Ash Princess
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"Ash Princess" Summary

By Laura Sebastian

fantasy | 432 pages | Published in 2018

ISBN_13: 9781524767068

Estimated read time: 6 min read

One Sentence Summary

A captive princess seeks revenge against the brutal conqueror who murdered her mother and stole her kingdom.


In "Ash Princess" by Laura Sebastian, readers are taken on a thrilling journey into a world of political intrigue, revenge, and self-discovery. This young adult fantasy novel follows the story of Theodosia, a princess who must navigate a treacherous court while reclaiming her kingdom and confronting her past. With its captivating characters and richly imagined world, "Ash Princess" is a gripping tale that explores themes of resilience, identity, and the cost of power.

Brief Synopsis

The story is set in the kingdom of Astrea, which has been conquered by the brutal Kaiser and his people, the Kalovaxians. Theodosia, known as Theo, was once the princess of Astrea, but after her mother's murder, she is held captive in the palace, forced to endure humiliation and abuse. The Kaiser uses Theo as a symbol of his dominance over the Astrean people, renaming her Thora the Ash Princess.

As the story unfolds, Theo finds herself torn between her desire for revenge and her fear of the Kaiser's wrath. When her childhood friend, Blaise, and a group of rebels approach her with a plan to overthrow the Kaiser, Theo sees an opportunity to reclaim her kingdom. With their help, she begins to plot her escape and gather allies along the way.

Main Characters

TheodosiaThe protagonist and former princess of Astrea, now known as Thora the Ash Princess. She is determined to reclaim her kingdom and seeks revenge against the Kaiser.
BlaiseTheo's childhood friend and a member of the Astrean rebels. He is fiercely loyal to Theo and aids her in her quest for liberation.
CressA fellow captive and servant in the palace, Cress becomes Theo's confidante and ally. She offers support and advice as Theo navigates the treacherous court.
SorenThe Kaiser's son and heir to the throne. Soren is initially portrayed as Theo's enemy, but their relationship becomes more complicated as the story progresses.
The KaiserThe ruthless ruler of the Kalovaxians who conquered Astrea. He murdered Theo's mother and uses her as a pawn to maintain control over the kingdom.

Summary of Story Points over Chapters

Chapters 1-5: The Life of a Captive Princess

In the opening chapters, readers are introduced to Theo's life as a captive in the palace. She endures physical and emotional abuse at the hands of the Kaiser and his court. Theo's longing for freedom and her growing desire for revenge against the Kaiser are established.

Chapters 6-10: The Rebellion's Offer

Blaise, a childhood friend of Theo, approaches her with a plan to overthrow the Kaiser and liberate Astrea. Theo is hesitant but begins to see the potential for reclaiming her kingdom. She starts to gather information and allies within the palace.

Chapters 11-15: Uncovering Secrets

As Theo delves deeper into her plans for rebellion, she uncovers secrets about her mother's past and the true power she possesses as the rightful queen of Astrea. She begins to question her identity and struggles with the weight of her responsibilities.

Chapters 16-20: Gathering Allies

With the help of Blaise and Cress, Theo starts to gather allies among the palace staff and the rebel forces. She forms unlikely alliances and learns to trust those around her. The tension between Theo and Soren, the Kaiser's son, also grows as their paths intertwine.

Chapters 21-25: The Battle Begins

The rebellion reaches a critical point as Theo and her allies launch their attack on the palace. The ensuing battle is filled with danger, sacrifice, and unexpected twists. Theo must confront the Kaiser and face the consequences of her choices.

Main Events

  1. Theodosia's captivity and life as the Ash Princess in the palace.
  2. Blaise's offer to help Theo overthrow the Kaiser and reclaim Astrea.
  3. Theo's discovery of her mother's secrets and her hidden powers.
  4. Gathering allies and forming alliances within the palace and the rebel forces.
  5. The climactic battle between the rebels and the Kaiser's forces.

Themes and Insights

Resilience and Redemption

Throughout the story, Theo demonstrates immense resilience in the face of adversity. Despite the trauma she endures, she finds the strength to fight back and reclaim her identity. This theme highlights the power of resilience and the potential for redemption, even in the darkest of circumstances.

Identity and Self-Discovery

Theo's journey is not just about reclaiming her kingdom but also about discovering who she truly is. As she navigates the court and uncovers her mother's secrets, she grapples with her own identity and what it means to be a leader. This theme explores the complexity of identity and the process of self-discovery.

Power and its Consequences

The pursuit of power and the consequences it brings are central to the story. The Kaiser's thirst for control and Theo's desire for revenge both come at a cost. This theme delves into the corrupting nature of power and the moral dilemmas it presents.

Reader's Takeaway

"Ash Princess" is a compelling and engaging novel that explores themes of resilience, identity, and the price of power. Laura Sebastian creates a vivid and immersive world, filled with complex characters and gripping plot twists. Through Theo's journey, readers are reminded of the strength of the human spirit and the potential for redemption. This book is a must-read for fans of young adult fantasy looking for a thrilling and thought-provoking adventure.


Laura Sebastian's "Ash Princess" is a captivating young adult fantasy novel that takes readers on a journey of revenge, self-discovery, and resilience. With its richly imagined world and compelling characters, the story delves into themes of identity, power, and redemption. "Ash Princess" is a thrilling and thought-provoking read that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series.

Ash Princess FAQ

  1. What is the genre of Ash Princess?

    Ash Princess is a young adult fantasy novel.

  2. Who is the author of Ash Princess?

    The author of Ash Princess is Laura Sebastian.

  3. What is the story about?

    Ash Princess follows the story of a young princess named Theodosia who has been held captive by the brutal Kaiser for a decade. The story explores her journey as she fights to reclaim her throne and free her people.

  4. Is Ash Princess part of a series?

    Yes, Ash Princess is the first book in the Ash Princess trilogy.

  5. What age group is Ash Princess suitable for?

    Ash Princess is recommended for readers aged 14 and above.

  6. Are there any romantic elements in the book?

    Yes, there are romantic elements in Ash Princess as the protagonist navigates her relationships with other characters.

  7. Is there magic in Ash Princess?

    Yes, Ash Princess features elements of magic within its fantasy world.

  8. Are there any sequels to Ash Princess?

    Yes, the sequel to Ash Princess is called Lady Smoke and the final book in the trilogy is called Ember Queen.

  9. Is Ash Princess a standalone novel?

    No, Ash Princess is not a standalone novel, it is part of a trilogy.

  10. Is there any violence in Ash Princess?

    Yes, Ash Princess contains some violent scenes as it explores the themes of oppression and resistance.