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"Betrayed" Characters Analysis

By Morgan Rice

vampires | 310 pages | Published in 2007

Also see: Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN [ACE] ACE #1 Zoey, High Priestess in training, has managed to settle in at the House of Night and come to terms with the vast powers the Vampyre Goddess Nyx has given her. Just as she finally feels she belongs, the unthinkable happens: human teenagers are being killed, and all evidence points to the House of Night. While danger stalks the humans from Zoey’s old life, she begins to realize that the very powers that make her so unique might also threaten those she loves.


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List of Characters

Character NameRole
ElenaProtagonist, Vampire Hunter
SamVampire Hunter

Role Identification

In the book "Betrayed" by Morgan Rice, there are several key characters that play important roles in the story. Elena is the protagonist and a vampire hunter, Lucas, Derek, and Alexander are vampires, Aiden and Caitlin are humans, while Caleb, Sam, and Kyle are also vampires and vampire hunters.

Character Descriptions

Elena: Elena is the main character and a vampire hunter. She is described as strong-willed, determined, and courageous. She has long, flowing brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Elena is skilled in combat and is determined to seek revenge against the vampires who killed her family.

Lucas: Lucas is one of the vampires in the story. He is described as tall, with dark hair and mesmerizing green eyes. Lucas is known for his charm and seductive nature, often using it to manipulate others to get what he wants.

Derek: Derek is another vampire in the book. He is described as mysterious and brooding. Derek has a muscular build, with pale skin and dark hair. He often keeps to himself and has a secretive nature.

Alexander: Alexander is a powerful vampire, known for his leadership and intelligence. He has a regal appearance, with silver hair and piercing gray eyes. Alexander is charismatic and persuasive, often using his charm to gain followers.

Aiden: Aiden is a human who becomes entangled in the vampire world. He is described as kind-hearted and loyal. Aiden has curly brown hair and warm brown eyes. He becomes a trusted ally to Elena and the other vampire hunters.

Caitlin: Caitlin is another human who plays a significant role in the story. She is described as smart and resourceful. Caitlin has long, blonde hair and bright green eyes. She becomes involved with the vampire hunters and proves her bravery and determination.

Caleb: Caleb is a vampire who was once a vampire hunter. He has a muscular build, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. Caleb has a complex personality, torn between his vampire nature and his past as a hunter.

Sam: Sam is a vampire hunter and a key ally to Elena. He is described as tall and athletic, with short brown hair and hazel eyes. Sam is fiercely loyal and dedicated to eliminating vampires.

Kyle: Kyle is another vampire hunter who aids Elena and her team. He is described as cunning and resourceful. Kyle has a shaved head and intense blue eyes. He is skilled in combat and often strategizes to outsmart his vampire adversaries.

Character Traits

Elena: Determined, courageous, skilled in combat, revenge-driven.

Lucas: Charming, seductive, manipulative.

Derek: Mysterious, brooding, secretive.

Alexander: Intelligent, charismatic, persuasive.

Aiden: Kind-hearted, loyal, trustworthy.

Caitlin: Smart, resourceful, brave.

Caleb: Complex, conflicted, torn between vampire nature and past as a hunter.

Sam: Loyal, dedicated, skilled in combat.

Kyle: Cunning, resourceful, strategic.

Character Background

Elena: Elena comes from a family of vampire hunters. She witnessed her family's brutal murder by vampires, which fuels her determination to seek revenge. She has trained extensively to become a skilled vampire hunter and has a deep-rooted hatred for vampires.

Lucas: Lucas was turned into a vampire several centuries ago. He comes from an aristocratic family and has used his charm and seductive nature to manipulate others throughout history. Lucas is drawn to Elena's strength and determination.

Derek: Derek's past is shrouded in mystery. He keeps to himself and rarely reveals much about his background. However, it is hinted that he has a tragic past that has led him to become a vampire.

Alexander: Alexander is one of the oldest vampires in existence. He has a long history of leadership and has amassed a significant following of loyal vampires. Alexander's intelligence and strategic thinking have allowed him to maintain power and control over the vampire world.

Aiden: Aiden is an ordinary human who becomes entangled in the vampire world when he meets Elena. He has no special background or abilities but proves himself to be a loyal and reliable ally to Elena and the other vampire hunters.

Caitlin: Caitlin comes from a normal human family. She is intelligent and resourceful, using her skills to navigate the dangerous vampire world. Caitlin's determination and bravery make her an invaluable asset to the vampire hunters.

Caleb: Caleb was once a vampire hunter but was turned into a vampire against his will. He struggles with his vampire nature and the guilt of betraying his former allies. Caleb's background as a hunter gives him unique insights into the vampire world.

Sam: Sam comes from a long line of vampire hunters. He has dedicated his life to eliminating vampires and has honed his combat skills to perfection. Sam's loyalty and dedication make him a trusted ally to Elena and the other vampire hunters.

Kyle: Kyle has a mysterious background, but it is known that he was once a vampire himself. He turned his back on the vampire world and joined the vampire hunters, using his knowledge to aid their cause. Kyle's cunning and resourcefulness make him an invaluable member of the team.

Character Arcs

Elena: Elena starts the story as a determined vampire hunter seeking revenge for her family's murder. Throughout the book, she grows both emotionally and physically stronger, facing numerous challenges and becoming a skilled warrior. Elena's character arc revolves around her transformation from a grief-stricken individual to a powerful vampire hunter ready to take on the vampire world.

Lucas: Lucas begins the story as a charming and manipulative vampire. However, as he becomes more involved with Elena and the vampire hunters, his character begins to change. He starts questioning his vampire nature and develops feelings for Elena, leading to a conflict within himself.

Derek: Derek's character arc is centered around his mysterious past and his relationship with Elena. As the story progresses, Derek begins to open up and reveal more about himself, forming a connection with Elena. His arc involves reconciling his vampire nature with his feelings for Elena.

Alexander: Alexander's character arc revolves around his quest for power and control. Throughout the book, he faces challenges to his authority and must adapt his strategies to maintain his position. Alexander's arc is marked by his manipulative nature and his determination to stay on top.

Aiden: Aiden's character arc focuses on his transformation from an ordinary human to a trusted ally of the vampire hunters. He starts the story as a bystander but becomes more involved as he witnesses the vampire world firsthand. Aiden's arc involves finding his place among the vampire hunters and proving his loyalty.

Caitlin: Caitlin's character arc centers around her growth from an ordinary human to a brave and resourceful member of the vampire hunters. Throughout the book, she faces numerous challenges and proves her worth through her intelligence and determination. Caitlin's arc involves stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing her role as a vampire hunter.

Caleb: Caleb's character arc is marked by his internal struggle between his vampire nature and his past as a hunter. He grapples with guilt and seeks redemption for his actions. Caleb's arc involves reconciling his conflicting identities and finding his place within the vampire hunter community.

Sam: Sam's character arc revolves around his dedication to the vampire hunters and his growth as a warrior. He starts the story as a loyal member of the team but faces personal challenges that test his resolve. Sam's arc involves becoming a stronger and more skilled fighter, proving himself as a valuable asset to the vampire hunters.

Kyle: Kyle's character arc is centered around his redemption and his role within the vampire hunter community. He starts the story as a former vampire with a dark past, but as he joins the vampire hunters, he seeks to make amends for his actions. Kyle's arc involves finding forgiveness and using his skills to aid the vampire hunters.


Elena and Lucas: Elena and Lucas have a complex relationship marked by attraction and conflict. Elena is drawn to Lucas's charm, but their differing loyalties create tension between them. Their relationship is a constant struggle between love and duty.

Elena and Derek: Elena and Derek form a connection based on their shared experiences and their mutual desire for revenge. Their relationship evolves from distrust to a deeper understanding as they navigate the dangerous vampire world together.

Elena and Alexander: Elena and Alexander have an adversarial relationship. Alexander represents everything Elena despises, and their interactions are filled with tension and power struggles. Their relationship is characterized by a constant battle for dominance.

Elena and Aiden: Elena and Aiden develop a close friendship based on trust and mutual support. Aiden becomes a trusted ally to Elena and helps her in her mission to eradicate vampires. Their relationship is marked by loyalty and a shared goal.

Elena and Caitlin: Elena and Caitlin form a strong bond as they face the dangers of the vampire world together. They rely on each other for support and become like sisters. Their relationship is characterized by trust and camaraderie.

Caleb and Elena: Caleb and Elena share a complicated relationship due to their shared history as vampire hunters. They initially have a strained relationship, but as the story progresses, they begin to form a deeper connection. Their relationship is marked by forgiveness and redemption.

Sam and Elena: Sam and Elena have a close friendship based on their shared mission to eliminate vampires. They trust each other implicitly and rely on each other during battles. Their relationship is characterized by loyalty and a deep understanding.

Kyle and Elena: Kyle and Elena form a bond based on their shared experiences as former vampires. They understand each other's struggles and provide support and guidance. Their relationship is characterized by redemption and forgiveness.


In "Betrayed" by Morgan Rice, the characters play crucial roles in driving the story forward. Elena, as the protagonist, undergoes significant growth and transformation throughout the book. The relationships between the characters create tension and dynamics that shape their individual character arcs. From the determined vampire hunter to the seductive vampires and loyal allies, each character brings a unique perspective to the world of vampires and vampire hunters. Overall, the character analysis highlights the depth and complexity of the characters in "Betrayed."