A World Without Princes
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"A World Without Princes" Characters Analysis

By Soman Chainani

fantasy | 433 pages | Published in NaN

ISBN_13: 9780062104922

Estimated read time: 7 min read

List of Characters

Character NameRole
HortSupporting Character
DotSupporting Character
HesterSupporting Character
Lady LessoSupporting Character
Professor DoveySupporting Character

Role Identification

In "A World Without Princes" by Soman Chainani, the main characters are Agatha, Sophie, and Tedros. They are the protagonists of the story. The supporting characters include Hort, Dot, Hester, Lady Lesso, and Professor Dovey. The antagonists in the book are Rafal, Rhian, and Anadil.

Character Descriptions

  1. Agatha: Agatha is a strong-willed and independent young woman. She has long dark hair and expressive eyes. She is determined to find her own path and not be defined by her past or the expectations of others.
  2. Sophie: Sophie is Agatha's best friend. She is known for her beauty and charm. Sophie has blonde hair and a captivating smile. She is initially portrayed as vain and self-centered, but throughout the story, she undergoes significant character development.
  3. Tedros: Tedros is a prince and the love interest of both Agatha and Sophie. He has a regal appearance with dark hair and a charismatic presence. Tedros struggles with the pressure of his royal lineage and is torn between his feelings for Agatha and Sophie.
  4. Hort: Hort is a loyal friend to Agatha and Sophie. He is described as a short and stout boy with a kind heart. Hort provides comic relief and acts as a voice of reason throughout the book.
  5. Dot: Dot is a fairy who befriends Agatha and Sophie. She is petite with wings and a mischievous personality. Dot brings a sense of magic and whimsy to the story.
  6. Hester: Hester is a princess from another fairy tale world. She is fierce and independent, with a no-nonsense attitude. Hester becomes a valuable ally to Agatha and Sophie in their quest.
  7. Lady Lesso: Lady Lesso is the headmistress of the School for Good and Evil. She is a strict and formidable woman with a sharp wit. Lady Lesso plays an important role in guiding and challenging the protagonists.
  8. Professor Dovey: Professor Dovey is a wise and knowledgeable professor at the School for Good and Evil. She possesses magical abilities and helps the protagonists in their journey.
  9. Rafal: Rafal is one of the antagonists in the book. He is a powerful sorcerer with a dark past. Rafal seeks control and domination over the fairy tale world.
  10. Rhian: Rhian is a former prince turned villain. He is manipulative and cunning, using his charm to deceive others. Rhian poses a threat to the protagonists and their mission.
  11. Anadil: Anadil is a witch who aligns herself with the antagonists. She is mysterious and possesses dark magic. Anadil adds an element of danger and suspense to the story.

Character Traits

  1. Agatha: Determined, independent, brave, compassionate
  2. Sophie: Vain, ambitious, loyal, compassionate
  3. Tedros: Conflicted, noble, courageous, torn
  4. Hort: Loyal, humorous, supportive, wise
  5. Dot: Mischievous, loyal, magical, playful
  6. Hester: Fierce, independent, intelligent, resourceful
  7. Lady Lesso: Strict, witty, wise, challenging
  8. Professor Dovey: Knowledgeable, wise, magical, helpful
  9. Rafal: Powerful, manipulative, vengeful, dark
  10. Rhian: Charming, manipulative, deceitful, dangerous
  11. Anadil: Mysterious, dark, powerful, dangerous

Character Background

Agatha and Sophie were originally from the village of Gavaldon and were transported to the School for Good and Evil, where they were placed in the School for Evil and Good, respectively. They formed a close bond and were involved in various adventures throughout the series.

Tedros is the prince of Camelot and initially falls in love with Sophie. However, his feelings for Agatha grow as the story progresses, creating a complicated love triangle.

Hort is Agatha's loyal friend from Gavaldon. He accompanies Agatha and Sophie on their journey and provides support and humor along the way.

Dot is a fairy who befriends Agatha and Sophie. She becomes an important ally and adds a touch of magic to the story.

Hester is a princess from another fairy tale world who joins forces with Agatha and Sophie. She brings her own unique background and skills to the group.

Lady Lesso and Professor Dovey are faculty members at the School for Good and Evil, shaping the protagonists' education and providing guidance.

Rafal is a powerful sorcerer with a dark past, seeking control and domination over the fairy tale world.

Rhian, a former prince, turns into a villain and poses a threat to the protagonists and their mission.

Anadil is a witch aligned with the antagonists, adding an element of danger and suspense to the story.

Character Arcs

Agatha starts as a hesitant and self-doubting character but grows into a strong and determined young woman. She learns to trust her instincts and fights for what she believes is right.

Sophie begins as a vain and self-centered character but undergoes significant character development. She learns the importance of friendship, sacrifice, and selflessness.

Tedros struggles with his identity and the pressure of being a prince. He wrestles with his feelings for both Agatha and Sophie and undergoes personal growth as he learns to make his own choices.

Hort provides comic relief throughout the story but also serves as a voice of reason. He learns to trust in himself and his abilities.

Dot brings a sense of magic and wonder to the story, and her loyalty to Agatha and Sophie is unwavering.

Hester's character arc involves embracing her independence and learning to trust others. She becomes a valuable ally to Agatha and Sophie.

Lady Lesso challenges the protagonists and pushes them to their limits, guiding their growth and development.

Professor Dovey provides knowledge and magical guidance to the protagonists, aiding them in their journey.

Rafal's character arc revolves around his quest for power and control, while Rhian and Anadil's arcs focus on their manipulation and dark intentions.


Agatha and Sophie's friendship forms a central part of the story. They support and challenge each other, overcoming obstacles together.

The love triangle between Agatha, Sophie, and Tedros creates tension and conflict. Their relationships evolve and change throughout the book.

Hort's friendship with Agatha and Sophie provides humor and support. He is a loyal companion on their journey.

Dot's friendship with Agatha and Sophie adds a touch of magic and wonder to the story. Her loyalty and mischievousness make her a valuable ally.

Hester's alliance with Agatha and Sophie strengthens their group and brings a new dynamic to their relationships.

Lady Lesso and Professor Dovey guide and challenge the protagonists, influencing their development and growth.

The antagonistic relationships between Rafal, Rhian, and Anadil create conflict and danger for the protagonists.

Overall, "A World Without Princes" explores the complexities of friendship, love, and self-discovery through its diverse cast of characters and their relationships.