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One Sentence Summary

A sweeping Western epic that follows the lives of Texas Rangers as they navigate love, loss, and the harsh realities of frontier life.


In "Comanche Moon" by Larry McMurtry, readers are taken on an epic journey through the American West during the turbulent times of the mid-19th century. This captivating novel serves as a prequel to McMurtry's acclaimed "Lonesome Dove" series, offering a deeper understanding of the characters and events that shaped the iconic Texas Rangers.

Brief Synopsis

"Comanche Moon" is set in the Texas frontier during the 1850s, a time when the Comanche tribe was at the height of its power and conflict between Native Americans and white settlers was escalating. The story revolves around the adventures and struggles of several key characters, including Texas Rangers Augustus McCrae and Woodrow F. Call, as they navigate the harsh realities of life on the frontier.

Main Characters

Augustus McCraeA charismatic and witty Texas Ranger
Woodrow F. CallA stoic and duty-driven Texas Ranger
Inez ScullA strong-willed prostitute and love interest of Gus
Buffalo HumpA powerful Comanche war chief
Blue DuckA half-Comanche outlaw and antagonist

Summary of Different Story Points over Chapters

Chapter 1: The Nature of Hatred

In the opening chapter, readers are introduced to the main characters and the harsh realities of life on the Texas frontier. Augustus McCrae and Woodrow F. Call, along with their fellow rangers, engage in battles with Comanche warriors, setting the stage for the ongoing conflict that will shape the narrative.

Chapter 2: The Opening of the West

As tensions between the Comanches and white settlers escalate, McCrae and Call find themselves involved in a rescue mission to save a kidnapped rancher's daughter. This chapter highlights the dangers and complexities of frontier life, as well as the strained relationship between the Rangers and the Comanches.

Chapter 3: Buffalo Hump's War

Buffalo Hump, a powerful Comanche war chief, embarks on a campaign of violence and revenge against the white settlers. McCrae and Call must navigate the shifting alliances and treacherous landscape to maintain peace and protect their fellow Texans.

Chapter 4: The Battle of Adobe Walls

The Rangers, along with a group of buffalo hunters, face off against a large force of Comanche warriors in the Battle of Adobe Walls. This intense and bloody conflict tests the bravery and resilience of the characters, while also highlighting the tragic consequences of westward expansion.

Chapter 5: Love and Loss

Amidst the violence and chaos, romantic relationships emerge and are tested. Inez Scull, a strong-willed prostitute, becomes a love interest for McCrae, while Call struggles with his feelings for Maggie, a woman he rescues from the Comanches. These personal connections add depth and emotional complexity to the story.

Main Events

  • Texas Rangers battling Comanche warriors
  • Rescue missions to save kidnapped individuals
  • Buffalo Hump's campaign of violence and revenge
  • The Battle of Adobe Walls
  • Romantic relationships and conflicts

Themes and Insights

Confrontation of Cultures

"Comanche Moon" explores the clash between Native American and white settler cultures during a tumultuous period in American history. The novel delves into the complexities and nuances of this confrontation, showing the devastating consequences for both sides.

Loss and Resilience

The characters in "Comanche Moon" face numerous losses, including the loss of loved ones, land, and way of life. Through these experiences, McMurtry highlights the resilience and strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

The High Cost of Expansion

The novel also explores the darker side of westward expansion, revealing the brutal realities and moral dilemmas that arose as settlers moved further into Native American territory. McMurtry forces readers to confront the price paid for progress and the impact it had on individuals and communities.

Reader's Takeaway

"Comanche Moon" is a gripping and poignant novel that transports readers to the American West during a time of upheaval and conflict. Through vivid storytelling and compelling characters, Larry McMurtry sheds light on the complexities of the frontier experience and the lasting impact of cultural clashes. This prequel to the beloved "Lonesome Dove" series is a must-read for fans of historical fiction and those seeking a deeper understanding of the American West.


"Comanche Moon" by Larry McMurtry is a masterfully crafted novel that delves into the tumultuous era of the Texas frontier. With its rich cast of characters, intricate plot, and thought-provoking themes, this book captivates readers from beginning to end. McMurtry's storytelling prowess shines through as he brings to life the challenges, triumphs, and tragedies of a bygone era. "Comanche Moon" is a compelling addition to the "Lonesome Dove" series, offering a deeper exploration of the characters and events that have become iconic in American literature.

Comanche Moon FAQ

  1. Who is the author of Comanche Moon?

    The author of Comanche Moon is Larry McMurtry.

  2. What is the genre of Comanche Moon?

    Comanche Moon is a Western novel.

  3. Is Comanche Moon part of a series?

    Yes, Comanche Moon is the second book in The Lonesome Dove series.

  4. Can I read Comanche Moon as a standalone book?

    While Comanche Moon can be read on its own, it is recommended to read the first book in the series, Lonesome Dove, for better context and understanding.

  5. What is the setting of Comanche Moon?

    Comanche Moon is set in the Wild West during the mid-19th century.

  6. What is the story about?

    Comanche Moon follows the adventures of Texas Rangers as they navigate the vast frontier, encounter Native American tribes, and face various challenges and conflicts.

  7. Are there any memorable characters in Comanche Moon?

    Yes, Comanche Moon introduces memorable characters such as Captain Inish Scull, Woodrow Call, Gus McCrae, and many others.

  8. Is Comanche Moon based on true events?

    While Comanche Moon is a work of fiction, it incorporates historical elements and references to the Wild West era.

  9. Is there a film adaptation of Comanche Moon?

    Yes, Comanche Moon was adapted into a television miniseries in 2008.

  10. Where can I buy a copy of Comanche Moon?

    You can purchase a copy of Comanche Moon from various online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository, or find it at your local bookstore.