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"Blind" Characters Analysis

By Rachel DeWoskin

young adult | 394 pages | Published in NaN

When Emma Sasha Silver loses her eyesight in a nightmare accident, she must relearn everything from walking across the street to recognizing her own sisters to imagining colors. One of seven children, Emma used to be the invisible kid, but now it seems everyone is watching her. And just as she's about to start high school and try to recover her friendships and former life, one of her classmates is found dead in an apparent suicide. Fifteen and blind, Emma has to untangle what happened and why - in order to see for herself what makes life worth living.Unflinching in its portrayal of Emma's darkest days, yet full of hope and humor, Rachel DeWoskin's brilliant Blind is one of those rare books that utterly absorbs the listener into the life and experience of another.


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Table of Contents

  1. List of Characters

List of Characters

Character NameRole
Emma Sasha SilverProtagonist/Main Character
Laura SilverEmma's Mother
BenEmma's Boyfriend
OliverEmma's Best Friend
LucyEmma's Friend
StacyEmma's Friend
AnnieEmma's Friend
WilliamEmma's Friend
DexEmma's Friend
SarahEmma's Friend
Mr. KimEmma's Teacher
Mrs. AndersonEmma's Braille Teacher
Dr. McDonaldEmma's Therapist

Role Identification

In "Blind," a novel by Rachel DeWoskin, the protagonist, Emma Sasha Silver, is a young woman who suddenly loses her eyesight due to a traumatic accident. The story revolves around Emma's journey of adapting to her new life as a blind person and the challenges she faces in navigating her relationships, education, and personal growth.

Character Descriptions

  1. Emma Sasha Silver: Emma is a resilient and determined teenager who goes through a life-altering experience when she becomes blind. She is depicted as intelligent, compassionate, and artistic. Emma's character development is central to the novel as she learns to redefine her identity and find her place in the world.
  2. Laura Silver: Laura is Emma's mother who deeply cares for her daughter. She struggles to balance her own fears and concerns with supporting Emma's independence. Laura is a protective and loving mother, often torn between wanting to help Emma and allowing her to explore her capabilities.
  3. Ben: Ben is Emma's boyfriend, who has been with her before the accident. He is initially supportive but struggles to fully understand Emma's experience as a blind person. Ben's character represents the challenges and complexities of romantic relationships when one partner experiences a significant change.
  4. Oliver: Oliver is Emma's best friend, who has been by her side since childhood. He provides emotional support and serves as a guide in Emma's journey to adapt to her blindness. Oliver's unwavering loyalty and understanding make him a crucial character in Emma's life.
  5. Lucy, Stacy, Annie, William, Dex, and Sarah: These friends are part of Emma's support system. Each of them represents different aspects of friendship, from empathy to shared experiences. They play a significant role in helping Emma navigate her new reality and discovering her own strengths.
  6. Mr. Kim: Mr. Kim is Emma's teacher, who challenges her to push her limits and excel academically. He encourages Emma's artistic abilities and supports her in finding alternative ways to engage with the world despite her blindness.
  7. Mrs. Anderson: Mrs. Anderson is Emma's braille teacher, who helps her learn and adapt to reading through touch. She provides guidance and teaches Emma the skills necessary to read and write in braille, empowering her to pursue her education.
  8. Dr. McDonald: Dr. McDonald is Emma's therapist, who assists her in coping with the emotional and psychological impact of her blindness. Through therapy sessions, she helps Emma process her grief, fear, and frustration, ultimately enabling her to develop resilience and acceptance.

Character Traits

  • Emma: Determined, intelligent, compassionate, artistic, resilient.
  • Laura: Caring, protective, conflicted.
  • Ben: Supportive, struggling with understanding.
  • Oliver: Loyal, understanding, patient.
  • Friends: Empathetic, supportive, relatable.
  • Mr. Kim: Encouraging, inspiring, supportive of Emma's talents.
  • Mrs. Anderson: Guidance, patient, empowering.
  • Dr. McDonald: Supportive, empathetic, helping Emma process emotions.

Character Background

  • Emma Sasha Silver: Prior to the accident, Emma was a talented painter and a high-achieving student at a prestigious art school. She had a loving and supportive family and a close-knit group of friends.
  • Laura Silver: Emma's mother, a devoted parent and wife, worked as a lawyer. She had always been a source of strength and support for Emma.
  • Ben: Emma's boyfriend, a kind and caring individual who had been with her before the accident. He was also a talented musician.
  • Oliver: Emma's best friend since childhood, always there for her through thick and thin. He shared Emma's love for art and had a deep understanding of her personality.
  • Friends: Lucy, Stacy, Annie, William, Dex, and Sarah were Emma's friends from school. They formed a tight-knit group, providing emotional support and shared experiences.
  • Mr. Kim: Emma's art teacher, who recognized her talent and encouraged her to explore her artistic abilities.
  • Mrs. Anderson: Emma's braille teacher, who helped her adapt to her new way of reading and writing.
  • Dr. McDonald: Emma's therapist, who supported her in processing her emotions and adjusting to her new reality.

Character Arcs

  • Emma's character arc focuses on her journey of acceptance and adaptation to her blindness. She initially struggles with denial, anger, and frustration but gradually learns to embrace her new reality. Emma discovers alternative ways to engage with her passion for art and forms new relationships that enrich her life.
  • Laura's character arc revolves around her struggle to balance her protective instincts with allowing Emma to grow and become independent. She learns to trust Emma's capabilities and support her in navigating her new life.
  • Ben's character arc explores his efforts to understand and support Emma despite his own limitations. He learns to be patient and seeks a deeper connection with Emma.
  • Oliver's character arc highlights his unwavering loyalty and support for Emma. He stands by her side, encouraging and guiding her through her journey of adaptation.
  • The friends' character arcs demonstrate their growth in understanding and empathizing with Emma's experience. They learn to provide the support she needs and appreciate the strength she possesses.
  • Mr. Kim's character arc shows his role in pushing Emma to reach her full potential despite her blindness. He encourages her to explore new artistic techniques and find her unique voice.
  • Mrs. Anderson's character arc focuses on her role in empowering Emma to learn braille and adapt to her new way of reading and writing.
  • Dr. McDonald's character arc emphasizes her support in helping Emma process her emotions, accept her blindness, and develop resilience.


  • Emma and Laura: Emma's relationship with her mother evolves from a dependent child to a partnership based on mutual understanding and support.
  • Emma and Ben: Ben struggles to fully comprehend Emma's experience as a blind person, leading to challenges in their relationship. However, they work together to bridge the gap and develop a stronger connection.
  • Emma and Oliver: Oliver's unwavering loyalty and understanding make him a pillar of support in Emma's life. Their friendship deepens as he becomes her guide and confidante.
  • Emma and Friends: Emma's friends play significant roles in her journey, providing emotional support and shared experiences. Their friendships evolve as they learn to navigate the challenges of Emma's blindness.
  • Emma and Mr. Kim: Mr. Kim's mentorship and encouragement inspire Emma to explore new artistic avenues and find alternative ways to express herself.
  • Emma and Mrs. Anderson: Mrs. Anderson's guidance and teaching empower Emma to adapt to her new way of learning, opening doors for her education.
  • Emma and Dr. McDonald: Dr. McDonald's therapy sessions help Emma process her emotions and develop resilience, enabling her to embrace her new reality.

In Rachel DeWoskin's "Blind," the characters bring depth, emotion, and growth to the story. Their relationships, individual journeys, and the challenges they face contribute to a rich and compelling narrative that explores themes of adaptation, resilience, and the power of human connection.