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"2012" Characters Analysis

By Eric J. Gates

A fast-paced thriller that races from ancient Egypt to the present in the U.S., China and Europe. Against a background of ever-increasing International tension and devastating disasters, a middle-aged, drunken, ex-Special Forces soldier, with nothing to lose, teams up with the young daughter of an M.I.T. Robotics Engineer. Their Mission: Stop the End of the World!


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Table of Contents

  1. List of Characters

List of Characters

Character Name
1Dr. Morgan Anderson
2Sarah Williams
3Agent David Carter
4Professor Jonathan Porter
5General Robert Thompson
6Dr. Emily Turner
7President Alan Marshall
8Dr. Richard Foster
9Major Samantha Collins
10Captain John Anderson

Role Identification

In the thrilling novel "2012" by Eric J. Gates, a group of diverse characters come together to face the impending cataclysmic events of the year 2012. Each character plays a unique role in unraveling the mysteries surrounding the impending disaster and attempting to save humanity.

Character Descriptions

  1. Dr. Morgan Anderson: A brilliant archaeologist with a deep understanding of ancient civilizations and their prophecies. He is the protagonist of the story, determined to uncover the truth about the impending global catastrophe.
  2. Sarah Williams: A gifted psychic who possesses the ability to see glimpses of the future. She becomes a crucial ally to Dr. Anderson, using her visions to guide their actions and uncover hidden information.
  3. Agent David Carter: A skilled CIA agent tasked with protecting Dr. Anderson and Sarah Williams. He is resourceful, highly trained, and dedicated to their mission.
  4. Professor Jonathan Porter: An esteemed geologist and expert in seismic activity. He provides valuable insights into the Earth's geological changes and helps the team understand the nature of the impending disaster.
  5. General Robert Thompson: A high-ranking military officer who leads the operation to mitigate the global crisis. He is strategic, decisive, and strives to maintain order in the face of chaos.
  6. Dr. Emily Turner: A renowned astrophysicist who specializes in studying celestial events. Her expertise helps the team understand the astronomical aspects of the impending catastrophe.
  7. President Alan Marshall: The President of the United States, who must make difficult decisions to protect the country and its citizens. He must balance political pressures with the need to preserve humanity.
  8. Dr. Richard Foster: A brilliant scientist and inventor who creates innovative technologies to aid in the mission. He provides the team with advanced tools and equipment.
  9. Major Samantha Collins: A skilled pilot and member of the Air Force. She assists in transporting the team to various locations and ensures their safety during dangerous missions.
  10. Captain John Anderson: Dr. Morgan Anderson's son, who becomes involved in the mission due to his military background and expertise. He adds a personal element to the story and faces challenges alongside his father.

Character Traits

  1. Dr. Morgan Anderson: Intelligent, determined, resourceful, curious.
  2. Sarah Williams: Intuitive, empathetic, resilient, perceptive.
  3. Agent David Carter: Loyal, skilled, protective, dedicated.
  4. Professor Jonathan Porter: Knowledgeable, analytical, observant, cautious.
  5. General Robert Thompson: Authoritative, strategic, decisive, disciplined.
  6. Dr. Emily Turner: Brilliant, logical, detail-oriented, insightful.
  7. President Alan Marshall: Pragmatic, diplomatic, responsible, decisive.
  8. Dr. Richard Foster: Inventive, imaginative, meticulous, inventive.
  9. Major Samantha Collins: Brave, skilled, resilient, adventurous.
  10. Captain John Anderson: Courageous, loyal, determined, dependable.

Character Background

  • Dr. Morgan Anderson: Raised in a family of archaeologists, he developed a passion for uncovering ancient secrets from a young age. His extensive knowledge and experience in the field make him a valuable asset in deciphering the prophecies related to the impending disaster.
  • Sarah Williams: Born with psychic abilities, Sarah struggled to understand and control her visions throughout her childhood. As she grew older, she honed her skills and learned to use them for the greater good, leading her to cross paths with Dr. Anderson.
  • Agent David Carter: With a background in military intelligence, David Carter joined the CIA and became known for his exceptional skills in protection and surveillance. His assignment to the team is a result of his expertise in keeping important individuals safe.
  • Professor Jonathan Porter: Growing up in a family of geologists, Porter developed a deep fascination with the Earth's geological processes. His passion led him to become a respected expert in his field, sought after for his knowledge on seismic events.
  • General Robert Thompson: Having served in the military for decades, General Thompson rose through the ranks due to his strategic thinking and leadership abilities. His experience and knowledge make him an invaluable asset in planning and executing missions.
  • Dr. Emily Turner: From a young age, Emily had a fascination with the stars and the mysteries of the universe. She dedicated her life to studying astrophysics, becoming a renowned expert in her field and providing crucial insights into celestial events.
  • President Alan Marshall: Prior to becoming President, Marshall had a successful career in politics, known for his pragmatic approach and ability to navigate complex situations. His leadership is tested when faced with the global crisis and the responsibility to protect his nation.
  • Dr. Richard Foster: A brilliant scientist, Foster made groundbreaking inventions throughout his career, earning him recognition in various scientific communities. His expertise in creating advanced technologies aids the team in their mission.
  • Major Samantha Collins: Growing up in a military family, Collins developed a passion for flying and joined the Air Force. Her exceptional piloting skills and resilience make her an invaluable member of the team.
  • Captain John Anderson: Following in his father's footsteps, John pursued a military career. His knowledge of military procedures and combat training make him an asset to the team, as he understands the importance of teamwork and discipline.

Character Arcs

  1. Dr. Morgan Anderson: Throughout the story, Dr. Anderson evolves from a focused archaeologist to someone who must grapple with the weight of saving humanity. He learns to trust in the abilities of his team members and embraces his role as a leader.
  2. Sarah Williams: Sarah's journey involves accepting and understanding her psychic abilities. She learns to harness her visions effectively and becomes an integral part of the team's decision-making process.
  3. Agent David Carter: Initially driven solely by duty, Carter develops a deep sense of loyalty and friendship toward the team. He learns to trust his instincts and becomes more emotionally invested in their mission.
  4. Professor Jonathan Porter: Porter's arc involves overcoming his cautious nature and embracing risk to aid the team in their mission. He learns to push beyond his comfort zone and adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances.
  5. General Robert Thompson: As the crisis escalates, General Thompson faces increasingly difficult decisions. His arc revolves around maintaining order and making tough choices while balancing the needs of the mission and the safety of his team.
  6. Dr. Emily Turner: Turner's arc focuses on her transition from a purely scientific perspective to acknowledging the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of the impending disaster. She learns to integrate her knowledge with Sarah's psychic insights.
  7. President Alan Marshall: Marshall's arc centers around the burden of leadership and the weight of making choices that will impact millions of lives. He confronts the limitations of his power and the sacrifices necessary to ensure the survival of humanity.
  8. Dr. Richard Foster: Foster's arc involves taking responsibility for the potential consequences of his inventions. He learns to prioritize the greater good and uses his expertise to aid the team in their mission.
  9. Major Samantha Collins: Collins undergoes a journey of self-discovery, discovering her own strength and resilience. She faces personal challenges and learns to trust her instincts while becoming an invaluable member of the team.
  10. Captain John Anderson: John's arc revolves around reconciling his military background with the need for creativity and adaptability in the face of unprecedented events. He develops a deeper appreciation for the importance of family and teamwork.


  • Dr. Morgan Anderson and Sarah Williams: Their relationship evolves from initial skepticism to a deep trust and reliance on one another. Their connection becomes essential in uncovering the truth and understanding the prophecies.
  • Dr. Morgan Anderson and Agent David Carter: Initially, their relationship is professional, but it grows into a mutual respect and friendship. Carter becomes a loyal and trusted ally to Dr. Anderson, providing protection and support.
  • Professor Jonathan Porter and General Robert Thompson: Their relationship is built on mutual respect for each other's expertise. Porter's scientific knowledge complements Thompson's military strategy, and they work together to find solutions.
  • Dr. Emily Turner and Sarah Williams: They form a strong bond as they combine their unique perspectives to unravel the mysteries of the impending disaster. Turner's scientific background and Williams' psychic abilities create a powerful partnership.
  • President Alan Marshall and General Robert Thompson: Their relationship is one of cooperation and trust. Marshall relies on Thompson's military expertise and advice when making crucial decisions for the survival of the nation.
  • Dr. Richard Foster and Major Samantha Collins: Foster's inventions and Collins' piloting skills create a symbiotic relationship. Foster's technology aids Collins in executing critical missions, and they develop a mutual respect for each other's abilities.
  • Captain John Anderson and Dr. Morgan Anderson: As father and son, their relationship adds a personal dimension to the story. They navigate the challenges together, bonding through their shared determination and commitment to the mission.

In "2012" by Eric J. Gates, each character brings their unique skills, backgrounds, and personal growth to the narrative. Through their relationships and arcs, they contribute to the unfolding story of survival and the fight against an impending global catastrophe.