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One Sentence Summary

A firefighter and a therapist must confront their past traumas and fears in order to find love and healing together.


In the gripping thriller "Under Fire" by Jo Davis, readers are taken on a heart-pounding journey through the dangerous world of firefighting and arson investigation. With a perfect blend of suspense, romance, and intense action, Davis delivers a captivating story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. This book is a part of the Firefighters of Station Five series, showcasing the bravery and dedication of a group of firefighters who go above and beyond to protect their community.

Brief Synopsis

"Under Fire" takes place in the fictional town of Sugarland, where the firefighters of Station Five work tirelessly to combat fires and save lives. The story follows firefighter Zach Thomas, a strong and determined man with a tragic past. When Zach is called to the scene of a suspicious fire that claims the life of a beloved coworker, he becomes determined to uncover the truth behind the arsonist's motives.

As Zach delves deeper into the investigation, he crosses paths with photographer Julie Jennings, who may hold the key to unraveling the mystery. Julie is searching for her missing sister and believes that the arsonist may be connected to her disappearance. Together, Zach and Julie join forces to uncover the truth, putting their lives on the line as they race against time to stop a dangerous arsonist before more lives are lost.

Main Characters

Character NameDescription
Zach ThomasA dedicated firefighter haunted by his past
Julie JenningsA determined photographer searching for her missing sister
Other members of Station FiveA group of brave firefighters who form a tight-knit brotherhood

Summary of Different Story Points over Chapters

Chapter 1: The Tragic Fire

Zach Thomas and his fellow firefighters at Station Five respond to a devastating fire that claims the life of one of their own. The fire appears to be the work of an arsonist, leaving Zach determined to find the person responsible.

Chapter 2: Meeting Julie

Zach meets Julie Jennings, a photographer who believes her missing sister may be connected to the recent fires. They join forces to investigate further, sharing their suspicions and uncovering clues that lead them closer to the truth.

Chapter 3: The Arsonist Strikes Again

Another fire breaks out, this time endangering the lives of innocent civilians. Zach and Julie race against time to rescue those trapped in the building and gather evidence to catch the arsonist.

Chapter 4: Uncovering the Motive

Zach and Julie discover a pattern in the arsonist's targets and begin to piece together the motive behind the fires. As they get closer to the truth, they find themselves facing dangerous adversaries who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets hidden.

Chapter 5: The Final Showdown

In a thrilling climax, Zach and Julie confront the arsonist, putting their lives on the line to bring him to justice. With the help of their fellow firefighters, they overcome numerous obstacles and ensure that the truth prevails.

Main Events

  • The tragic fire that claims the life of a firefighter
  • Zach and Julie's meeting and decision to work together
  • The investigation into the arsonist's motives
  • The rescue of civilians trapped in a burning building
  • The final confrontation with the arsonist

Themes and Insights

  1. Courage and Sacrifice: "Under Fire" explores the bravery and selflessness of firefighters who risk their lives to protect others. It highlights the sacrifices they make for the greater good.
  2. The Power of Unity: The story emphasizes the importance of teamwork and camaraderie among the firefighters of Station Five. They rely on each other for support and work together to overcome challenges.
  3. The Effects of Trauma: Zach's tragic past and the trauma he carries serve as a central theme in the book. It delves into the emotional and psychological impact of trauma and the journey towards healing.

Reader's Takeaway

"Under Fire" is a thrilling and emotional rollercoaster that will captivate readers from start to finish. The well-developed characters, intense action sequences, and unexpected twists will keep readers guessing until the very end. This book is a testament to the bravery and dedication of firefighters and the importance of fighting for justice. It leaves readers with a renewed appreciation for the sacrifices made by those who protect and serve their communities.


Jo Davis delivers a gripping and intense story in "Under Fire" that combines romance, suspense, and the heroism of firefighters. With well-rounded characters and a fast-paced plot, this book is a must-read for fans of thrilling mysteries and heartfelt romances. Davis's skillful storytelling will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment in the Firefighters of Station Five series.

Under Fire FAQ

  1. What is 'Under Fire' about?

    Under Fire is a suspenseful thriller about a detective, Samantha Callahan, who becomes the target of a dangerous serial killer while investigating a series of arson attacks.

  2. Who is the author of 'Under Fire'?

    The author of 'Under Fire' is Jo Davis.

  3. Is 'Under Fire' part of a series?

    Yes, 'Under Fire' is the first book in the Firefighters series by Jo Davis.

  4. What genre does 'Under Fire' belong to?

    'Under Fire' is a romantic suspense novel.

  5. Where is 'Under Fire' set?

    'Under Fire' is set in a fictional city called Sugarland, located in Texas.

  6. Is 'Under Fire' suitable for young readers?

    No, 'Under Fire' contains mature content and is intended for adult readers.

  7. Are there any sequels to 'Under Fire'?

    Yes, 'Under Fire' is the first book in the Firefighters series, which includes several sequels.

  8. Can 'Under Fire' be read as a standalone novel?

    Yes, 'Under Fire' can be enjoyed as a standalone novel, but reading the entire series provides a more comprehensive story arc.

  9. Is 'Under Fire' available in e-book format?

    Yes, 'Under Fire' is available in various formats, including e-book.

  10. Where can I purchase 'Under Fire'?

    You can purchase 'Under Fire' from online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or directly from the author's website.