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Test your knowledge about the book "A Murder for Her Majesty". We have come up with 10 quiz questions for the book. Hit play and start testing your knowledge. Each correctly answered question gives one point.

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Essay questions

These essay questions are meant to be used as a starting point for your essay or research paper.

  1. How does the protagonist, Alice, cope with the sudden loss of her father in 'A Murder for Her Majesty'?
  2. Discuss the significance of the setting, particularly the city of York, in the novel.
  3. How does Alice's perception of her mother change throughout the story, and what does this reveal about her character?
  4. Examine the role of music in the novel, particularly its connection to the plot and character development.
  5. Discuss the theme of friendship and loyalty as portrayed through Alice's interactions with different characters in the story.
  6. Analyze the character of Lady Jane Grey and her impact on the plot and other characters in the novel.
  7. How does the author use historical events and figures to enhance the storytelling in 'A Murder for Her Majesty'?
  8. Compare and contrast the personalities and motivations of Alice and her new friend, Tom, in the novel.
  9. Discuss the significance of the title 'A Murder for Her Majesty' and its relevance to the plot and themes of the book.
  10. Examine the role of trust and betrayal in the relationships between the characters, particularly Alice and those around her.