A House Without Windows
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"A House Without Windows" Summary

By Stevie Turner

mystery | Published in NaN

ISBN_13: 9999999999999

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One Sentence Summary

A woman imprisoned for murder navigates the complexities of her past and fights for freedom.


"A House Without Windows" is a captivating novel written by Stevie Turner. Set in the small English seaside town of Borteen, the book explores the lives of two sisters, Beth and Hannah, as they navigate through a web of secrets, betrayal, and redemption. Turner skillfully weaves together suspense and emotional depth, creating a thought-provoking story that will keep readers engaged from beginning to end.

Brief Synopsis

The story opens with Beth, a successful lawyer, receiving a distressing phone call from her estranged sister, Hannah. Hannah, who has been imprisoned for the past fifteen years for the murder of her husband, desperately seeks Beth's help in proving her innocence. As Beth delves into her sister's case, she begins to uncover a series of shocking revelations that question everything she thought she knew about her sister and their childhood.

Set in the fictional town of Borteen, the novel paints a vivid picture of a close-knit community where everyone knows everyone else's business. The town's inhabitants are not always what they appear to be, and the secrets they hold threaten to unravel the lives of those involved.

Main Characters

Character NameDescription
BethA successful lawyer and the protagonist of the story. Beth is intelligent, driven, and determined to uncover the truth about her sister's case.
HannahBeth's sister, who has been imprisoned for the murder of her husband. Hannah is portrayed as vulnerable and haunted by the events of the past.
TomBeth's husband, a police officer who initially doubts Hannah's innocence but eventually supports Beth in her quest for the truth.
Mrs. SimpkinsA close family friend who provides Beth with valuable information about her sister's case.

Summary of Story Points

Chapters 1-5: Unraveling the Past

Beth receives a phone call from her imprisoned sister, Hannah, who pleads for her help in proving her innocence. Beth reluctantly agrees to look into the case, despite the strained relationship between the two sisters. She begins by visiting Hannah in prison and gathering information about the night of the murder.

Chapters 6-10: Secrets and Suspicions

As Beth delves deeper into the case, she uncovers secrets and inconsistencies that cast doubt on Hannah's guilt. She interviews witnesses, re-examines evidence, and unearths long-buried family secrets that shed new light on the events leading to the murder. At the same time, she faces resistance from the townspeople who want to keep the truth hidden.

Chapters 11-15: The Truth Revealed

Beth's relentless pursuit of the truth leads her to uncover a shocking revelation about the identity of the real killer. With this new information, she races against time to gather enough evidence to exonerate her sister. As the trial approaches, Beth faces opposition from those who want to maintain the status quo and prevent the truth from coming out.

Main Events

  1. Beth receives a distressing phone call from her imprisoned sister, Hannah, who begs for her help.
  2. Beth visits Hannah in prison and begins investigating the events surrounding the murder.
  3. Beth uncovers secrets and inconsistencies that cast doubt on Hannah's guilt.
  4. Beth unearths long-buried family secrets that shed new light on the murder.
  5. Beth discovers the identity of the real killer and gathers evidence to exonerate Hannah.
  6. Beth faces opposition from those who want to keep the truth hidden.
  7. The trial approaches, and Beth fights to prove her sister's innocence.

Themes and Insights


  1. Family Secrets: The novel explores the destructive power of family secrets and the impact they can have on relationships and individual lives.
  2. Redemption: "A House Without Windows" delves into themes of redemption and second chances, highlighting the potential for growth and forgiveness.
  3. Perception vs. Reality: The book examines the theme of how people's perceptions of others can be misleading, and how reality can be far more complex than it initially appears.


Through the complex characters and intricate plot, "A House Without Windows" offers insights into the human capacity for resilience, the importance of trust and forgiveness, and the enduring bonds of family.

Reader's Takeaway

Readers of "A House Without Windows" will be captivated by the suspenseful plot, well-developed characters, and thought-provoking themes. The novel serves as a reminder that the truth is often more complicated than it seems, and that appearances can be deceiving. It explores the power of love, forgiveness, and the importance of fighting for justice.


"A House Without Windows" by Stevie Turner is a compelling novel that combines mystery, family drama, and redemption. With its engaging plot, well-drawn characters, and thought-provoking themes, the book is a must-read for fans of suspenseful fiction. Stevie Turner's skillful storytelling keeps readers guessing until the very end, providing a satisfying conclusion that will leave a lasting impression.

A House Without Windows FAQ

  1. What is 'A House Without Windows' about?

    A House Without Windows is a psychological thriller that follows the life of Dr. Beth Nichols, a psychiatrist who finds herself trapped in an abusive marriage. She struggles to escape her husband's control and rebuild her life.

  2. Who is the author of 'A House Without Windows'?

    The author of 'A House Without Windows' is Stevie Turner.

  3. Is 'A House Without Windows' part of a series?

    'A House Without Windows' is a standalone novel and is not part of a series.

  4. What genre does 'A House Without Windows' belong to?

    'A House Without Windows' belongs to the psychological thriller genre.

  5. Is 'A House Without Windows' suitable for young readers?

    'A House Without Windows' contains mature themes and is more suitable for adult readers.

  6. Where can I purchase 'A House Without Windows'?

    You can purchase 'A House Without Windows' from various online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

  7. Are there any trigger warnings for 'A House Without Windows'?

    Yes, 'A House Without Windows' contains depictions of domestic abuse and violence, which may be triggering for some readers.

  8. Is 'A House Without Windows' available in ebook format?

    Yes, 'A House Without Windows' is available in ebook format for Kindle, Nook, and other ebook readers.

  9. Does 'A House Without Windows' have any awards or accolades?

    As of now, 'A House Without Windows' has not received any specific awards or accolades.

  10. Can I find an audiobook version of 'A House Without Windows'?

    At the moment, 'A House Without Windows' does not have an official audiobook version.