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Table of Contents

  1. List of Characters

List of Characters

Character NameRole
CressBest Friend
BlaiseLove Interest
SørenChildhood Friend
Queen AstridMother Figure
EmperorMain Antagonist

Role Identification

In the captivating novel Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian, several characters play crucial roles in driving the plot forward and shaping the protagonist's journey. Theodosia, also known as Thora, serves as the central character, while Cress, Blaise, Søren, Queen Astrid, and the Emperor contribute to the development of the story.

Character Descriptions

  1. Theodosia: Theodosia, the protagonist, is a young princess who was once the ruler of the Kalovaxian kingdom before it was conquered by the enemy nation of Astrea. Despite enduring significant loss and suffering, Theodosia maintains her resilience and cunning as she navigates the treacherous world of court politics.
  2. Cress: Cress is Theodosia's loyal and supportive best friend. With her gentle and caring nature, she provides emotional support to Theodosia throughout her journey. Cress also possesses a deep understanding of the court, which proves invaluable to their collective efforts to regain their kingdom's freedom.
  3. Blaise: Blaise is a charismatic and courageous rebel who becomes Theodosia's love interest. He is driven by his desire to liberate Kalovaxia from the oppressive rule of the Emperor. Blaise's unwavering dedication to the cause inspires Theodosia to find her own strength and fight for her people.
  4. Søren: Søren, Theodosia's childhood friend, is a conflicted character torn between his loyalty to the Emperor and his deep affection for Theodosia. He serves as a source of internal conflict for Theodosia, challenging her beliefs and forcing her to question her alliances.
  5. Queen Astrid: Queen Astrid, Theodosia's mother, is a powerful figure whose death at the hands of the Emperor serves as the catalyst for Theodosia's transformation. Despite her absence, Astrid's memory and teachings remain a guiding force in Theodosia's journey.
  6. Emperor: The Emperor is the main antagonist of the story, responsible for the downfall of Kalovaxia and the torment inflicted upon Theodosia. His cruel and oppressive rule drives Theodosia to seek justice and freedom for her people.

Character Traits

  1. Theodosia: Determined, resilient, cunning, intelligent, compassionate
  2. Cress: Loyal, caring, knowledgeable, supportive
  3. Blaise: Charismatic, courageous, dedicated, inspiring
  4. Søren: Conflicted, loyal, affectionate, challenging
  5. Queen Astrid: Powerful, wise, influential, loving
  6. Emperor: Cruel, oppressive, powerful, manipulative

Character Background

  1. Theodosia: As the rightful heir to the Kalovaxian throne, Theodosia witnessed the brutal invasion of her kingdom by the Astrean forces. She was captured and forced to live as a prisoner, enduring physical and psychological torture at the hands of the Emperor. This traumatic experience shapes her determination to regain her kingdom's freedom.
  2. Cress: Cress grew up alongside Theodosia in the Kalovaxian palace, forming a deep bond of friendship. She possesses extensive knowledge of court politics and has witnessed the suffering endured by Theodosia firsthand. Cress becomes an integral part of Theodosia's journey, providing unwavering support and guidance.
  3. Blaise: Blaise is a rebel who has dedicated his life to liberating Kalovaxia from Astrean rule. He is driven by a personal vendetta against the Emperor, whose actions have caused him immense pain. Blaise's motivations align with Theodosia's, and their shared goal of regaining freedom strengthens their bond.
  4. Søren: Søren grew up with Theodosia and shares a complicated history with her. Although he initially appears loyal to the Emperor, Søren's growing affection for Theodosia creates internal conflict. His background as a childhood friend adds depth to their relationship and complicates Theodosia's journey.
  5. Queen Astrid: Queen Astrid was Theodosia's mother and the beloved ruler of Kalovaxia. Her death at the hands of the Emperor serves as the catalyst for Theodosia's transformation. Through her teachings and guidance, Queen Astrid's influence remains a powerful force in Theodosia's quest for justice.
  6. Emperor: The Emperor is the ruthless and oppressive ruler of Astrea. He conquered Kalovaxia, causing immense suffering and torment for Theodosia. His background, although not extensively explored, reveals a thirst for power and control, driving him to maintain his grip on both kingdoms.

Character Arcs

  1. Theodosia: Theodosia's character arc revolves around her transformation from a captive princess to a resilient leader. As she navigates the treacherous world of court politics, Theodosia learns to harness her intelligence, cunning, and compassion to reclaim her kingdom's freedom. Her journey involves personal growth, self-discovery, and the realization that she possesses the strength to challenge the Emperor's oppressive rule.
  2. Cress: While Cress remains a steadfast friend and supporter of Theodosia throughout the story, her character arc lies in her development as an individual. She learns to navigate the complexities of court life and becomes more confident in her abilities. Cress also plays a pivotal role in organizing the rebellion against the Emperor, showcasing her growth as a strategic thinker and leader.
  3. Blaise: Blaise's character arc centers around his personal vendetta against the Emperor and his growth as a rebel leader. His dedication to the cause and his love for Theodosia drive his actions and decisions. Blaise's arc involves overcoming personal vendettas and focusing on the greater good, ultimately becoming a source of inspiration for Theodosia and the rebellion.
  4. Søren: Søren's character arc is marked by his internal conflict and eventual transformation. As he grapples with his loyalty to the Emperor and his feelings for Theodosia, Søren undergoes a journey of self-discovery. His arc involves questioning his beliefs, making tough choices, and ultimately aligning himself with the rebellion against the Emperor.


  1. Theodosia and Cress: Theodosia and Cress share a deep and unshakeable bond of friendship. Cress provides emotional support and guidance to Theodosia throughout her journey, acting as her confidante and trusted advisor.
  2. Theodosia and Blaise: The romantic relationship between Theodosia and Blaise develops as they both fight for the liberation of Kalovaxia. Their shared goals and experiences strengthen their connection and provide them with the courage to face the challenges ahead.
  3. Theodosia and Søren: Theodosia and Søren's relationship is complex, rooted in their shared history and conflicting loyalties. Their dynamic adds depth and tension to the story, forcing Theodosia to question her alliances and Søren to confront his own beliefs.
  4. Theodosia and Queen Astrid: Although Queen Astrid is no longer physically present, her influence on Theodosia is profound. Theodosia carries her mother's teachings and wisdom with her, serving as a moral compass and a source of strength.

In Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian, each character plays a unique and significant role in driving the narrative. Through their distinct traits, backgrounds, and relationships, they contribute to the development of the protagonist and the overall storyline. Theodosia's journey from captive to leader, supported by her friends and driven by her desire for justice, forms the heart of this captivating tale.