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One Sentence Summary

A collection of novellas that provide a glimpse into the aftermath of the Red Queen series.


"Broken Throne" is a captivating collection of short stories and novellas set in the world of the bestselling "Red Queen" series by Victoria Aveyard. This book serves as a companion to the main series, providing readers with additional insights, backstories, and closure for some of their favorite characters. With its gripping narratives and intricate world-building, "Broken Throne" is a must-read for fans of the "Red Queen" series.

Brief Synopsis

Set in the kingdom of Norta, a world divided by blood—Silver and Red—this epic fantasy series follows the journey of Mare Barrow, a young Red girl with electrifying powers. In the world of Norta, Silvers are the ruling elite, possessing extraordinary abilities, while Reds are the oppressed majority. Mare's life takes a drastic turn when she discovers that, despite being a Red, she possesses a power that rivals that of the Silvers.

In "Broken Throne," the story continues with a collection of novellas and short stories that delve deeper into the lives of the characters readers have come to love. The book provides closure for some storylines and sheds light on others, offering a comprehensive exploration of the world of Norta.

Main Characters

Here are some of the main characters featured in "Broken Throne":

Character NameDescription
Mare BarrowThe protagonist of the "Red Queen" series, Mare is a Red with the ability to control electricity. She becomes a symbol of hope for the oppressed Reds.
Cal CaloreThe former prince and now the exiled king of Norta, Cal struggles with his identity and responsibilities.
Evangeline SamosA Silver princess who initially opposes Mare but eventually becomes her ally. She challenges societal norms and expectations.
Maven CaloreCal's brother and the former king of Norta, Maven is a complex character with a twisted mind.

Summary of Different Story Points

1. Iron Heart

"Iron Heart" is a novella that picks up after the events of the "Red Queen" series. It follows the perspective of Cal as he navigates life as an exiled king. Cal finds himself torn between duty and personal desires, questioning his choices and alliances. This story provides closure to Cal's character arc, giving readers a glimpse into his future.

2. Shadow Song

"Shadow Song" is a novella that explores the life of Farley, a key member of the Scarlet Guard revolutionary group. Set before the events of the main series, it delves into Farley's backstory, her motivations, and her journey towards becoming a leader. This story provides insights into the Scarlet Guard's operations and sheds light on Farley's resilience and determination.

3. Farewell, Queen

"Farewell, Queen" is a short story that focuses on the aftermath of Maven's downfall and the impact on the kingdom of Norta. It offers closure for Maven's character and explores the consequences of his actions. The story also touches upon the challenges faced by Mare as she tries to rebuild the shattered kingdom.

4. Scars

"Scars" is a novella that delves into the perspective of Diana Farley, a prominent member of the Scarlet Guard. It explores her past and the events that shaped her into the fierce and dedicated revolutionary she is. Through this story, readers gain a deeper understanding of Farley's motivations and the sacrifices she makes for the cause.

5. Fire Light

"Fire Light" is a short story that centers around the character of Kilorn. It takes place after the events of the main series and follows Kilorn's journey as he grapples with his role in the new Norta. This story provides closure for Kilorn's character and explores the challenges he faces as he tries to find his place in a changing world.

Main Events

  1. Cal's struggles with his identity and responsibilities as an exiled king.
  2. Farley's journey towards becoming a leader in the Scarlet Guard.
  3. The aftermath of Maven's downfall and its impact on the kingdom of Norta.
  4. Diana Farley's past and the events that shaped her into a revolutionary.
  5. Kilorn's journey as he tries to find his place in the new Norta.

Themes and Insights

  • Power and its corrupting influence: The series explores the consequences of power and the lengths people will go to maintain it.
  • Class divide and oppression: The stark contrast between the privileged Silvers and the oppressed Reds highlights the theme of social inequality and the struggle for justice.
  • Identity and self-discovery: Many characters in the series grapple with their identities and the expectations placed upon them, leading to journeys of self-discovery and growth.
  • Sacrifice and loyalty: The characters face difficult choices and must confront the sacrifices they are willing to make for their beliefs and loved ones.

Reader's Takeaway

"Broken Throne" offers fans of the "Red Queen" series an opportunity to delve deeper into the lives of their favorite characters. It provides closure for some storylines and expands upon the rich world-building of Norta. Through its collection of novellas and short stories, readers gain a deeper understanding of the characters' motivations, experiences, and the consequences of their actions. This book is a must-read for fans looking for additional insights and closure to the beloved series.


"Broken Throne" by Victoria Aveyard is a captivating collection of novellas and short stories set in the world of the "Red Queen" series. It offers fans closure, insights, and additional depth to the characters and events they have come to love. With its exploration of power, social inequality, and personal journeys, "Broken Throne" is a worthy companion to the main series. Aveyard's storytelling prowess shines through in this collection, making it a must-read for fans and a valuable addition to the "Red Queen" universe.

Broken Throne FAQ

  1. What is the genre of 'Broken Throne'?

    The genre of 'Broken Throne' is fantasy.

  2. Is 'Broken Throne' a standalone book or part of a series?

    'Broken Throne' is a companion book to the 'Red Queen' series by Victoria Aveyard.

  3. Do I need to read the 'Red Queen' series before reading 'Broken Throne'?

    Yes, it is recommended to read the 'Red Queen' series before reading 'Broken Throne' as it contains spoilers and references to events from the main series.

  4. How many stories are included in 'Broken Throne'?

    'Broken Throne' includes four novellas and additional bonus content.

  5. Are there any new characters introduced in 'Broken Throne'?

    While 'Broken Throne' mainly focuses on the original characters from the 'Red Queen' series, there are some new characters introduced in the novellas.

  6. Does 'Broken Throne' provide closure to the 'Red Queen' series?

    Yes, 'Broken Throne' provides additional insights, epilogues, and closure to the 'Red Queen' series.

  7. Can 'Broken Throne' be read as a standalone book?

    No, 'Broken Throne' is meant to be read after completing the 'Red Queen' series as it builds upon the existing story.

  8. Is 'Broken Throne' suitable for young adult readers?

    Yes, 'Broken Throne' is suitable for young adult readers as it falls within the fantasy genre and follows the themes and tone of the 'Red Queen' series.

  9. Is 'Broken Throne' a collection of short stories?

    'Broken Throne' is not just a collection of short stories, but also includes additional bonus content like maps, illustrations, and character profiles.

  10. Where can I purchase 'Broken Throne'?

    You can purchase 'Broken Throne' from major book retailers, both online and in physical stores, or through e-book platforms.