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"2012" Summary

By Eric J. Gates


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One Sentence Summary

A heart-pounding conspiracy thriller that delves into the mysterious predictions surrounding the year 2012.


In the thrilling novel "2012" by Eric J. Gates, readers are taken on a heart-pounding journey filled with suspense, mystery, and ancient prophecies. Set against the backdrop of the year 2012, a time surrounded by doomsday predictions, the book explores the potential cataclysmic events that could occur. Through a gripping blend of science fiction, conspiracy theories, and historical references, Gates weaves a gripping narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Brief Synopsis

The story takes place in various locations around the world, including the United States, Europe, and South America. As the year 2012 approaches, signs of impending disasters begin to emerge. Strange occurrences, unexplained phenomena, and a series of cryptic messages point towards a global catastrophe. The main protagonist, Jonathon Payne, a former Special Forces operative, finds himself at the center of a conspiracy that threatens the very existence of humanity.

Main Characters

Character NameDescription
Jonathon PayneFormer Special Forces operative, skilled and resourceful
David JonesPayne's close friend and trusted ally
Dr. Jennifer LoganBrilliant scientist specializing in ancient civilizations
General MonroeHigh-ranking military official involved in the conspiracy
Sofia MorozovaRussian intelligence agent with her own agenda

Summary of Story Points over Chapters

Chapter 1: Signs of Trouble

Strange weather patterns, seismic activity, and other unusual occurrences are observed around the world. Payne begins to investigate these anomalies and discovers a pattern that suggests a catastrophic event is imminent.

Chapter 2: Ancient Prophecies

Dr. Logan joins forces with Payne and reveals ancient prophecies that foretell the events of 2012. The prophecies mention a hidden artifact that holds the key to preventing the disaster.

Chapter 3: The Conspiracy Unravels

Payne and Jones uncover a conspiracy involving powerful individuals who are aware of the impending disaster but have their own agenda. They must navigate a web of deception and betrayal to uncover the truth.

Chapter 4: Pursuit of the Artifact

The duo embarks on a worldwide hunt for the artifact mentioned in the prophecies. Their journey takes them to remote locations and puts them in dangerous situations as they race against time.

Chapter 5: Showdown and Revelation

In a climactic battle, Payne and his allies confront the conspirators and retrieve the artifact. However, they also learn the true nature of the impending catastrophe and the sacrifices required to prevent it.

Main Events

  • Strange weather patterns and seismic activity
  • Discovery of ancient prophecies
  • Uncovering a global conspiracy
  • Worldwide hunt for a hidden artifact
  • Climactic battle against the conspirators

Themes and Insights


  1. The power of ancient knowledge: The book explores the idea that ancient civilizations possessed advanced knowledge that can help us understand and potentially prevent future catastrophes.
  2. Conspiracy and betrayal: "2012" delves into the theme of conspiracy and the lengths some individuals will go to achieve their own goals, even at the expense of humanity.
  3. Sacrifice and redemption: The story highlights the sacrifices individuals must make in order to save the world and the potential for redemption even in the face of overwhelming odds.


  • The novel raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of reality, the existence of hidden knowledge, and the potential for global catastrophes.
  • It explores the blurred lines between science fiction and reality, incorporating real-world conspiracy theories and historical references to create a compelling narrative.
  • The book serves as a cautionary tale, reminding readers of the importance of unity, cooperation, and the pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

Reader's Takeaway

"2012" is a gripping and thought-provoking novel that combines elements of science fiction, conspiracy theories, and ancient prophecies. It keeps readers engaged from start to finish, offering a thrilling ride filled with suspense and unexpected twists. The book also prompts readers to question the world around them, explore the boundaries of knowledge, and consider the potential consequences of our actions.


Eric J. Gates' "2012" is a captivating novel that seamlessly blends science fiction, conspiracy theories, and historical references. Through its well-developed characters, intense plot, and thought-provoking themes, the book offers an exhilarating reading experience. Whether you are a fan of thrillers, science fiction, or historical mysteries, "2012" is sure to leave you wanting more. Prepare to be immersed in a world of suspense and intrigue as you explore the mysteries of the year 2012.

2012 FAQ

  1. What is the book '2012' about?

    The book '2012' is a thrilling science fiction novel that explores the events leading up to the predicted doomsday in the year 2012. It follows a group of scientists and adventurers who uncover a global conspiracy and race against time to save humanity from an impending catastrophe.

  2. Who is the author of '2012'?

    The book '2012' is written by Eric J. Gates, a renowned author known for his gripping and fast-paced thrillers.

  3. Is '2012' based on real events?

    While '2012' is a work of fiction, it is inspired by the popular conspiracy theories and predictions surrounding the year 2012, which was believed by some to be the end of the world or a significant global event.

  4. What genre does '2012' belong to?

    '2012' belongs to the science fiction and thriller genres, combining elements of suspense, action, and conspiracy theories.

  5. Is '2012' suitable for all readers?

    Due to its thrilling and suspenseful nature, '2012' is recommended for readers who enjoy action-packed stories and have an interest in science fiction. Some scenes may be intense, so it may not be suitable for very young readers.

  6. Are there any sequels or a series related to '2012'?

    No, '2012' is a standalone novel and does not have any sequels or other books directly related to its storyline.

  7. Where can I purchase '2012'?

    You can purchase '2012' from various online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the author's official website. It is available in both paperback and e-book formats.

  8. Is '2012' available in audiobook format?

    Yes, '2012' is available in audiobook format for those who prefer listening to the story. You can find it on platforms like Audible or through the author's website.

  9. Does '2012' contain any explicit content?

    '2012' is a clean read without explicit content. However, it may contain some intense scenes and suspenseful moments.

  10. What sets '2012' apart from other science fiction novels?

    '2012' stands out with its intricate conspiracy plot, well-developed characters, and a fast-paced narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. It combines elements of science fiction, thriller, and adventure genres, creating a unique reading experience.