated read time: 7 min read

List of Characters

Isabelle McAllisterProtagonist
Dorrie CurtisSupporting Character
Robert PrewittSupporting Character
Mary McAllisterSupporting Character
Isabelle's FamilySupporting Characters

Role Identification

In "Calling Me Home" by Julie Kibler, the main character Isabelle McAllister takes on the role of the protagonist. She is accompanied by several supporting characters including Dorrie Curtis, Robert Prewitt, Mary McAllister, and Isabelle's family.

Character Descriptions

Isabelle McAllister

Isabelle McAllister is an elderly white woman in her 80s, living in a small town in Texas. She was born and raised in Kentucky and has a strong Southern accent. Isabelle is described as an elegant and dignified woman who values her independence. She is deeply affected by her past and carries a heavy burden of regret.

Dorrie Curtis

Dorrie Curtis is a middle-aged African-American woman who serves as Isabelle's hairdresser and confidante. She is a single mother, struggling with her own personal challenges. Dorrie is portrayed as strong-willed, caring, and fiercely protective of her children.

Robert Prewitt

Robert Prewitt is a young African-American man who works as a driver for Isabelle. He is handsome, kind-hearted, and compassionate. Robert becomes a source of support and friendship for Isabelle as they embark on a road trip together.

Mary McAllister

Mary McAllister is Isabelle's deceased sister. Although she does not physically appear in the story, her presence is felt through Isabelle's memories and emotions. Mary is described as a vibrant and rebellious young woman who faced tragedy and heartache.

Isabelle's Family

Isabelle's family members include her husband, children, and grandchildren. They play a minor role in the story but provide insight into Isabelle's personal life and relationships.

Character Traits

Isabelle McAllister

Isabelle McAllister is characterized by her strength, resilience, and determination. Despite her age, she remains independent and refuses to let her past define her. Isabelle is haunted by her actions in the past and carries a deep sense of guilt and regret. She is also compassionate and caring, as shown through her friendship with Dorrie and her concern for Robert's well-being.

Dorrie Curtis

Dorrie Curtis is characterized by her loyalty, tenacity, and love for her children. She is a devoted mother who puts her children's needs above her own. Dorrie is also fiercely protective and stands up against injustice. She is a source of support for Isabelle and helps her confront her past.

Robert Prewitt

Robert Prewitt is characterized by his kindness, empathy, and quiet strength. He is patient and understanding, providing a listening ear and a comforting presence for Isabelle. Robert is also resilient, having faced his own personal struggles. He serves as a catalyst for Isabelle's self-discovery and healing.

Mary McAllister

Although Mary McAllister does not physically appear in the story, her character is portrayed as rebellious, vivacious, and fearless. Through Isabelle's memories, Mary is depicted as someone who challenged societal norms and pursued her dreams with passion.

Character Background

Isabelle McAllister

Isabelle McAllister was born and raised in Kentucky during a time of racial segregation. She grew up in a privileged white family and was sheltered from the racial tensions that existed around her. As a young woman, Isabelle fell in love with Robert Prewitt, an African-American man. Their interracial relationship faced immense opposition from their families and society at large. Isabelle made a difficult choice that shaped the course of her life and left her with profound regret.

Dorrie Curtis

Dorrie Curtis grew up in a poor African-American family in Texas. She became a single mother at a young age and faced numerous challenges in providing for her children. Despite the hardships, Dorrie is determined to create a better life for her family and instill in her children the values of hard work and resilience.

Robert Prewitt

Robert Prewitt grew up in a racially divided community in Texas. He faced discrimination and prejudice throughout his life but managed to rise above it. Robert is a hardworking and kind-hearted individual who values education and personal growth. He becomes a symbol of hope and redemption for Isabelle.

Mary McAllister

Mary McAllister was Isabelle's younger sister who tragically lost her life at a young age. She was a free-spirited and adventurous woman who challenged societal norms. Mary's untimely death left a lasting impact on Isabelle and shaped her perspective on life.

Character Arcs

Isabelle McAllister

Isabelle's character arc revolves around her journey of self-discovery, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Through her road trip with Robert, Isabelle confronts her past and begins to heal from the deep-seated guilt and regret she carries. She learns to forgive herself and finds the courage to share her painful story. Isabelle's character arc is ultimately one of redemption and acceptance.

Dorrie Curtis

Dorrie's character arc focuses on her growth as a mother and her ability to break free from the limitations imposed by her circumstances. Through her friendship with Isabelle, Dorrie gains strength and learns to prioritize her own happiness. She becomes more assertive and determined to create a better future for her children.

Robert Prewitt

Robert's character arc revolves around his role as a catalyst for Isabelle's healing. Through his friendship and support, Robert helps Isabelle confront her past and find closure. He also learns to let go of his own pain and opens himself up to the possibility of love and happiness.


Isabelle and Dorrie

The relationship between Isabelle and Dorrie is one of mutual support, friendship, and understanding. They come from different backgrounds but share a deep connection through their shared experiences of discrimination and loss. Isabelle becomes a mentor figure to Dorrie, providing guidance and wisdom. Dorrie, in turn, becomes a source of strength and encouragement for Isabelle.

Isabelle and Robert

The relationship between Isabelle and Robert is one of friendship and companionship. As they embark on a road trip together, their bond grows stronger, and they develop a deep understanding of each other's pain and regrets. Robert serves as a confidante and a pillar of support for Isabelle, helping her find the closure she desperately seeks.

Isabelle and Mary

Although Mary does not physically appear in the story, her presence is felt through Isabelle's memories and emotions. Isabelle's relationship with Mary is one of sisterly love and admiration. Mary's tragic death leaves Isabelle with a sense of emptiness and unresolved guilt that she must confront and come to terms with.

Isabelle and her Family

Isabelle's relationship with her family members, including her husband, children, and grandchildren, is briefly touched upon in the story. While they play a minor role, they provide insight into Isabelle's personal life and the challenges she faces in reconciling her past with her present.

In conclusion, "Calling Me Home" by Julie Kibler presents a cast of well-developed characters with complex backgrounds, relationships, and character arcs. Isabelle McAllister, the protagonist, undergoes a transformative journey of self-discovery and redemption, supported by the relationships she forms with Dorrie Curtis and Robert Prewitt. Through these characters, the novel explores themes of race, love, forgiveness, and the enduring power of friendship.