The Elite
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One Sentence Summary

A competition to win the heart of a prince reveals the dark underbelly of a dystopian society.


In the captivating sequel to "The Selection," Kiera Cass takes readers on another thrilling journey into the world of Illea in her book "The Elite." Filled with intrigue, romance, and high-stakes competition, this young adult dystopian novel explores the challenges faced by America Singer as she navigates the complexities of the royal court and the heart-wrenching decisions she must make.

Brief Synopsis

"The Elite" picks up where "The Selection" left off, with America Singer still participating in the competition to win the heart of Prince Maxon and become the future queen of Illea. Set in a dystopian society divided into castes, America is torn between her love for Aspen, a lower caste rebel, and her growing affection for Prince Maxon.

As the competition narrows down to only six girls, tensions rise, and America finds herself caught in the middle of political turmoil and palace intrigue. The stakes are higher than ever, and America must decide where her heart truly lies and what she is willing to sacrifice for love and her own future.

Main Characters

Character NameDescription
America SingerThe protagonist of the story, America is a strong-willed and independent young woman torn between her love for Aspen and her growing feelings for Prince Maxon.
Prince MaxonThe prince of Illea and the object of America's affection, Maxon is kind-hearted, intelligent, and determined to find a suitable queen.
Aspen LegerAmerica's first love and a member of the lower caste, Aspen struggles with his feelings for America and his desire to protect her.
Queen AmberlyPrince Maxon's mother and the queen consort, Queen Amberly is elegant and influential, guiding Maxon through the selection process.
Marlee TamesOne of America's closest friends in the competition, Marlee faces her own challenges and secrets that threaten her place in the selection.

Summary of Story Points

Chapters 1-5: The Final Six

The competition is down to the final six girls, and tensions continue to rise among the remaining contestants. America grows closer to Prince Maxon but still battles her feelings for Aspen. As the girls attend royal events and spend more time with Maxon, America becomes increasingly conflicted and unsure of who she truly wants to be with.

Chapters 6-10: Palace Intrigues

Palace intrigue intensifies as secrets are revealed and alliances are tested. America learns about the rebels and their plans to overthrow the monarchy. She also discovers shocking truths about the inner workings of the palace and the manipulations at play. Meanwhile, her relationships with both Maxon and Aspen become more complicated, leading her to question her own heart.

Chapters 11-15: Love and Betrayal

Love and betrayal take center stage as America's relationships with Maxon and Aspen reach critical points. She must confront her feelings and make difficult choices that will impact her future and the future of Illea. The competition becomes even more cutthroat, with friendships tested and loyalties questioned.

Chapters 16-20: The Final Decision

As the selection comes to a close, America must make the ultimate decision - who will she choose? Her choice will not only determine her own destiny but also the fate of the kingdom. The stakes are higher than ever, and America's personal journey of self-discovery reaches its climax in a stunning conclusion.

Main Events

  1. The final six girls are chosen, intensifying the competition.
  2. America discovers the rebels' plans and becomes involved in their cause.
  3. Secrets and betrayals within the palace are revealed, shaking America's trust.
  4. America's relationships with Maxon and Aspen reach critical points, forcing her to make difficult choices.
  5. The selection reaches its conclusion, and America must decide who she wants to be with and the future she envisions.

Themes and Insights

"The Elite" delves into several themes and provides thought-provoking insights:

  1. Love and Loyalty: The novel explores the complexities of love and loyalty, as America must navigate her feelings for both Maxon and Aspen while remaining true to herself.
  2. Social Class and Inequality: Set in a caste-based society, the book highlights the injustices and inequalities faced by those in lower castes, emphasizing the importance of equality and fairness.
  3. Political Intrigue: Palace politics and the rebels' plans add layers of intrigue and suspense, showcasing the power struggles and manipulations within the royal court.
  4. Self-Discovery and Identity: America's journey of self-discovery forces her to confront her own values, desires, and identity, ultimately leading to personal growth and transformation.

Reader's Takeaway

"The Elite" is a thrilling and emotional continuation of America Singer's story, full of romance, suspense, and difficult choices. Readers will be captivated by the twists and turns of the selection process, the complex relationships, and the exploration of deeper themes. This book reminds us of the power of love, the importance of staying true to oneself, and the impact of our choices on our own lives and the world around us.


Kiera Cass delivers another compelling installment in "The Elite," taking readers on a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges alongside America Singer. With its engaging plot, well-developed characters, and exploration of important themes, this book is sure to captivate readers of all ages. As the selection reaches its climax, "The Elite" leaves readers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in America's journey.

The Elite FAQ

  1. What is 'The Elite' about?

    'The Elite' is the second book in 'The Selection' series by Kiera Cass. It continues the story of America Singer, who is one of the thirty-five girls competing for the heart of Prince Maxon and the crown of Illea.

  2. Do I need to read the first book before reading 'The Elite'?

    Yes, it is highly recommended to read the first book, 'The Selection', before diving into 'The Elite'. The second book builds upon the events and characters introduced in the first book.

  3. Who is the author of 'The Elite'?

    'The Elite' is written by Kiera Cass, an American author known for her young adult dystopian romance novels.

  4. How many pages does 'The Elite' have?

    'The Elite' has approximately 336 pages.

  5. Is 'The Elite' suitable for young adults?

    Yes, 'The Elite' is a young adult novel and is suitable for readers in that age group.

  6. Is 'The Elite' part of a series?

    Yes, 'The Elite' is the second book in 'The Selection' series. There are a total of five books in the series.

  7. Where can I purchase 'The Elite'?

    You can purchase 'The Elite' online from various retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or through your local bookstore.

  8. What genre does 'The Elite' belong to?

    'The Elite' belongs to the genres of young adult, dystopian, and romance.

  9. Is there a movie adaptation of 'The Elite'?

    As of now, there is no movie adaptation of 'The Elite'. However, the first book in the series, 'The Selection', has been optioned for a potential film adaptation.

  10. Are there any sequels to 'The Elite'?

    Yes, there are three more books in 'The Selection' series after 'The Elite'. They are 'The One', 'The Heir', and 'The Crown'.