All Just Glass
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"All Just Glass" Summary

By Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

young adult | 256 pages | Published in 2010

Sarah Vida has given up everything for love. From a legendary family of vampire-hunting witches, Sarah was raised to never trust a vampire, to never let her guard down, and to avoid all tricky attachments of the heart. But now Sarah IS a vampire—changed by the boy she thought she loved. Her family has forsaken her, and Sarah herself is disgusted by her appetite for blood. Aida Vida is Sarah's older sister, the good, reliable sibling who always does her family proud. But when Aida's mother insists that Sarah be found and killed, Aida is given the one assignment that she may not be able to carry out. Taking place over just twenty-four hours, ALL JUST GLASS tells the story of a game-changing battle that will forever change the world of the Den of Shadows. And at its center is the story of two sisters who must choose between love and duty. Dark, fully-imagined, and hard to put down, ALL JUST GLASS will thrill Amelia's fans—old and new.


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One Sentence Summary

A young woman seeks revenge for her sister's murder, but finds herself in the middle of a dangerous supernatural power struggle.


"All Just Glass" by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is a compelling and suspenseful young adult fantasy novel that explores the complexities of family, power, and revenge. With its intricate plot, well-developed characters, and rich world-building, the book takes readers on a thrilling journey through a world where ancient rivalries and dark secrets collide. The story is filled with twists and turns, keeping readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Brief Synopsis

Plot Overview

In "All Just Glass," the story unfolds in Nyeusigrube, a world where vampires and witches coexist, each with their own set of rules and traditions. The novel follows the lives of the two powerful and ancient families, the Lachrimae and the Cloak, who have been locked in a bitter feud for generations. The protagonist, Sarah Vida, finds herself at the center of this conflict as she grapples with her own identity and the dark legacy of her bloodline.


The story is primarily set in the shadowy and atmospheric world of Nyeusigrube, a place where ancient magic and supernatural beings hold sway. The vivid descriptions bring this world to life, immersing readers in a realm where danger lurks around every corner and alliances are constantly shifting.

Main Characters

The book features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own motivations and secrets. Here are the main characters:

Sarah VidaThe protagonist, a young woman struggling to come to terms with her dual nature as a vampire and a witch.
ChristopherSarah's cousin, who is deeply entwined in the machinations of the Lachrimae and the Cloak.
NiciasA mysterious and enigmatic figure who holds crucial information about Sarah's past and the feud between the two families.

Story Points Over Chapters

Chapters 1-5

The story begins with Sarah Vida, a young woman navigating the complexities of her dual heritage as a vampire and a witch. She is drawn into the age-old conflict between the Lachrimae and the Cloak, two powerful families with a long history of enmity. As Sarah delves deeper into her family's past, she uncovers dark secrets that threaten to unravel the fragile peace between the two factions.

Chapters 6-10

Sarah's cousin, Christopher, becomes embroiled in the power struggles between the Lachrimae and the Cloak, leading to a chain of events that puts both their lives in jeopardy. As Sarah and Christopher navigate the treacherous landscape of Nyeusigrube, they encounter allies and adversaries whose loyalties are shrouded in mystery.

Chapters 11-15

The tension between the Lachrimae and the Cloak reaches a boiling point, and Sarah finds herself at the center of a dangerous game of manipulation and betrayal. Nicias, a shadowy figure from Sarah's past, emerges with cryptic revelations that cast doubt on everything she thought she knew about her family and her own identity.

Chapters 16-20

As the conflict escalates, Sarah and Christopher must confront the legacy of their bloodline and make difficult choices that will determine the fate of the warring factions. The lines between friend and foe blur, and the true extent of the sacrifices required to break free from the cycle of vengeance becomes clear.

Main Events

  1. Sarah's discovery of her dual heritage as a vampire and a witch sets the stage for her entanglement in the feud between the Lachrimae and the Cloak.
  2. Christopher becomes embroiled in the power struggles between the two families, putting both his and Sarah's lives in peril.
  3. The emergence of Nicias and his revelations about Sarah's past shatter her understanding of her own identity and the history of the warring factions.
  4. The escalating conflict forces Sarah and Christopher to confront the legacy of their bloodline and make pivotal decisions that will shape the future of Nyeusigrube.

Themes and Insights


  1. Family Legacy: The novel delves into the weight of familial history and the impact of inherited feuds and vendettas on the present generation.
  2. Identity and Dualism: Sarah's struggle with her dual nature as a vampire and a witch serves as a metaphor for the internal conflicts of identity and belonging.
  3. Power and Betrayal: The themes of power dynamics and betrayal are central to the narrative, as characters navigate the treacherous landscape of alliances and allegiances.


The novel provides insights into the complexities of navigating a world rife with ancient rivalries, where allegiances are constantly shifting and the past casts a long shadow over the present. It also explores the enduring allure of power and the lengths to which individuals will go to secure their own survival and dominance.

Reader's Takeaway

Readers will be captivated by the intricate world-building, high-stakes conflicts, and morally complex characters in "All Just Glass." The novel offers a compelling exploration of the ties that bind us to our past and the choices that define our future. With its rich tapestry of supernatural elements and emotionally resonant themes, the book is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences.


"All Just Glass" by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is a masterfully crafted tale that weaves together elements of fantasy, suspense, and family drama. Through its well-drawn characters and intricate plot, the novel offers readers a gripping exploration of the enduring legacies of ancient feuds and the enduring power of identity and choice. With its rich thematic depth and immersive storytelling, the book is a must-read for fans of young adult fantasy fiction.

All Just Glass FAQ

  1. What is the genre of 'All Just Glass'?

    The genre of 'All Just Glass' is young adult fantasy.

  2. Who is the author of 'All Just Glass'?

    The author of 'All Just Glass' is Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.

  3. What is the main theme of 'All Just Glass'?

    The main theme of 'All Just Glass' revolves around supernatural elements, family dynamics, and the struggle for power.

  4. Is 'All Just Glass' part of a series?

    'All Just Glass' is part of the Den of Shadows series, which includes interconnected stories with recurring characters.

  5. What is the setting of 'All Just Glass'?

    The setting of 'All Just Glass' primarily takes place in a world where vampires and other supernatural beings exist alongside humans.