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"Changeling" Characters Analysis

By Yasmine Galenorn

urban fantasy | 188 pages | Published in 2001

When Morgan receives a shocking revelation about her family, she's thrown into a moral tailspin, believing that her essential nature is evil. Is her dark heritage too powerful to overcome?


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Table of Contents

  1. List of Characters

List of Characters

CamilleProtagonist, Changeling
DelilahProtagonist, Changeling
MenollyProtagonist, Changeling
TrillianLove Interest, Mage
MorioLove Interest, Youkai
IrisMentor, Elder Witch
SmokyAlly, Dragon Shifter
ChaseAntagonist, Dark Fae King
RozurialAntagonist, Demon Lord

Role Identification

In "Changeling" by Yasmine Galenorn, the protagonists are three sisters: Camille, Delilah, and Menolly. They are Changelings, half-human and half-faerie, living in a world where magic and mythical creatures exist. The sisters embark on a dangerous journey to save their world from dark forces.

Character Descriptions

  1. Camille: Camille is the eldest sister and the narrator of the story. She is a powerful witch with a strong connection to the moon. With her long silver hair and ethereal beauty, she embodies the mystique of the fae. Camille is wise, compassionate, and fiercely protective of her sisters.
  2. Delilah: Delilah is the middle sister and a werecat shapeshifter. She has golden eyes, sleek black hair, and an agile feline grace. Delilah is adventurous, impulsive, and quick to act. Her loyalty and bravery make her a valuable asset in dangerous situations.
  3. Menolly: Menolly is the youngest sister and a vampire. She has long, dark hair, porcelain skin, and hauntingly beautiful eyes. Menolly is intelligent, resourceful, and determined. Her vampire abilities, including enhanced strength and speed, prove invaluable during their quests.
  4. Trillian: Trillian is a powerful mage and love interest of Camille. He has dark, smoldering eyes and a mysterious aura. Trillian is skilled in both elemental and dark magic, making him a formidable ally. He is protective of Camille and deeply committed to their relationship.
  5. Morio: Morio is a Youkai, a fox shape-shifter, and another love interest of Camille. He has fiery red hair, amber eyes, and a mischievous grin. Morio is skilled in illusion magic and uses his shape-shifting abilities to blend into the human world. He brings a sense of light-heartedness to the group.
  6. Iris: Iris is an Elder Witch and the sisters' mentor. She has long silver hair and wise, ageless eyes. Iris is a font of knowledge and provides guidance to the sisters throughout their journey. She is calm, patient, and possesses powerful magical abilities.
  7. Smoky: Smoky is a dragon shifter and an ally of the sisters. He has emerald-green eyes and a majestic presence. Smoky can transform into a sleek black dragon and aids the sisters with his strength and fire-breathing abilities.
  8. Chase: Chase is the antagonist of the story, a Dark Fae King with a sinister agenda. He is cunning, manipulative, and seeks to gain control over the magical realms. Chase is a formidable adversary, utilizing his dark powers to undermine the sisters' efforts.
  9. Rozurial: Rozurial is a Demon Lord aligned with Chase. He is a grotesque and malevolent being, with red eyes, horns, and a demonic aura. Rozurial thrives on chaos and destruction, serving as a constant threat to the sisters' mission.

Character Traits

  1. Camille: Wise, compassionate, protective, powerful witch.
  2. Delilah: Adventurous, impulsive, loyal, agile shapeshifter.
  3. Menolly: Intelligent, resourceful, determined, vampire strength.
  4. Trillian: Mysterious, skilled mage, protective, committed.
  5. Morio: Mischievous, light-hearted, shape-shifter, illusion magic.
  6. Iris: Wise, patient, knowledgeable, powerful witch.
  7. Smoky: Majestic, strong, fire-breathing, loyal ally.
  8. Chase: Cunning, manipulative, dark powers, antagonist.
  9. Rozurial: Malevolent, grotesque, demonic, chaotic.

Character Background

The three sisters, Camille, Delilah, and Menolly, come from a complex background of mixed heritage. Camille inherited her witch powers from their mother, who was a powerful witch in her own right. Delilah's werecat abilities were passed down through their father's lineage, while Menolly was turned into a vampire by a powerful vampire lord named Dredge.

Throughout their lives, the sisters have faced numerous challenges and threats due to their unique heritage. They have honed their individual skills and powers, preparing for the day when their combined strength will be needed to protect their world from darkness.

Character Arcs

As the protagonists of "Changeling," the three sisters undergo significant character arcs throughout the story.

  1. Camille starts as a cautious and reserved witch, but as the story progresses, she learns to trust her instincts and embrace her inner power. She discovers new facets of her magical abilities and becomes a leader, guiding her sisters through dangerous situations.
  2. Delilah initially struggles with balancing her werecat nature with her human side. Through the challenges they face, she learns to embrace her shapeshifter abilities fully. Delilah becomes more confident and in control of her powers, evolving into a fierce and skilled warrior.
  3. Menolly, burdened by her vampiric nature, seeks redemption and acceptance. Throughout the story, she confronts her past, overcomes her fears, and learns to embrace her vampiric strengths. Menolly's character arc highlights her journey towards self-acceptance and finding her place within the sisterhood.


The relationships between the characters in "Changeling" play a vital role in shaping the story's dynamics and conflict.

  1. Camille and Trillian share a deep and passionate love. Their relationship is built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared dedication to protecting their world. Trillian's magical abilities complement Camille's, and their bond strengthens as they face numerous challenges together.
  2. Camille and Morio have a playful and flirtatious relationship. While their connection is not as intense as Camille's relationship with Trillian, Morio brings a sense of levity and adventure to the group. His shape-shifting abilities and illusion magic prove valuable in their quests.
  3. The bond between the three sisters, Camille, Delilah, and Menolly, is unbreakable. They support and protect each other fiercely, relying on their individual strengths to overcome obstacles. Their sisterhood forms the core of the story, showcasing the power of family and unity.
  4. Iris serves as a mentor and mother figure to the sisters. Her guidance and wisdom help shape their paths and provide a source of stability amidst chaos. Iris's role highlights the importance of intergenerational knowledge and the passing down of traditions.
  5. The antagonistic relationship between the sisters and Chase creates tension and conflict throughout the story. Chase's manipulation and dark powers pose a constant threat to the sisters' mission, driving the plot forward.

"Changeling" by Yasmine Galenorn weaves a tale of magic, sisterhood, and the fight against dark forces. Through richly developed characters, their relationships, and personal growth, the story explores themes of identity, loyalty, and the enduring power of love and unity.