A World Without Princes
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"A World Without Princes" Summary

By Soman Chainani

fantasy | 433 pages | Published in NaN

After saving themselves and their fellow students from a life pitched against one another, Sophie and Agatha are back home again, living happily ever after. But life isn't exactly a fairytale. When Agatha secretly wishes she'd chosen a different happy ending with Prince Tedros, the gates to the School for Good and Evil open once again. But Good and Evil are no longer enemies and Princes and Princesses may not be what they seem, as new bonds form and old ones shatter.


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One Sentence Summary

Two best friends find themselves in a world without princes and must navigate the dangers of a divided kingdom.


"A World Without Princes" is the second book in the bestselling "The School for Good and Evil" series, written by Soman Chainani. This captivating young adult fantasy novel takes readers on a thrilling journey filled with magical adventures, friendship, and the exploration of the blurred lines between good and evil.

Brief Synopsis

In the enchanting world of Fairyland, where fairy tales come to life, the School for Good and Evil trains young students to become either heroes or villains. In the first book of the series, "The School for Good and Evil," best friends Sophie and Agatha were unexpectedly whisked away to this fantastical school.

"A World Without Princes" continues their story, picking up where the first book left off. Sophie and Agatha have returned to their hometown, Gavaldon, after escaping the clutches of the wicked School Master. But their happily ever after is short-lived when they discover that their fairy tale world is facing a new threat.

Plot Overview and Setting

The story takes place in the fictional land of Fairyland, a magical realm where fairy tales and fables coexist. The School for Good and Evil is a prestigious institution located within this world, training young students to embrace their destinies as either heroes or villains.

After their return to Gavaldon, Sophie and Agatha soon learn that their actions at the School for Good and Evil have had unintended consequences. The barrier between the School for Good and the School for Evil has been shattered, and the students are now free to choose their own paths. This unexpected turn of events leads to the formation of two rival factions within Gavaldon: the "Evergirls" and the "Neverboys."

Main Characters

Here are the main characters in "A World Without Princes":

SophieOriginally from Gavaldon, Sophie is a beautiful girl with a desire to be a princess. She struggles with her inner conflict between good and evil throughout the series.
AgathaAgatha, Sophie's best friend, is seen as an outcast due to her plain appearance. Despite this, she possesses a strong sense of loyalty and often questions the traditional notions of good and evil.
TedrosTedros, the son of King Arthur and a student at the School for Good, is torn between his love for Sophie and his duty to the kingdom. He faces challenges as he tries to navigate the complex world of Fairyland.
HesterHester, a former villain, becomes an ally to Sophie and Agatha. She has a tough exterior but shows her true loyalty and bravery as the story progresses.

Summary of Different Story Points over Chapters

Chapter 1-5: The Aftermath of the Shattered Barrier

  • Sophie and Agatha return to Gavaldon, but the barrier between the School for Good and Evil has been shattered, causing chaos in the town.
  • The town is divided into the Evergirls and the Neverboys, two rival factions.
  • Sophie and Agatha find themselves caught in the middle of the conflict and struggle to maintain their friendship.

Chapter 6-10: The Quest to Restore the Barrier

  • Sophie and Agatha embark on a quest to restore the barrier between the schools and bring back balance to Fairyland.
  • They encounter various challenges and obstacles along the way, testing their friendship and their beliefs about good and evil.

Chapter 11-15: Unraveling Secrets and Betrayals

  • As Sophie and Agatha delve deeper into their mission, they uncover shocking secrets about the true nature of Fairyland and its inhabitants.
  • Betrayals and unexpected alliances test their resolve and force them to question their own identities.

Chapter 16-20: The Final Battle

  • The story builds up to an epic final battle between the Evergirls and the Neverboys, with Sophie and Agatha caught in the middle.
  • The fate of Fairyland hangs in the balance as the characters must make difficult choices and face the consequences of their actions.

Main Events

The main events in "A World Without Princes" include:

  1. The shattering of the barrier between the School for Good and Evil, causing chaos in Gavaldon.
  2. The formation of rival factions, the Evergirls and the Neverboys, leading to conflict and division.
  3. Sophie and Agatha's quest to restore the barrier and bring balance back to Fairyland.
  4. Uncovering secrets and facing betrayals that challenge the characters' beliefs and identities.
  5. The climactic final battle between the Evergirls and the Neverboys, with the fate of Fairyland at stake.

Themes and Insights

The book explores several themes and provides insightful commentary on various topics, including:

  • Identity and self-discovery: The characters grapple with their true identities and struggle to define themselves beyond the labels of good and evil.
  • Friendship and loyalty: The strength of Sophie and Agatha's friendship is tested as they navigate the complex world of Fairyland and face difficult choices.
  • The blurred lines between good and evil: The story challenges traditional notions of good and evil, highlighting the complexity of human nature and the potential for redemption.
  • Consequences of actions: The characters must confront the consequences of their choices and learn to take responsibility for their actions.

Reader's Takeaway

"A World Without Princes" is a thought-provoking and thrilling continuation of "The School for Good and Evil" series. It captivates readers with its exploration of friendship, identity, and the blurred lines between good and evil. The book encourages readers to question societal labels and embrace their true selves, while also providing an exciting adventure filled with magic and suspense.


Soman Chainani's "A World Without Princes" takes readers on a captivating journey through Fairyland, where the boundaries between good and evil are tested. The book delves into themes of friendship, identity, and the consequences of one's actions, all while providing a thrilling and magical adventure. With its complex characters and thought-provoking storyline, this book is sure to captivate readers of all ages.

A World Without Princes FAQ

  1. Who is the author of 'A World Without Princes'?

    The author of 'A World Without Princes' is Soman Chainani.

  2. Is 'A World Without Princes' a sequel to another book?

    'A World Without Princes' is the sequel to 'The School for Good and Evil'.

  3. What is the genre of 'A World Without Princes'?

    'A World Without Princes' is a fantasy novel.

  4. What is the main premise of the book?

    In 'A World Without Princes', the main characters, Agatha and Sophie, are back in the enchanted School for Good and Evil, where they face new challenges and must navigate a world without princes.

  5. Are there any new characters introduced in 'A World Without Princes'?

    Yes, 'A World Without Princes' introduces new characters alongside the familiar ones from the previous book.

  6. Can 'A World Without Princes' be read as a standalone book?

    'A World Without Princes' is best enjoyed after reading 'The School for Good and Evil', as it continues the story and develops the characters further.

  7. What age group is 'A World Without Princes' suitable for?

    'A World Without Princes' is generally recommended for readers aged 9 to 14, but can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

  8. Is 'A World Without Princes' part of a series?

    'A World Without Princes' is the second book in 'The School for Good and Evil' series, which consists of six books in total.

  9. Where can I purchase 'A World Without Princes'?

    'A World Without Princes' can be purchased online or at most bookstores. It is available in both physical and digital formats.

  10. Is there a movie adaptation of 'A World Without Princes'?

    As of now, there is no movie adaptation of 'A World Without Princes'.