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Table of Contents

  1. List of Characters

List of Characters

Character NameRole
Mare BarrowProtagonist
Cal CaloreProtagonist
Maven CaloreAntagonist
Evangeline SamosSupporting Character
Kilorn WarrenSupporting Character
Elara MerandusAntagonist
Cameron ColeSupporting Character
FarleySupporting Character
Tiberias Calore VIISupporting Character
Iris CygnetSupporting Character

Role Identification

In "Broken Throne" by Victoria Aveyard, the characters play various roles that contribute to the overall development of the story. The protagonists, Mare Barrow and Cal Calore, drive the narrative forward as they navigate the complex political landscape and their personal struggles. Maven Calore serves as the primary antagonist, creating conflict and tension throughout the book. Other characters, such as Evangeline Samos, Kilorn Warren, Elara Merandus, Cameron Cole, Farley, Tiberias Calore VII, and Iris Cygnet, provide support and contribute to the character arcs and relationships within the story.

Character Descriptions

  1. Mare Barrow: Mare is a strong and determined protagonist with the ability to control electricity. She is described as having silver hair, which sets her apart from the rest of the Red-blooded population. Mare's physical appearance and powers make her a symbol of hope and rebellion against the oppressive Silver-blooded ruling class.
  2. Cal Calore: Cal is a Silver-blooded prince and former heir to the throne. He possesses the ability to manipulate fire. Cal is described as handsome and charismatic, with a strong sense of duty and honor. Throughout the book, he struggles with his responsibilities and the choices he must make.
  3. Maven Calore: Maven is Cal's half-brother and the main antagonist of the story. He is described as manipulative and power-hungry. Maven's actions and betrayal in the previous books have left deep scars on the characters, especially Mare. Maven's complex personality and motivations make him a compelling and formidable adversary.
  4. Evangeline Samos: Evangeline is a Silver-blooded princess and a supporting character in the story. She initially serves as a rival to Mare, but her character develops as she begins to question the oppressive Silver regime. Evangeline is described as intelligent and ambitious, with a desire to challenge the status quo.
  5. Kilorn Warren: Kilorn is Mare's childhood friend and a supporting character. He is a Red-blooded soldier who joins the rebellion against the Silvers. Kilorn is described as loyal and brave, always willing to fight for what he believes in. His relationship with Mare evolves throughout the story, adding depth to both characters.
  6. Elara Merandus: Elara is Maven's mother and an antagonist in the story. She possesses mind-controlling powers and uses them to manipulate those around her. Elara is described as cold and calculating, with a thirst for power. Her presence adds a sense of danger and unpredictability to the narrative.
  7. Cameron Cole: Cameron is a supporting character and a member of the Scarlet Guard, a rebel group fighting against the Silver regime. She is described as resourceful and skilled in combat. Cameron's loyalty and determination make her a valuable ally to Mare and the other characters.
  8. Farley: Farley is a supporting character and a leader of the Scarlet Guard. She is described as strong-willed and passionate about the rebellion. Farley's strategic mind and determination make her an essential figure in the fight against the Silvers.
  9. Tiberias Calore VII: Tiberias, also known as Tibe, is Cal's father and a supporting character. He is the king of Norta and plays a significant role in the political machinations of the story. Tiberias is described as a shrewd and cunning ruler, constantly balancing the interests of his family and the kingdom.
  10. Iris Cygnet: Iris is a supporting character and a Silver princess. She is described as cunning and manipulative, using her position to her advantage. Iris's character adds complexity to the Silver court and contributes to the political intrigue of the story.

Character Traits

  1. Mare Barrow: Determined, brave, rebellious, conflicted, compassionate.
  2. Cal Calore: Dutiful, conflicted, honorable, conflicted, torn between loyalty and love.
  3. Maven Calore: Manipulative, power-hungry, deceptive, conflicted, vengeful.
  4. Evangeline Samos: Intelligent, ambitious, conflicted, questioning, capable of change.
  5. Kilorn Warren: Loyal, brave, supportive, determined, evolving.
  6. Elara Merandus: Cold, calculating, manipulative, power-hungry, dangerous.
  7. Cameron Cole: Resourceful, skilled, loyal, determined, strategic.
  8. Farley: Strong-willed, passionate, leader, dedicated, strategic.
  9. Tiberias Calore VII: Shrewd, cunning, conflicted, balancing loyalties, calculating.
  10. Iris Cygnet: Cunning, manipulative, ambitious, calculating, politically savvy.

Character Background

  1. Mare Barrow: Mare comes from a poor Red-blooded family and grew up in the Stilts, a poverty-stricken area. She becomes involved with the Scarlet Guard, a rebel group fighting against the oppressive Silver regime. Mare's discovery of her unique abilities sets her on a path of rebellion and challenges her beliefs about the world she lives in.
  2. Cal Calore: Cal is the former heir to the Silver throne and the son of King Tiberias. He grew up in the lap of luxury, surrounded by the privileges and expectations of the Silver elite. However, his relationship with Mare and the events of the previous books have shattered his worldview and forced him to question his role in the kingdom.
  3. Maven Calore: Maven is the younger brother of Cal and the son of Queen Elara. He grew up in the palace, surrounded by power and manipulation. Maven's complex background, marked by his mother's influence and his own desires for power, drives his actions and motivations throughout the story.
  4. Evangeline Samos: Evangeline is a Silver princess and a member of the Samos family, one of the most powerful Silver families. She has been raised to believe in the superiority of the Silvers and the necessity of maintaining their control over the Reds. However, her encounters with Mare and the rebellion challenge her beliefs and force her to confront the flaws in the Silver system.
  5. Kilorn Warren: Kilorn is a Red-blooded soldier who grew up in the Stilts alongside Mare. He joined the rebellion after witnessing the injustices inflicted upon the Reds by the Silvers. Kilorn's background as a commoner gives him a unique perspective and fuels his determination to fight against the oppressive regime.
  6. Elara Merandus: Elara is Maven's mother and a powerful Silver queen. She has used her mind-controlling powers to manipulate those around her and secure her family's position of power. Elara's background and thirst for power make her a formidable adversary and a central figure in the political machinations of the story.
  7. Cameron Cole: Cameron is a member of the Scarlet Guard and has dedicated her life to fighting against the Silvers. Her background and motivations are rooted in her desire to bring equality and justice to the oppressed Reds.
  8. Farley: Farley is another member of the Scarlet Guard and a key figure in the rebellion. Her background and experiences as a Red-blooded citizen have shaped her determination to overthrow the Silver regime and create a more just society.
  9. Tiberias Calore VII: Tiberias is the king of Norta and the father of Cal and Maven. His background as a ruler and his desire to maintain the stability of the kingdom drive his actions and decisions throughout the story.
  10. Iris Cygnet: Iris is a Silver princess and a member of the Cygnet family. Her background and upbringing in the Silver court have shaped her ambitions and desire for power. Iris's actions and alliances contribute to the political intrigue and power struggles within the story.

Character Arcs

  1. Mare Barrow: Mare's character arc revolves around her transformation from a powerless Red-blooded girl to a symbol of hope and rebellion against the Silvers. She starts as a reluctant participant in the rebellion but gradually embraces her role and becomes a leader. Mare's arc also involves her grappling with her own powers and the moral dilemmas they present.
  2. Cal Calore: Cal's character arc centers around his struggle to reconcile his sense of duty and loyalty to his family with his growing love for Mare. He begins as a privileged prince, but his experiences alongside Mare and the rebellion force him to question his beliefs and make difficult choices.
  3. Maven Calore: Maven's character arc is one of betrayal, manipulation, and descent into darkness. He starts as a seemingly loyal and kind prince, but his true nature is revealed as he seeks power and revenge. Maven's arc explores the depths of his villainy and the consequences of his actions.
  4. Evangeline Samos: Evangeline's character arc involves a shift in her beliefs and loyalties. She starts as a staunch supporter of the Silver regime but gradually questions the system and begins to align herself with the rebellion. Evangeline's arc explores her growth and transformation as she confronts the flaws in her previous worldview.
  5. Kilorn Warren: Kilorn's character arc revolves around his growth from a loyal friend to a capable fighter and supporter of the rebellion. He starts as a simple soldier but becomes an essential member of the Scarlet Guard, contributing to the cause and evolving as a character.
  6. Elara Merandus: Elara's character arc focuses on her thirst for power and manipulation. She starts as a calculating queen, using her mind-controlling powers to maintain control. However, her arc ultimately leads to her downfall as her actions catch up with her.
  7. Cameron Cole: Cameron's character arc involves her dedication to the cause of the rebellion. She starts as a committed member of the Scarlet Guard and grows into a strategic and resourceful leader. Cameron's arc explores her evolution as a fighter and her commitment to the fight against the Silvers.
  8. Farley: Farley's character arc centers around her leadership in the rebellion. She starts as a determined rebel and grows into a key figure in the fight against the Silvers. Farley's arc explores her role in the rebellion and her commitment to creating a more just society.
  9. Tiberias Calore VII: Tiberias's character arc involves his navigation of the political landscape and his role as a ruler. He starts as a shrewd and calculating king but is forced to make difficult decisions and balance the interests of his family and the kingdom. Tiberias's arc explores his growth as a leader and his understanding of the complexities of ruling.
  10. Iris Cygnet: Iris's character arc revolves around her ambitions and desire for power. She starts as a cunning and manipulative princess but faces challenges to her position and alliances. Iris's arc explores her pursuit of power and the consequences it has on those around her.


  1. Mare Barrow and Cal Calore: Mare and Cal's relationship is central to the story. They start as allies but their feelings for each other grow and complicate their roles in the rebellion. Their relationship is marked by loyalty, love, and sacrifice.
  2. Mare Barrow and Maven Calore: Mare and Maven's relationship is one of betrayal and manipulation. Maven's actions in the previous books have deeply affected Mare, and their interactions in "Broken Throne" explore the depths of their connection and the consequences of their choices.
  3. Mare Barrow and Kilorn Warren: Mare and Kilorn's friendship is a strong bond that evolves throughout the story. Kilorn supports Mare in her fight against the Silvers and plays a significant role in her character development.
  4. Cal Calore and Maven Calore: Cal and Maven's relationship is complicated by their shared bloodline and their conflicting desires for power. Their interactions are fraught with tension and manipulation.
  5. Evangeline Samos and Mare Barrow: Evangeline and Mare's relationship starts as a rivalry but evolves into a mutual respect and understanding as they both question the Silver regime. Their interactions highlight the complexities of loyalty and personal growth.
  6. Cameron Cole and Farley: Cameron and Farley's relationship is one of mutual respect and trust. They work together closely within the Scarlet Guard, relying on each other's strengths and support.
  7. Tiberias Calore VII and Cal Calore: The relationship between Tiberias and Cal is marked by duty and familial responsibilities. Their interactions highlight the pressures of ruling and the sacrifices required for the greater good.
  8. Elara Merandus and Maven Calore: Elara and Maven's relationship is fraught with manipulation and power struggles. Elara's influence over Maven plays a significant role in their interactions and the development of their characters.
  9. Farley and Kilorn Warren: Farley and Kilorn's relationship is one of friendship and shared goals. They support each other within the rebellion and contribute to each other's growth.
  10. Iris Cygnet and Maven Calore: Iris and Maven's relationship is one of political alliances and manipulation. Their interactions explore the complexities of power dynamics within the Silver court.

In "Broken Throne" by Victoria Aveyard, the characters' roles, descriptions, traits, backgrounds, arcs, and relationships contribute to the overall narrative and provide depth to the story. Each character brings unique perspectives and motivations, driving the plot forward and creating complex dynamics within the book.