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"Beaches" Characters Analysis

By Iris Rainer Dart

fiction | 304 pages | Published in NaN

Loudmouthed, redheaded Cee Cee Bloom has her sights set on Hollywood. Bertie White, quiet and conservative, dreams of getting married and having children. In 1951, their childhood worlds collide in Atlantic City. Keeping in touch as pen pals, they reunite over the years ... always near the ocean.Powerful and moving, this novel follows Cee Cee and Bertie's extraordinary friendship over the course of thirty years as they transform from adolescents into adults. A bestselling novel that became a hugely successful film, Beaches is funny, heartbreaking, and a tale that should be a part of every woman's library.


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List of Characters

Character NameRole
Cee Cee BloomProtagonist
Bertie WhiteProtagonist
Leona BloomSupporting Character
John PierceSupporting Character
Victoria Cecilia WhiteSupporting Character

Role Identification

In the book "Beaches" by Iris Rainer Dart, the main characters are Cee Cee Bloom and Bertie White, who are best friends. Cee Cee is the protagonist, and Bertie is the deuteragonist. Other important supporting characters include Leona Bloom, Cee Cee's mother, John Pierce, Cee Cee's husband, and Victoria Cecilia White, Bertie's daughter.

Character Descriptions

Cee Cee Bloom: Cee Cee is a charismatic and ambitious woman with a larger-than-life personality. She is a talented singer and actress, known for her stunning looks and vibrant presence. Cee Cee is often the center of attention, and her sense of humor is one of her defining characteristics.

Bertie White: Bertie is the complete opposite of Cee Cee. She is a quiet and introverted woman with a gentle and nurturing nature. Bertie is a writer and finds solace in her books and writing. She is compassionate and empathetic, always putting others before herself.

Leona Bloom: Leona is Cee Cee's mother, who plays a significant role in shaping her daughter's personality and ambitions. She is a strong-willed and independent woman, often portrayed as eccentric and free-spirited. Leona's unconventional parenting style has both positive and negative impacts on Cee Cee's life.

John Pierce: John is Cee Cee's husband, a successful businessman with a more reserved and serious demeanor. He is supportive of Cee Cee's career aspirations but struggles with the challenges of being married to such a strong and independent woman.

Victoria Cecilia White: Victoria is Bertie's daughter, who becomes an important part of Cee Cee's life. She is a sweet and loving child with a deep emotional connection to Cee Cee. Victoria's presence brings out a nurturing side in Cee Cee and strengthens the bond between the two friends.

Character Traits

Cee Cee Bloom: Cee Cee is confident, extroverted, ambitious, and witty. She has a vivacious personality and is always the life of the party. However, she can also be selfish, impulsive, and emotionally guarded at times.

Bertie White: Bertie is introverted, empathetic, compassionate, and selfless. She is a loyal friend and always puts others' needs before her own. Bertie is also introspective and reflective, often seeking solace in her writing.

Leona Bloom: Leona is eccentric, free-spirited, and independent. She values individuality and encourages Cee Cee to follow her dreams. However, her unconventional parenting style can sometimes lead to conflicts and misunderstandings.

John Pierce: John is responsible, practical, and supportive. He balances out Cee Cee's larger-than-life personality with his calm and reserved nature. John is also understanding and patient, but his traditional outlook sometimes clashes with Cee Cee's unconventional choices.

Victoria Cecilia White: Victoria is affectionate, innocent, and perceptive. She has a deep emotional connection with Cee Cee and brings out her nurturing side. Victoria is wise beyond her years and often acts as a bridge between Cee Cee and Bertie.

Character Background

Cee Cee Bloom: Cee Cee was raised by her single mother, Leona, who taught her to embrace her individuality and pursue her dreams. She grew up in a small beach town, dreaming of becoming a star. Cee Cee's talent and charisma led her to a successful career as a singer and actress. However, her personal life is filled with ups and downs, including failed relationships and a tumultuous marriage.

Bertie White: Bertie grew up in a loving and supportive family. She found solace in books and writing from a young age. Despite her introverted nature, Bertie developed a deep friendship with Cee Cee, forming an unbreakable bond. She faced her own share of personal struggles and heartbreaks but always remained resilient and compassionate.

Leona Bloom: Leona is portrayed as a free-spirited and unconventional woman. She raised Cee Cee with a sense of independence and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Leona's bohemian lifestyle and unique approach to parenting shaped Cee Cee's personality and ambitions.

John Pierce: John comes from a more traditional background, with a stable career and a practical outlook on life. He fell in love with Cee Cee's vivacious personality but struggles to understand her need for independence and career success. Despite their differences, John supports Cee Cee's dreams and tries to be a loving and understanding partner.

Victoria Cecilia White: Victoria is the daughter of Bertie and an important character in Cee Cee's life. Her innocent and perceptive nature helps Cee Cee navigate through challenging times. Victoria's presence brings out a nurturing and protective side in Cee Cee, deepening their bond as surrogate mother and daughter.

Character Arcs

Cee Cee Bloom: Throughout the book, Cee Cee undergoes a significant character arc. She starts as a young and ambitious woman yearning for stardom but gradually learns the importance of love, friendship, and selflessness. Cee Cee's journey is marked by personal growth, as she faces heartbreak, loss, and self-discovery. By the end, she realizes that true happiness lies in the meaningful connections she forms with others.

Bertie White: Bertie's character arc revolves around finding her own voice and embracing her talents as a writer. Initially overshadowed by Cee Cee's larger-than-life personality, Bertie learns to value her own uniqueness and creativity. Throughout the book, she evolves from a timid and self-doubting woman to a confident writer who is unafraid to share her stories with the world.

Leona Bloom: Though not the central focus of the story, Leona's character arc showcases her growth as a mother. She starts as a free-spirited and unconventional parent but learns to balance her own desires with her responsibilities towards Cee Cee. Leona's journey highlights the complexities of motherhood and the importance of finding a middle ground between individuality and nurturing.

John Pierce: John's character arc centers around understanding and accepting Cee Cee's dreams and ambitions. Initially resistant to her unconventional choices, he learns to appreciate her talent and supports her career aspirations. John's growth lies in his ability to see beyond societal expectations and embrace Cee Cee for who she truly is.

Victoria Cecilia White: Though a young child, Victoria's character arc focuses on her emotional bond with Cee Cee and her growth through their friendship. She starts as an innocent and perceptive girl who finds solace in Cee Cee's love and care. Victoria's character arc is marked by her blossoming independence and her ability to bring out the best in Cee Cee.


Cee Cee and Bertie's friendship forms the heart of the story. Their bond is deep and enduring, with each woman offering support and understanding to the other. They complement each other's personalities, with Cee Cee's vivacity balancing Bertie's introverted nature. Despite their differences, their friendship withstands the test of time, heartbreak, and distance.

Cee Cee's relationship with her mother, Leona, is complex. Leona's unconventional parenting style often leads to conflicts, but their love for each other is evident throughout the book. Leona's influence shapes Cee Cee's personality and ambitions, even as they navigate the challenges of their mother-daughter relationship.

Cee Cee's marriage to John Pierce is a mix of love, understanding, and conflict. John supports Cee Cee's career aspirations but struggles to fully comprehend her need for independence. Their relationship undergoes ups and downs, reflecting the complexities of balancing personal and professional lives.

Cee Cee forms a unique bond with Victoria, Bertie's daughter. Their relationship evolves from surrogate mother and daughter to true friendship. Victoria's innocent and perceptive nature brings out Cee Cee's nurturing side, and their connection becomes an essential part of Cee Cee's personal growth.

In conclusion, "Beaches" by Iris Rainer Dart explores the complex and enduring friendships between Cee Cee Bloom and Bertie White. The characters' distinct personalities, backgrounds, and relationships contribute to their individual character arcs and the overall narrative of love, friendship, and personal growth.