Big Nate Strikes Again
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"Big Nate Strikes Again" Characters Analysis

By Lincoln Peirce

graphic novels | 216 pages | Published in 2010

Soon to be an animated series from Nickelodeon! "Big Nate is funny, big time" —Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy KidFor fans of Jeff Kinney and Raina Telgemeier, here comes the second novel in the New York Times bestselling Big Nate series. BIG NATE will surpass all others!But it won’t be easy. He’s stuck with Gina, his all-time enemy, in a class project for his least favorite teacher Mrs. Godfrey, aka Godzilla. To make matters worse, Gina ALSO ends up on his fleeceball team, right when Nate is set to win his first fleeceball championship ever. This is his moment for glory, but Gina's sure to steal his thunder, or ruin everything.  Will Nate win or lose? Pass or fail? Or end up in detention . . . AGAIN?Meet BIG NATE, self-described genius and definitely NOT the teacher’s pet in this comic-strip novel perfect for anyone who's ever been to middle school.


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Table of Contents

  1. List of Characters

List of Characters

Character NameRole
Nate WrightProtagonist
Francis PopeNate's best friend
Teddy OrtizNate's friend
Jenny JenkinsNate's crush
Mrs. GodfreyNate's strict teacher
Mr. GalvinNate's social studies teacher
Gina Hemphill-TomsClassmate and rival
Chad ApplewhiteBully
Artur PashkovClassmate and friend
Dee Dee HollowayClassmate and friend

Role Identification

In "Big Nate Strikes Again" by Lincoln Peirce, the protagonist is Nate Wright, a sixth-grade student at P.S. 38. Nate is known for his mischievous nature and his knack for getting into trouble. He is surrounded by a variety of supporting characters, including his best friend Francis Pope, his crush Jenny Jenkins, and his strict teacher Mrs. Godfrey.

Character Descriptions

  1. Nate Wright: Nate is a self-proclaimed genius with a big ego. He is known for his sarcastic humor, love for comics, and his constant attempts to break the rules. Nate is often seen wearing his signature red baseball cap and has a distinctive spiky hairstyle.
  2. Francis Pope: Nate's best friend, Francis, is the complete opposite of him. He is calm, level-headed, and often serves as Nate's voice of reason. Francis is described as a bookworm and is always seen wearing glasses.
  3. Teddy Ortiz: Teddy is another one of Nate's friends who is always up for an adventure. He is portrayed as a laid-back and easygoing character who often joins Nate in his schemes.
  4. Jenny Jenkins: Jenny is Nate's crush and serves as a source of inspiration for him. She is depicted as smart, athletic, and popular. Jenny has long blonde hair and is known for her friendly nature.
  5. Mrs. Godfrey: Mrs. Godfrey is Nate's strict and no-nonsense teacher. She constantly reprimands Nate for his behavior and tries to keep him in line. Mrs. Godfrey is often seen wearing glasses and has a stern expression on her face.

Character Traits

  1. Nate Wright: Nate is characterized by his mischievousness, wit, and creativity. He is exceptionally confident, even in the face of failure. Nate is also stubborn and can be impulsive at times, often leading him into trouble.
  2. Francis Pope: Francis is known for his intelligence, love for books, and calm demeanor. He is the voice of reason among Nate's friends and often tries to steer Nate away from trouble. Francis is also shown to be loyal and supportive of Nate.
  3. Teddy Ortiz: Teddy is depicted as a laid-back and carefree character. He is always up for an adventure and enjoys taking risks. Teddy is fiercely loyal to his friends and often provides comic relief in the story.
  4. Jenny Jenkins: Jenny is portrayed as intelligent, athletic, and friendly. She is well-liked by her peers and serves as a source of motivation for Nate. Jenny is also shown to be understanding and forgiving.
  5. Mrs. Godfrey: Mrs. Godfrey is strict, disciplinary, and expects the best from her students. She is depicted as a no-nonsense teacher who is often frustrated with Nate's behavior. Despite her strictness, Mrs. Godfrey genuinely cares about her students' success.

Character Background

Nate Wright is a sixth-grade student at P.S. 38 who has a reputation for being a troublemaker. He is passionate about drawing comics and often finds himself daydreaming during class. Nate's obsession with comics and his desire to be the best at everything often leads him into hilarious and chaotic situations.

Francis Pope is Nate's best friend and is known for his love of reading and encyclopedic knowledge. He often serves as Nate's conscience, trying to keep him out of trouble.

Teddy Ortiz is another close friend of Nate's who shares his adventurous spirit. Teddy is often the one who gets Nate involved in his misadventures.

Jenny Jenkins is Nate's crush and a popular student at P.S. 38. She is an excellent student and athlete, admired by both her peers and teachers.

Mrs. Godfrey is Nate's strict teacher who constantly clashes with him. She is known for her no-nonsense approach to teaching and her attempts to rein in Nate's misbehavior.

Character Arcs

Throughout "Big Nate Strikes Again," Nate experiences personal growth and development. Initially, Nate is focused on breaking the rules, getting attention, and impressing Jenny. However, as the story progresses, Nate learns important life lessons about friendship, honesty, and the consequences of his actions.

Nate's relationship with Mrs. Godfrey also evolves throughout the book. Initially, they have a difficult relationship, with Nate constantly challenging her authority. However, as the story unfolds, Nate begins to understand Mrs. Godfrey's intentions and realizes that she genuinely cares about his success.


  1. Nate and Francis: Nate and Francis have a strong friendship based on their shared love of comics and their ability to balance each other's personalities. Francis often acts as the voice of reason, while Nate's enthusiasm and creativity inspire Francis.
  2. Nate and Teddy: Nate and Teddy share a close friendship built on their shared sense of adventure. They often find themselves in trouble together but always have each other's back.
  3. Nate and Jenny: Nate has a crush on Jenny and often tries to impress her. Although their relationship is mostly one-sided, Jenny's presence motivates Nate to be a better person and make better choices.
  4. Nate and Mrs. Godfrey: Nate and Mrs. Godfrey have a complicated relationship characterized by Nate's constant defiance and Mrs. Godfrey's strict discipline. However, as the story progresses, Nate begins to understand Mrs. Godfrey's intentions and gains a newfound respect for her.

In conclusion, "Big Nate Strikes Again" introduces readers to a cast of diverse and entertaining characters. Nate's mischievousness, Francis's intellect, Teddy's adventurous spirit, Jenny's influence, and Mrs. Godfrey's discipline create a dynamic and engaging story. The character arcs and relationships within the book highlight themes of friendship, growth, and learning from one's mistakes.