Anne of Ingleside
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"Anne of Ingleside" Summary

By L.M. Montgomery

classics | 274 pages | Published in NaN

Anne is the mother of five, with never a dull moment in her lively home. And now, with a new baby on the way and insufferable Aunt Mary Maria visiting—and wearing out her welcome—Anne's life is full to bursting.Still, Mrs. Doctor can't think of any place she'd rather be than her own beloved Ingleside. Until the day she begins to worry that her adored Gilbert doesn't love her anymore. How could that be? She may be a little older, but she's still the same irrepressible, irreplaceable redhead—the wonderful Anne of Green Gables, all grown up. She's ready to make her cherished husband fall in love with her all over again!


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One Sentence Summary

Anne Shirley navigates the joys and challenges of motherhood in the cozy town of Ingleside.


"Anne of Ingleside" is a novel written by L.M. Montgomery, published in 1939. It is the sixth book in the renowned "Anne of Green Gables" series. The story revolves around Anne Shirley, the beloved protagonist of the series, as she navigates the challenges and joys of motherhood and family life in the picturesque town of Ingleside. With Montgomery's signature charm and wit, this novel takes readers on a delightful journey through Anne's life.

Brief Synopsis

The story is set in the fictional town of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island, Canada, during the early 20th century. Anne Shirley, now Anne Blythe, is happily married to her childhood friend, Gilbert Blythe. They have a growing family of five children: Jem, Walter, Nan, Di, and Shirley. The Blythes reside at Ingleside, a beautiful house near the village.

Main Characters

Anne BlytheThe protagonist, a kind-hearted and imaginative woman who is now married to Gilbert Blythe and is the mother of five children.
Gilbert BlytheAnne's loving and supportive husband, a doctor by profession, who cherishes his family above all else.
Jem BlytheThe eldest son of Anne and Gilbert, an intelligent and responsible boy with a passion for reading and adventure.
Walter BlytheThe second son of Anne and Gilbert, a sensitive and artistic boy who dreams of becoming a writer.
Nan BlytheThe eldest daughter of Anne and Gilbert, a spirited and independent girl who often finds herself in amusing predicaments.
Di BlytheThe second daughter of Anne and Gilbert, a mischievous and imaginative girl who loves playing pranks on her siblings.
Shirley BlytheThe youngest child of Anne and Gilbert, a sweet and affectionate toddler who brings joy to the family with his innocence.

Summary of Story Points over Chapters

Chapter 1: The First Year

  • Anne reflects on her first year of marriage and motherhood.
  • She reminisces about her friends from Green Gables and the joys of her new life at Ingleside.
  • Anne worries about her appearance and struggles to accept her changing body.

Chapter 2: Gilbert's Call

  • Anne anxiously waits for Gilbert's return from a medical conference.
  • She worries about his safety and contemplates the possibility of losing him.
  • Gilbert surprises Anne with a heartfelt gift and reassures her of his love.

Chapter 3: The Twins

  • Anne discovers she is pregnant with twins, bringing both excitement and apprehension.
  • She navigates the challenges of a high-risk pregnancy with the support of her family and friends.
  • The birth of the twins, Joy and Jocelyn, brings immense joy and relief to the Blythe family.

Chapter 4: The House in the Grove

  • Anne and Gilbert consider moving to a new house in the grove near Ingleside.
  • They explore the potential new home and envision the possibilities it holds for their family.
  • Ultimately, they decide to stay at Ingleside, cherishing the memories they have built there.

Chapter 5: Captain Jim

  • Captain Jim, an old sailor and dear friend of the Blythes, visits Ingleside.
  • He regales the family with stories of his seafaring adventures and brings a sense of adventure to their lives.
  • The Blythe children are enthralled by Captain Jim's tales and develop a deep fondness for him.

Chapter 6: The Little Brown Diary

  • Anne discovers an old diary hidden in a trunk at Ingleside.
  • The diary belongs to a young girl named Elizabeth, who lived in the house many years ago.
  • Anne becomes captivated by Elizabeth's story and embarks on a quest to uncover the secrets of the past.

Main Events

  1. Anne's reflection on her first year of marriage and motherhood.
  2. Gilbert's safe return from a medical conference.
  3. Anne's discovery of her pregnancy with twins.
  4. The birth of the twins, Joy and Jocelyn.
  5. Anne and Gilbert's consideration of moving to a new house.
  6. Captain Jim's visit and the sharing of his seafaring stories.
  7. Anne's discovery of the little brown diary and her quest to uncover its secrets.

Themes and Insights

  1. Motherhood and Family: The novel explores the joys, challenges, and sacrifices of motherhood, highlighting the deep love and bond within a family.
  2. Acceptance and Self-Image: Anne's struggles with accepting her changing appearance during pregnancy reflect the universal desire for self-acceptance.
  3. Friendship and Connection: The presence of beloved friends like Captain Jim strengthens the sense of community and fosters lasting connections.
  4. Nostalgia and the Power of Memories: Anne's fascination with the little brown diary demonstrates the importance of preserving and cherishing past memories.

Reader's Takeaway

"Anne of Ingleside" offers a heartwarming and relatable portrayal of family life, capturing the joys, challenges, and tender moments experienced by parents and children alike. L.M. Montgomery's vivid descriptions and engaging storytelling create a delightful reading experience that allows readers to reflect on their own experiences of love, family, and the passage of time.


"Anne of Ingleside" is a captivating addition to the beloved "Anne of Green Gables" series. Through Anne's journey as a mother and her interactions with her children, friends, and community, L.M. Montgomery beautifully captures the essence of family life. With its endearing characters, nostalgic charm, and timeless themes, this novel continues to captivate readers of all ages, reminding us of the enduring power of love and the importance of cherishing the moments that shape our lives.

Anne of Ingleside FAQ

  1. Who is the author of 'Anne of Ingleside'?

    The author of 'Anne of Ingleside' is L.M. Montgomery.

  2. Is 'Anne of Ingleside' part of a series?

    Yes, 'Anne of Ingleside' is part of the 'Anne of Green Gables' series.

  3. What is the genre of 'Anne of Ingleside'?

    'Anne of Ingleside' is a novel belonging to the genre of children's literature.

  4. What is the setting of 'Anne of Ingleside'?

    'Anne of Ingleside' is set in the fictional town of Glen St. Mary on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

  5. Who is the main character in 'Anne of Ingleside'?

    The main character in 'Anne of Ingleside' is Anne Shirley, also known as Anne Blythe.

  6. What is the plot of 'Anne of Ingleside'?

    In 'Anne of Ingleside', Anne is now a mother of five children and experiences the ups and downs of family life in the idyllic town of Glen St. Mary.

  7. Is 'Anne of Ingleside' suitable for all age groups?

    While 'Anne of Ingleside' is primarily written for children, it can be enjoyed by readers of all age groups.

  8. Are there any sequels to 'Anne of Ingleside'?

    No, 'Anne of Ingleside' is the last book in the 'Anne of Green Gables' series.

  9. Is 'Anne of Ingleside' a standalone book or should I read the previous books first?

    'Anne of Ingleside' is part of a series, so it is recommended to read the previous books in the 'Anne of Green Gables' series for a better understanding of the characters and their backgrounds.

  10. Where can I purchase a copy of 'Anne of Ingleside'?

    You can purchase a copy of 'Anne of Ingleside' from various online book retailers or visit your local bookstore.